sunlit, moving low and fast

I followed a link from the ever-wonderful Winding Sheet to a new bloggy-blog called Nyarlathotep’s Miscellany, which caught my eye for reasons which will be obvious to those of you who know of my fondness for a certain writer of “scary” (totally not scary) stories who’s name begins with an “H” and a “P” and ends with “Lovecraft”. The crawling chaos and all that jazz. Anyway, here’s the post at the top of the page. It took my breath away.

liturgy in spring

Sometimes I remember we’re all made of light, of empty spaces. If you were something capable of seeing the vast space between our atoms and molecules, we’d look like a blur, some kind of sun-lit animal moving low and fast across a lens with a slow shutter.

Sometimes I remember how vast the world is, how it feels to move across it. I wake up: winter’s over, the fans are in the windows, it’s time to stop huddling under the lamplight, to go look at the universe. It’s still there. I’m awake: I’m not afraid of it. Everything hard seems easy. I’m home beecause for a minute, the world seems like a home. I’m moving; I’m awake; I belong to it.

Thank you so much, Nyarly darlin’. That made me feel light and young, exactly one day before my birthday, and feelings like that are hard to come by these days.


2 Responses to “sunlit, moving low and fast”

  1. Sandra Says:

    Oh my god… that was so special. It reminds me of how I felt after my first “post-feminist theory and the war on terror ” class I took at U Berkley. Awesome.

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