So thoughtful it made me vomit!

I just heard a blurb for a story coming up on NPR this afternoon about all the difficult choices
faced by the poor, unwitting, humble soldier who is in charge of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.

The guy who answers the phone when you call to pledge

Ah! How thoughtful! This is the kind of balanced and insightful reporting made possible by my membership in my local public radio station!

Recipients of American hospitality

Please, just let me die!


9 Responses to “So thoughtful it made me vomit!”

  1. Sandra Says:

    At least the prisoners won’t catch SARS with those nice masks. Also, it looks like they are too busy praying to be concerned with bombing anyone.

  2. Xena Says:

    i thought this was the peace corps.

  3. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Res, did you like quit your job or something? You’ve blogged more in the past 48 hours then I have in a lifetime.

    You know, the Army of one is crucial. We cannot have their moral low. They choose to be there,. After all, they are volunteers. We must look out for them. They are doing a stellar job protecting your freedoms here in the greatest country, the good ole’ US of A!

  4. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    teh, teh! You wish you were Xena.

    And that was morale above. They wish they had morals.

  5. Res Publica Says:

    I was actually more proud of the picture of the pipe-smoking dirty NPR hippie, personally.

  6. fulsome Says:

    I do like the hippie. I thought he was supposed to be the struggling soldier though? bonus interpretation, I guess

  7. Res Publica Says:

    No, no….he’s the thoughtful and sensitive NPR listener.

  8. almostinfamous Says:

    dude, those guys are in Cuba, a veritable paradise on earth. second, they are there on your dime. third, they are getting all sorts of great treatment. they can lose weight through the diet programme a diet and a lucky few even get to travel around the world. what do the soldiers get? squat. so of course the soldier is the victime here.

  9. Pinko Punko Says:

    I got that- I was just looking for his bag of shrooms

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