Another Ph.D. jumps AG’s shark

Today was Environmental Health from a Public Policy Perspective.  The course is unorganized by a bunch of academics, aka, Ph.D.s  They are as tragic as the Canadian Curling Association sometimes. AG has been less than thrilled with the course since the twinkies arrived on the first day.  The twinkies are the “little kids”.  You know, the 20 year old trust fund babies who  cried their way into the graduate course and are going to graduate soon, save the world, live on love and futons and all the bullshit that will get squandered away  in a Corporate America job and a little bit of authority around the age of 26.  Needless to say, hitting Coogan’s Bar before class is a requirement for AG to deal with the dearth of ineptitude in the front and back of the classroom.  As it is, AG asks her not-so-secret-Jewish-eye-candy for a valium right before each class. At least though, there is some hot Jewish eye candy to feast the eyes upon. Small miracles!

The Ph.D.s are all from the same department in the school of medicine.  The course is an opportunity for them to self promote and pat each other on the back on their misuse of research funds.  They also like to give smacks on the ass to demonstrate how impressed they are with each other.  Today’s ego maniac was a woman who has a name like a hooker.  If you know what school AG attends, you can easily decipher from the Environment Department who she is.  Her mother was clearly just a cruel person when she named her. 

Hooker was on her soap box, sorry, was at the podium praising herself for the work she is performing in New Orleans in clean up efforts of mold in homes in the aftermath of Katrina.  After providing the class with an opportunity to watch a simulated snuff video on bleaching and Fosters 40-20, Hippie Girl asked Dr. Self Impressed whether it was a good idea to use bleach on walls, given the toxic effects household cleaners pass into the air.  Also there is a lot of  ripping out sheet rock infested with dust, mites and mold and throwing it on front yards for sanitation workers to transport to Mississippi.  Hippie had a good point asking what the long term effects are of the towns with the landfills the sheetrock is dumped in.

Dr. Porn Star in a manner of kissing her own ass, suggested that the issue of mold in homes is as big of an issue as the Iraq War and showed utter disdain for the fact that her actions could potentially cause an additional environmental threat.  In an act of concession, one of the other Ph.D.s thanked Hippie for her question and inquired why the walls needed to be ripped out, if the bleaching process is supposed to be effective.

Without even blinking an eye and from outer space, Porn Star quoted the Bible and the New Testament.  What?  Where did that come from and what does it have to do with this conversation? AG’s mouth and head flew into the air.  It was the most random conservative agenda pushing that AG has seen since Bush tried to say his Coke addiction is no longer a concern since he found G@d, while speaking in 2000 to elderly constituents in San Jose, CA.  AG said screeched, “Separation of Church and State.  I am NOT paying $25,000 a year for you to push your ill conceived Bush Agenda”. 

WTF?  NYC isn’t safe from “academics” or Jesus freaks anymore?  AG isn’t doing homework tonight because the world has clearly come to an end.  Again, AG is hating on chumpwads with professional degrees.



7 Responses to “Another Ph.D. jumps AG’s shark”

  1. almostinfamous Says:

    damn, AG is on a roll… like a beeg schteek of buttah

  2. Pinko Punko Says:

    I wish we had a webcam of AG’s work and classes.

  3. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Don’t we all?! My colleague from class is a psychiatrist and he said to AG yesterday, “I love how your life is never dull. You have more drama than all my patients combined, except you did need to be hospitalized when you finish telling me your stories”.

    I nearly fell over laughing on 168th Street as we walked to the subway.

    Love, Dr. Easy E!

  4. madamerouge Says:

    I clean with bleach. All the time. Just like Joan Crawford in Mommie Dearest.


  5. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Bleach isn’t so bad. You want to be Joannie don’t you? Admit it, love. We’re all here to help you.

  6. mdhatter Says:

    a bible quote?

    that’s when you scream “cop-out!”

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