Designer Jeans reported today that when it comes to the price of mice, you will pay more for defects. A mouse with arthritis will run you close to $200; a pair of epileptic mice will run you 10 times that amount. See three blind mice run you about $250. And for your own custom mouse, with the genetic modification of your choosing, expect to pay as much as $100,000.  An AG mouse?  That’s hot. The article further states that annually approximately 25 million mice are used in experiments.

Tomorrow, AG is going down to the QC lab and cooking up some designer mice.  AG is clearly in the wrong business.


4 Responses to “Designer Jeans”

  1. The Uncanny Canadian Says:

    The problem with your business plan is that it takes $100,000 to make your own custom mouse. It’s not like you could really sell it at a profit. I’m pleased to say that of all the mice I have made, none has cost over $5,000 to make. That’s doing science at rock-bottom prices! Bargain basement biology. Discount dissertation.

  2. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    That ain’t no Kate Spade deal, my little hot and juicy lamb chop.

    You fail to see the beauty of AG’s plan: AG is going to cook up stuff on the company dime. There are no rules at work about making your own mice and selling them. Plus, nobody would know. Does anyone really know what AG does at work? Whatever isn’t at the office, well AG is a female, blonde and knows how to work it.

    AG is like Parker Lewis, she cannot lose on this.

  3. sirbarrett Says:

    Mice are cute. It’s sad we use them to try out different diseases.

  4. Chuckles Says:

    Dead mice freak me out. After repeatedly finding them in the loft in Oakland, I got a little phobic. They crept into areas and then died. Sometimes onto me and always the snap snapping of the traps trapping. I am freaking myself out a little right now.

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