Shorter Stephen Miller

(from the second hour of this morning’s Diane Rehm Show)

“Everything was so nice before the 60’s and all of that unpleasantness with the coloreds and the unladylike ladies and the homosexuals.”

Extended Remix:

“Genteel, witty repartee is the absolute cornerstone of occidental civilization, and all of these angry negative-nancys with their “issues” and their “grivances” need to calm down, lest the very foundations of the earth crumble beneath us. For an example of the coming apocalypse, just look at how the savage hoard of digital Huns from the Interweb clubbed poor Deborah Howell to death for writing a simple column about American political life, and then burned the Washington Post to the ground! Since this is radio, you can’t see me clutching my pearls!”


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