Theme Song


Hippie Girl and AG were talking about AG’s ‘I heart my fans’ t-shirt on Sunday.  It was concensus that AG needs a theme song.The following songs were suggested:

Smells Like Teen Spirit
Barbie Girl
Head Like a Hole
I Will Survive

What do you suggest? 


28 Responses to “Theme Song”

  1. midniter Says:

    Hmmm…howabout “Twist Barbie” by Shonen Knife?

  2. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    I will have to look that one up.

    Where you been kid? We figured you’d sleep in, but you went MIA.

  3. Chuckles Says:

    Cuz I’m a Blonde by Julie Brown sounds just right.

  4. grishaxxx Says:

    How ’bout a mash-up?

  5. Chuckles Says:

    Dude, stop hitting on her. She gets enough of that from me and fulsome.

  6. Res Publica Says:

    How about “When I think about you I touch myself”?

  7. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Res Thomas Publica, you dirty boy, you! BTW, How great is the weather in SA? Houston is so warm. Yes, I’m rubbing it into the EC folks.

    Chuckie: Fulsome is flirting? Dear goodness. He’s not very good at it.

  8. Pinko Punko Says:

    Chewing Gum by Annie. Although I don’t know if you can pull it off. Is AG as delicious as Annie?

  9. teh l4m3 Says:

    “Rip Her To Shreds,” Blondie.

    Or perhaps the theme from “Shurayukihime.”

  10. Brando Says:

    “Don’t Talk to Strangers” by Rick Springfield?

    “I Know What Boys Like” by The Waitresses

  11. res publica Says:

    The weather in SA is fan-fucking-tastic. It’s a gorgeous day. The only thing that keeps me from fully relishing it is the fact that such a wierdly warm winter means that this summer will be an inferno.

  12. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    I love the Waitresses, but don’t know that one Brando. I have to look it up.

    I love Texas, Res! I fucking love it!

    You’d have to ask UC if I can pull off Annie. I am a narcissist, but not that narcissistic to be able to say.

  13. midniter Says:

    Hey AG, if I’d known you were in Houston, I could have gone and met up with you for lunch or dinner or something since I’ve got all this free time to kill.

    And see if you still love Houston in the summer. I might just spend all of my summer camped out along the Frio until my unemployment runs out.

  14. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    I love it here in summer too. It’s the summers in S.A., I never liked. I think it’s hotter down there. I know, but this visit is being rushed. I said to Res next time, in April likely, I will drive down and visit you both. I promise. I was thinking during the fiesta celebrations.

  15. madame rouge Says:

    “I Wanna Be Your Dog” by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

  16. midniter Says:

    During Fiesta, I do the smart thing and hide.

    I hate being in crowds full of loud obnoxious drunk people who invariably end up spilling their $6 cup of 12 ounces of beer on me. And it’s always some shitty cheap ass light beer. And they can’t apologize because they’re too busy stuffing their pieholes with a gordita, a turkey leg, a funnel cake, or all 3 at once.

  17. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    OK, no fiesta week then. I can appreciate what you mean because I feel that way about 4th of July on the Charles River.

  18. almostinfamous Says:

    same goes for halloween/palmerfest in athens, except no beer on the streets cuz we’re a dry county. the very notion of athens as a dry county still gives me fits of giggles

  19. YJA Says:


    I do like the recommendation for The Waitresses – I Know What Boys Like.

  20. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    YJA: You are on notice. You and Chuckles are both getting close to be banned over here.


  21. almostinfamous Says:

    young americans – david bowie!

  22. Chuckles Says:

    Ooooh, scary, AG. Would I need to make some more raggy comments to get banned?

  23. The Uncanny Canadian Says:

    Chuckles, get on some meds!

    Fulsome, he’s your boy, what is to be done with this new and not improved super mean Chuckie? Can we send him to a farm or some foreign land to live for a while?

  24. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Sorry, that was AG! I should learn to just use my own computer. 🙂

  25. pop renaissance Says:

    you shouldn’t use a song – get your own, original theme. MUCH cooler. shaft wouldn’t have been as cool if he just used some old isley brothers song.

  26. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    OK, but I don’t play an instrument or sing, Pop Star. So, who would I need to talk to? Are there musico guys out there they specialize in theme songs for average Joes? If so, how would these folks business cards read?

  27. almostinfamous Says:

    i have a couple of garageband creations that no one is using for anything right now.


    if anyone else wants ’em, they can have them too. no commercial uses though, you sneaky bastards!

  28. almostinfamous Says:

    oh snap. 2 links and you’re in moderation.

    this is one strict republic

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