Flames! Flames on the side of my face!

So.  Russ Feingold (one of very few senators who are not only not repulsive, but actually kind of hot) stood up and said what well over half of America thinks: that W is a fucktard who needs to be severely spanked for his many, blatant, obvious and admitted misdeeds.

Here’s how the rest of our vaunted Democratic leadership are standing up to ol’ George “l’Etat, c’est moi” Bush (as reported by Dana Milbank in the WaPo):

“I haven’t read it,” demurred Barack Obama (Ill.).

“I just don’t have enough information,” protested Ben Nelson (Neb.). “I really can’t right now,” John Kerry (Mass.) said as he hurried past a knot of reporters — an excuse that fell apart when Kerry was forced into an awkward wait as Capitol Police stopped an aide at the magnetometer.

So nonplused were Democrats that even Sen. Charles Schumer (N.Y.), known for his near-daily news conferences, made history by declaring, “I’m not going to comment.” Would he have a comment later? “I dunno,” the suddenly shy senator said.

Republicans were grateful for the gift. The office of Sen. John Cornyn (Tex.) put a new “daily feature” on its Web site monitoring the censure resolution: “Democrat co-sponsors of Feingold Resolution: 0.”

Five Democratic senators called a news conference yesterday to talk about the Bush budget’s “dangerously irresponsible priorities” — but three of them fled the room before allowing questions. The other two were stuck.

“Was it a good idea for Senator Feingold to bring up this resolution?” came the first question, from CNN’s Ed Henry.

“He brings up some very important issues,” Debbie Stabenow (Mich.) ventured.

Henry was unsatisfied. “So do you support censure, or not?

Stabenow took another stab. “It needs to have hearings,” she said.

Mary Landrieu (La.) pursed her lips. “Senator Feingold has a point that he wants to make,” she said. “We have a point that we want to make, talking about the budget.”

“Senators,” an aide interrupted, “we need to go.”

Feingold, seeking liberals’ support for the 2008 presidential nomination, said he wasn’t motivated by politics. But then he slipped. “If there’s any Democrat out there who can’t say . . . the president has no right to make up his own laws, I don’t know if that Democrat really is the right candidate,” he said of his likely primary opponents.

“Most of us feel at best it’s premature,” announced Sen. Christopher Dodd (Conn.). “I don’t think anyone can say with any certainty at this juncture that what happened is illegal.”

Reporters, as instructed, asked Reid where he stood. “It’s a question that’s been asked 33 times in the last few hours,” he said. “And so, for the 34th time, I’m going to say the same thing: I’m going to wait.”


Res Publica explains how he feels about the Senate Democrats

 I hate them so much, it, it the, it FLAMES, flames….FLAMES on the side of my face, breathing…breathing, heaving breaths….

(Click here to hear my commentary)

So to summarize:  For my birthday this year, the Democratic party got me another unlubricated fucking-over!  Thanks!  You guys are awesome, and I can’t wait to waste my vote on one of you choads in ’08!  Assholes. 

I mean really, what would it take?  W could declare martial law and select random LGF commentors to be Metropolitan Commanders for every city in America, and these cocks would want to wait for the investigation that’s not ever going to happen to be completed before they think about maybe having an opinion.  

Although I think it beyond obvious that Chimpy did in point of fact violate FISA, that’s really not the point.  The point is that he has publically stated that he doesn’t have to obey the law if he doesn’t find it convenient.  What is a dictator if not a chief executive who is bound by no laws?  The list of things it’s illegal for Americans to do gets longer and longer every day.  The list of stuff the President thinks he can do regardless of what the law says seems to be pretty long already.  This is not cute or funny any more.  This nation has become a very frightening place.  This is not a game.  Why can’t the Senate Democrats see that Chimpy and his GOP buddies have pretty much done every single thing that they’ve wanted to do since he first got elected.  This play-nice strategy the dems have pursued  has had no impact on the course of events whatsoever.  They tell us that they’re afraid they’ll lose their seats, but what they don’t get is that in the current political environment, their presence in DC doesn’t make any difference at all in terms of legislative outcomes.  The way the GOP leadership runs things, the Congress might as well be 100% Republican.  So, if the Dems won’t at least speak up and fight back, why should any of us care in the LEAST if they get relected or not?

Two thirds of Americans can see this guy for what he is: a complete turd.  Why won’t the Democrats stop saying that he’s really a gold nugget that just needs a little polishing?

Hat tip to Shakespeare’s Sister, Firedoglake, and Agitprop, three of the best blogs in this whole bloggy blogoswamp.


35 Responses to “Flames! Flames on the side of my face!”

  1. teh l4m3 Says:

    Madelein (sp?) Kahn is a goddess.

    Anyway, if Feinstein can get behind this, the only Dems we should see outside of the fold are Miller and Lieberman. What gives?

  2. blue girl Says:

    Your commentary was simply scrumptious. Flames!!!

    I don’t know Res. We are living in bizarro-world. I’m sorry it’s your birthday and the world is spinning in the opposite direction.

  3. Res Publica Says:

    That moment alone made “Clue” one of my all time favorites. I can listen to that clip over and over and over again.

  4. blue girl Says:

    My husband’s in the other bedroom office down the hall and I just yelled to him to read this post and make sure he clicks on that.

    I can hear it through the walls as I type this!!

    You know, what the hell is going on in this world? What the hell is going on?

  5. Res Publica Says:

    Welcome to the Republic, Mr. Blue Girl. Or can I just call you Blue Guy? I think Blue Man is trademarked.

  6. blue girl Says:

    blue girl house update: My husband just opened my door and said:

    “God! He’s so right. Now I’m all pissed off. I was having a good day. I’m not a Democrat anymore.”

    So I said, “What are you going to be?”

    Him: “I have no idea, but Res is right! What difference does it make if I am? God, they’re a bunch of assholes. Did you know that was Madeleine Kahn? I love Madelineineneen (whatever the sp) Kahn. She was cool.”

    (He never comments himself — so I thought I’d let you know! I hate when people read blogs and don’t comment….)

  7. blue girl Says:

    Ok. One more comment to pester you.

    I’m going to start yelling “Flames! Flames at the side of my face!” constantly when I’m watching cable news and being so degraded by our system.

  8. Res Publica Says:

    One of my friends at work also loves “Clue”, and we use that quote all the time. Now, one of just has to say “Flames!” and the other cracks up. It’s our little code for saying that we hate our coworkers without them knowing that we’re talking about them in front of their faces. 🙂

  9. blue girl Says:

    I used to work with a guy and our inside joke was “No wire hangers” — it’s kind of an old one — but, we used it constantly. When a client would make a dumb change and act all high and mighty — we’d be like, “No wire hangers EVER!!!!”

    Flames is awesome. I’m usin’ it.


  10. Res Publica Says:

    We do Mommy Dearest jokes too….Christina!

  11. Res Publica Says:

    Or, if someone asks me why I did “x” or made decision “y”, the answer is “Because I am NOT one of your FANS!!!”

  12. Joan Says:

    TINA!! Bring me the axe!

  13. blue girl Says:

    Res, AG just left a comment at my place about all of us meeting up in Houston or Dallas…don’t know my way around TX — but, she wanted to know if you would do that?

    I’ve never been to TX. Would I have to wear cowgirl clothes to get in?

    I think I would come down there if everyone was seriouspants about it.

  14. Res Publica Says:

    I would probably do that, but we need to plan this well in advance. There are only two people in my department, and the one who’s not Res Publica is in the National Guard, so I have to let him off pretty frequently. Long story short, it’s not easy for me to take time off on short notice. Also, please, not Dallas. I HATE Dallas. It’s the world capital of white-itude. Those bitches are like “love your shirt!” as they check the tag.

    Texas is enormous, something people from small states (or europe) don’t always understand. It’s like a 7 hour drive from here to Dallas. I can get to Houston in about 3 hours.

    Contrary to popular opinion, texas does not have a dress code. Fake cowboys are easy to pick out and popular targets for scorn. Our state is full of crazy people, but it’s a veritable refuge of civility and culture compared to the way it is portrayed in the national media. We even got them newfangled indoor terlits what to crap in!

  15. Pinko Punko Says:

    Teh, Feinstein isn’t behind it. Someone was making a joke about how she signed onto the censure of Clinton.

  16. Michael Bains Says:

    I’ve read (and LOL at) RoD before Res, but today Our Lady Blue (Girl) rec’d that I stop by and Yah Mahn! I’d be LMAO if I weren’t nursin’ a freakin’ nasty head/stomache ache from the combination of jelly brained and spineless Dems and my own sickenin’ Sen DeWhine.

    The point is that he has publically stated that he doesn’t have to obey the law if he doesn’t find it convenient. What is a dictator if not a chief executive who is bound by no laws?

    I hope you don’t mind if I steal that quote AS my reply to the reply to my email to MikeyD. It is absolutely the one thing that has made me jump back into politics w/ specific candidates to promote. The only way not to fear this crap is to ignore it!

    Truck coming? I don’t see no stinkin’ tru…


  17. Michael Bains Says:

    By the way folks: The River Walk in San Antonio is a great time. Plenty of Mexican food and drink and Gondola rides if you float that way. {-; I wouldn’t say SA is a Liberal town per se, but it sure qualifies as Texas Liberal.

    If’n it’s a Blog Conv (even of minimum proportions) that you’re thinkin’ of plannin’, please to be keepin’ me informed. It’d be a great motivation NOT to use all my vacation days 1 Friday at a time.


  18. Res Publica Says:

    Feel free to steal, just gimme credit. If it weren’t for my blatant cutting and pasting, this blog would have precious little content except for pictures of cock-shaped meatloaf and shit like that.

  19. Res Publica Says:

    Also, although I’m suck to fucking death of it, I will grant that San Antonio is a really nice city to visit. It’s pretty, it’s cheap, and it’s geared toward tourists.

  20. blue girl Says:

    Ok Res — have you noticed that this blog get together is *all about you*? And how easy or hard it’s going to be on *you*? And how far *you* might have to drive?

    Let’s remember that *I* live many miles away and that *I* am willing to pay for a plane ticket, which *I* wouldn’t mind to do if *I* got to meet all of you in person.

    PLUS!!!! If it’s in the Fall that gives me tons of time to get really skinny!!!!! 🙂

    FYI. I would NEVER wear cowgirl clothes. Gawd! That was a joke!! Total Flames.

  21. Res Publica Says:

    Um hello, it’s ALL ALWAYS about me. ALL THE TIME. EVERYWHERE. And most espcially on this holiest of all days, the Feast of the Mass of the Blessed Nativity of St. Res.

  22. Michael Bains Says:

    Oh shiite! I forgot to wish yer Divinitous Resness a Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!

  23. blue girl Says:

    “Um hello, it’s ALL ALWAYS about me.”

    Um, yes it is sweet cheeks.

    Ok. I’m now singing like Marilyn Monroe, which I can totally do:

    Happy. Birthday.

    To. You.

    Happy. Birthday.

    To. You.

    Happy. (breathe deep) —

    Mr. President.

    Happy. Birthday.

    To. You.

    Love ya…and many, many more.

  24. blue girl Says:

    Ooops. Being Marilyn and all I totally space out:

    Happy. (Breathe deep) Birthday.

    Mr. President.

    Happy. Birthday.



  25. Res Publica Says:


  26. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    OK, but San Antonio can be expensive to fly into.

    Cleveland is possible, but beside the ‘The Rock’, what is there to do?

    Boston is possible, but also expensive.

    I suggest:

    Vegas, Phoenix, DC, LA or Seattle.

    The low cost carriers fly there. I know Jet Blue has great fares to Austin, which may make San Antonio possible, now that I think about it.

    We should get out the word and have a vote.

    And what do you need to get skinny for, BG? Who cares, we love each other for our blog characters and that is enough. We’re not vain like Republicans, love!

  27. Res Publica Says:

    Austin is possible too. It’s a very pleasant city to visit.

  28. blue girl Says:

    AG, cuz I always *get skinny* for big events! It’s a definite motivator. Say I want to eat cookies at 10:30 pm when I DO NOT have a big event coming up. I eat ’em!! Say I want to BUT I *have* a big event coming up — I won’t!

    And it’s not really that I get *that* skinny. It’s just an excuse to be good.


    AG, love that you know all this flying business. I would LOVE to meet in DC. We would all have a blast there and I think other bloggers might go. But, what about the CA peeps? And Grisha’s in Oregon, right?

    We have to remember though that Res won’t show up unless we all meet 1/2 block away from his apartment, stay two hours than leave before his bedtime.

  29. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Yes, I at one point in my life was 90 percent unregionalized travel for work. I know how to travel well and fun. I have the adventure spirit in me. I love to travel.

    DC might be very reasonable. With the low fare carriers, it is logical. Plus, many folks can probably make the argument for work. For instance, perhaps Pinko could find a way to need to go to NIH or something. Chuckles and Nacho dude are already there. Grisha might be able to make the journey if we are nice enough. Res and Troy are simple. Res, find a way to need to meet with some legislatures in DC. Troy, it’s right off baby: job search. All totally legit. Lance M. is in the tri state area along with Gavin and they can drive down with Jedmundo. We got Yosef and Robust in NC. AIF can make the journey with you from Ohio and Gregor, Gregor can find a way out of AZ. It’s a matter of whether we can get the people to come. UC and I would totally fly Jet Blue down in a heart beat and bring MD Hatter and Brad R. with us. You know Pop Star can find a band gig somehow to play. And teh, teh. Well as long as his boy toys are present, you know he’s all over that. And Fulsome would visit Nacho and Chuckie in a heartbeat. Maybe we could even get Linny, Chuckle’s gal pal to drive up from Atlanta and bring Rex from Florida. Now we got the Canadians who are welcome, but UC and AG are going to be hitting them over the Passover holidays and later in May when driving up for a party. So, they may want to do a Canadian love fest in a barrel instead.

    Question is, Chuckles, you got a big family house we can crash?

  30. blue girl Says:

    AG — you are truly the Julie The Cruise Director!

    Jemunds lives in DC now and Neddie Jingo lives there too.

    I didn’t know Almost Infamous was in Ohio! I must go check him out!

    Maybe if we all go to DC we can all protest something in front of the White House! I bet this group would make such great signs that we’d end up on the news for sure.


  31. blue girl Says:

    You know. I am sick and tired of having typos in my comments. Unneeded words hither and yawn. I’ve got to stop typing so face.

  32. blue girl Says:

    Oh my God! I didn’t even mean to do that!

    Flames! Flames at the side of my face!

  33. Res Publica Says:


    Also…meet with legislators? Ewww. I’m way to pissed off for that shit, unless by “meet” you mean “knock some heads”.

  34. blue girl Says:

    Yes! We could knock some heads and give them swirlies and atomic wedgies!

  35. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    I second that BG. For example it would be write-off in my comments above. It’s just that I am super busy at work and I want to contribute. Who has the time to type, check, wait, check, send?!

    We get the picture.

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