I hate Diane Rehm, Part 649

Why is E.J. Dionne always the token liberal on Diane Rehm? I mean, I know he works for Brookings, but he’s hardly a flaming progressive. This morning, she’s got him lined up against Byron York, blowboy White House correspondent for the National Review and author of the moderate, thoughtful book “The Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy”. Totally fair and balanced.

I’m gonna set Diane’s wig on fire. Anyone wanna come along?


15 Responses to “I hate Diane Rehm, Part 649”

  1. Gregor Samsa Says:

    I got injured in a nasty wig fire in the 80s (before Fulsome was born). Be careful!

  2. blue girl Says:

    GS: 😆

    I like Diane Rehm!! I wish I had her cushy job.

    Where’s AG?

  3. Res Publica Says:

    Sorry, Diane can kiss mah freakin’ ass. She plays into the whole balance-journalism thing where you cover a topic adequately by getting someone from Brookings to say x, someone from Cato to say not-x, and then some clueless journalism major to say “I think the country is really closely divided on this”. A) Some questions are factual questions which have single correct answers, and therefore do not require a rebuttle from the American Enterprise Institute, and B) speaking of the AEI, Diane is the most egregious committer of a very common sin on NPR: gross overdependence on thinktanks and the “thinkers” who whore out their intellects for them.

  4. Chuckles Says:


  5. Chuckles Says:


  6. Res Publica Says:

    Thanks, Chuck! Now I have a mental image of you spanking it while listening to Diane Rehm. I think I’m going to go wash my ears with drain-o now.

  7. Res Publica Says:

    Blue: As to the location of AG, Goddess of Flame Wars, I don’t know. I see she’s got a couple of drafts going on the server, but I don’t know what she’s up to.

  8. Robust McManlyPants Says:

    Here in NC, I have no idea if the hour we hear is the first hour, second hour, eleventy-second hour, whatever. I used to be able to catch the tail-end of The Connection on my short commute to work, but now it’s Diane Rehm. It beats station-flipping, and it’s easier than picking a CD, and sometimes I’m interested but more often than not I just want to slap her over and over and over again. I’m always in a hurry to get to work, so I’m always opting to give her a chance rather than rifle through CD catalogues or fire up the iPod and the transmitter and pick an album, etc., etc. Yes, I am that lazy.

    This morning I turned it on to hear her say, “…And the language that gets used on the Internet can be very direct!” She said this as though with every curse word someone utters on MySpace a puppy gets kicked by a truant child.

    Me, screaming at the radio: NO SHIT, SHERLOCK

    I’m surprised to hear you say that she has on all the Institute folks, though, as it seems that her show here, in terms of what we hear of it, is always ALWAYS about a book of some sort (frequently fiction), which is the other reason I’m willing to give her a shot: even if her show sucks it that day, the book isn’t necessarily to blame and maybe I’ll want to read it.

  9. Res Publica Says:

    Robust McStudlyPants: Diane has a two-hour show (which comes on here from 9-11). The first hour is pretty much always about politics/current events, and the second hour is pretty much always about a book or some sort of “arts and leisure” topic. The first hour is when she has all the thinkwankers on as guests, and the second hour is when all the Oprah’s Book Club members call in to tell Diane how much they love her show.

    The pearl-clutching you heard today was in the second hour, during her interview with Stephen Miller about his new book on “conversation” (WHAT. EV.)…see the post above this one for my Cliff’s Notes version of that waste of perfectly good time and oxygen.

    My favorite is her weekly Friday News Roundup, where she assembles (emphasis on “ass”) a panel of journalism majors, usually including Susan Page of USA Today, Tony “Cum-gargling Jackass” Blankley of the Washington Times, the ever-present E.J. Dionne of WaPo, and then some random asswipe from some retardo DC publication that no one has ever heard of, with a name like “The Beltway Insider Policy Perspective Report” or something.

    I think “Susan Page” pretty much says it all. Getting “analysis and opinion” from anyone at USA Today is like replacing Ruth Reichl with Ronald McDonald as the editor at Gourmet.

    Diane Rehms knows everyone, and she gets some really significant guests for the second hour. Unfortunately, her interviews suck it big-time, and her calls are all doubleplusunsmart. On the whole, I think it’s one of the crappiest shows on NPR, but I understand that it’s one of the most popular.

  10. Robust McManlyPants Says:

    OK – I think we get both hours, I just never hear the 1st one because I am asleep during it. I think I’d be asleep during it even if I tried to listen.

    I was shocked it was what WUNC went with to replace the Connection when it got canned. I just wish they’d kick Rehm to the curb and stick Dick Gordon’s new show (produced right here at WUNC) in her place. GODS why can this not happen?

    Also, seriously – what WordPress plugin are you using to do the sexy “Now Posting Your Comment” animation? I needs it. I needs it bad.

  11. Res Publica Says:

    I don’t honestly….I thought it was a part of K2. However, I did install a plugin called “Brian’s Latest Comments” to provide that cute summary of new comments on the front page.

    Ask that cobag Pinko Punko, he knows all about this shit. I just sort of thrash around until it works.

  12. Res Publica Says:

    Has anyone been over to Media Matters today to see Mara Liasson’s latest steaming platter of hork?

    I think that NPR may not get my piddling $100 this year. This is just getting silly.

  13. blue girl Says:

    God! I feel like such a red-state no-nothing for liking to listen to Diane the Rhem! Is that how you spell liking? Liking? It doesn’t looks right!

    I especially like her Friday morning roundup with the journalists!!!!!! (I am hitting those slammer really, really hard!!!!!!)

  14. blue girl Says:

    You guys — go watch this video over at Shakespeare’s Sister:



  15. Res Publica Says:

    The only thing better than drunken blogging is drunken commenting. Blue, you are fucking AWESOME!

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