It’s Time to Danza-all-Over Tony

Check out Tony’s latest rant at

AG would love to comment over there, but apparently AG is banned. (He ranks right up there with Pinko Punko and the banning). You’ll love how he determines whether Fulsome has anything to add or not in the comments.  He’s another great editor, ladies and germs.  When did he become a Ph.D. “academic”?  He sure has a big enough asshole for it.

What AG would have said goes a little something like this: AG, as a proud lefty, has no regrets in life and no issues with vaginas.  She wouldn’t give Tony or any other man access to hers or have his demon spawn share a space for nine month.  The only regrets AG has is that Tony’s mother didn’t have a coat hanger shoved far enough up her vagina to remove all traces of Tony’s fetus. Too bad she did not use her right to choose.  Thank goodness that America preserves ignorant folks and trailer trash, right?

 As for discussing vaginas, who the hell is this guy anyway?  The only reason he and his wingnut friends are over there spewing oral trash about female body parts is because they have no access to any (we all know why) and because they aren’t manly men. The only way they get power is by trying to control women and their bodies and editing comments. That is neither manly or power.  It’s sick, sadistic and tragic.  End of story. 

Mrs. Tony: Next time let his bloody little fetus run down your leg and spare us all the grief and ignorance.


27 Responses to “It’s Time to Danza-all-Over Tony”

  1. almostinfamous Says:

    i delivered ze message and left a link so he can come troll here, whereby you can smack him about.

    hope you don’t mind.

  2. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    I don’t mind. He is so sad. He makes comments against women in his vain attempt to address his hatred and anger of them. He doesn’t bother me. I eat trash like him for breakfast.

  3. fulsome Says:

    I went at it again but the guy just completely ignores any point I made. I think I’ve written more attempts at intelligent discourse there than at WRN for some time but he just totally glances over them. I tried to spell it out for him in (an only) slightly condescending manner and we’ll see how he chooses to completely ignore it this time.

    I should know better; no one can rationally change an emotional belief.

  4. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Agreed, Fulsome. He has no real argument. Only his mental health worker can address his concerns at this point.

    For fun, check out Sean S. got served by C.W.B.

  5. blue girl Says:

    I went to shootaliberal…what a snoozefest that site is.

    I mean….a political drinking game! How original!!

  6. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Yes, Sean S. is a master at cut and paste.

  7. Pinko Punko Says:

    AG, I will unban you from the old blogspot site so you can agitate and munch doritos with PR.

    You need a good spanking. And not the Midniter kind.

  8. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Dear Dr. Punko:

    Your recent comments on this board have been brought to our attention. We consider your verbal statements to be a threat to the intellect of this blog. Let us begin with a concern regarding your spanking comment. Is this truly the kind of person you are? You hit to deal with your own issues of disappointment and frustration? Rather than address your short comings, you inflict violent acts of behavior on others in a vain attempt to assert power on to others. Perhaps you should work on yourself and become a better person to those around you. Violence is neither a solution nor an answer.

    With regards to munching Doritos, unlike you, AG and PR do not support evil cola empires like Pepsi Frito Lay. Nor did PR or AG ever confide or give us reason to believe they consume such products. You should reference check before you make baseless claims, as this is an academic site of high integrity and quality. In that regard, if Pop Star were to dine with AG, they would likely enjoy a nice organic salad and perhaps a lovely slice of bread over some fine wine. If this kind of dining experience is agitating someone or seems offensive to you, by all means let us know because couples on dates across America are certainly committing this kind of crime as we speak. The Attorney General of the United Republic will be contacted at once. We want to do all we can for this fine nation to ensure a safe and healthy means by which food is consumed. We certainly do not condone the slaughter of piglets which keeps some foreign nations destitute and causes medical concerns in those who consume tainted and/or poorly cooked products.

    The mere fact that you are here at this site suggesting you’ll un-ban AG in a manner, whereby you are exerting your self proclaimed ‘power’, is evil in and of itself. Power is not a good thing. Self proclaimed power can be damaging and detrimental to a growing republic and it will not be tolerated. If you feel the need to assume power in an unearned and unjust manner, please feel free to visit Sean S. or You are likely to find comfort in those that will surround you in those lands.

    Dr. Punko, we at RoD will no longer partake in your misdoings. We are proclaiming a world free of hate, intolerance and Pinko’s violence. We do not believe in violence nor do we should support Corporate America (i.e. Hershey’s Corporation and their candy products or the cola organizations, to name a few) in a poor attempt to gain much needed nutrients. We do not believe in making assumptions about alternative lifestyles. We do not instruct others on how to live their lives beyond what we have shown to be effective and positive for the public’s health and well being.

    We also do not accept your comments about Midniter and spanking. Midniter has neither endorsed nor has he spoken with us about whether he spanks or enjoys it. In fact, to make this kind of assumption, one wonders what kind of moral fiber you come from and what kind of mind brings this up on such a family values site. Perhaps, you should see a mental health professional to address your concerns with others sexuality and your possible affiliation with homosexuality. We support your right to be gay. However, we do not support your assumptions about others sexual practices.

    We thank you for your comments and fear that unless you work towards reducing your hostilities and living a more cleanly lifestyle, the doggies of RoD will not be throwing you any milk bones.

    -The Management

  9. almostinfamous Says:

    that’s some pretty hard-ass management

    PS: i have been banned from commenting at Manly Men too!!

  10. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Welcome to the club, my dear AIF. It speaks to his issues with rage, violence and control. Perhaps he and Pinko will be in group together. They can go for a soda after each meeting and do each other’s makeup and stuff.

  11. blue girl Says:


  12. Rex Kramer, Danger Seeker Says:

    As someone who owns the complete DVD collection of “Who’s the Boss,” I can assure you that Tony had domain over both the vaginas of Angela and Samantha (and, quite possibly, Mona.)I’m not as certain that that annoying bastard Jonathan had a vagina, but if he did, Tony owned it.

  13. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    I like how Tony deleted AIF’s comments linking to this post.

    I also enjoyed how Sean S. edited C.W.B.’s comments at I have so little respect for the wingnuts who lie and steal like that. Especially as they shove religion down our throats. It says a lot about the society we live in when we challenge people about their heinous statements and their response is to delete comments or change them and then mock the honest person, acting as though they did not tamper with the original comments. It tells me how we ended up with Bushtard in office.

    The world is filled with bad people and I am grateful I am still true to myself and virtues, even if others aren’t.

  14. almostinfamous Says:

    i guess i wasn;t banned, just deleted. that’s a relief…or not. now i have to go troll there again.

  15. Pinko Punko Says:

    Did MJ’ comment in this thread? My finger got tired scrolling past AG’s comments. Luckily I had the mute button on. Does anyone know what the term sloppy seconds means? In relation to myself, Uncanny (my longtime friend) and AG his new girlfriend? I mean assuming all these internet rumors are true.

  16. Pinko Punko Says:

    Oh, Midniter spanks it, like all guys do. I meant you needed a smack on your bum from Chuckles, not have your wiener pulled like Midniter and well, most boys.

  17. Adorable Girlfriend Says:


    As UC has informed me, Pinko is not hot enough to ever have a chance with him. So honey, if that changes, the term sloppy seconds will be all yours, Mr. Pinko. As an aside, UC thinks his BFF, a cute American originally from Colorado, might be a better alternative for him. You know, if UC went that way. Unfortuantely, we both attended his recent wedding to a woman who we both respect and admire. Too bad for Pinko. Too sad.

    With regards to Chuckles or anyone else smacking my bum, you have no control over that. Again, get off your power trip and into some group therapy, love chop. Since you feel the need to control your “long time friend’s” girlfriend’s bum, it is probable your therapist would be happy to discuss that behind locked doors.

    Finally, your disregard for the manager’s statements suggest not only are they true but you clearly have no objection to their truth. So, AG wins again!

    P.S. I have heard that Kevin S. wants a piece of your bum, along with Deena.

  18. Pinko Punko Says:

    Deena smelled better than you write sometimes. It’s just so tunnel-visiony! You have the whole world as your oyster, but you are playing the Hubert Humphrey Junior High version of “Mean Girls”


  19. Brando Says:

    Is there some type of medication one can take for Displaced Bum Control Disorder? I would assume it is only availble in suppository form.

  20. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Brando: LOL!

    PP: Oh, you’re a psychiatrist and a mental patient now? If I wanted your opinion, I’d ask for it. I don’t blog for validation like appear to be doing. I have a character as Adorable Girlfriend and I maintain it here on the blog. Again, a mental health counselor might be of assistance with your concerns.

  21. Chuckles Says:

    Aggro Girlfriend needs to remember that she has said on numerous occasions that I may smack her bum any time I like.

  22. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    That’s supposed to read:

    I don’t blog for validation like you appear to be doing.

    It was a long day at work.:)

  23. pop renaissance Says:

    “As UC has informed me, Pinko is not hot enough to ever have a chance with him.”

    i dunno – pinko’s pretty hawt.

  24. The Uncanny Canadian Says:

    Yes, but to get me to switch hit it would take more hot than that. I don’t know if such a man exists.

  25. pop renaissance Says:

    gotcha – that i can understand. i think the only boys that could get me to switch hit would be either johnny depp or brett anderson, whom i’ve already kissed anyway.

  26. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Oh no, UC. I happen to have it on record that a Mr. Jon Stewart could get you to switch hit.

  27. pop renaissance Says:


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