My PowerPoint Presentation

Or, “That’ll be $6,000, please!”

I got yer slide-deck right here!!

Click here if you’re using Internet Exploder (this is the one time in you life when it’s better to use IE)

Click here if you’re using Anything Else (you don’t get the whole PowerPointy effect that IE provides, but having a real browser should be some consolation)


18 Responses to “My PowerPoint Presentation”

  1. Pinko Punko Says:

    Oh dear god, oh Powerpoint- you are such a rich chocolatey vein of humor!!!

    Well done, chumpload!

  2. I Think Res Just Got Himself Fired at Three Bulls! Says:

    […] We must defend.  Go here now.  Only now in the end do you finally understand.  Witness the power of this FULLY OPERATIONAL BATTEL STATION. […]

  3. fulsome Says:

    We were just discussing what a cobag Pinko Punk-Ass was last night that he couldn’t be bothered to see a friend’s show and eat fish and chips.

    I think’s he’s turning Republican!

  4. Res Publica Says:

    Well fulsome, now you have a slide-deck to accompany your discussion of Pinko’s cobaggery. It even has charts!

  5. The Uncanny Canadian Says:

    Thank you Republic of Dogs, for finally being quantitative about the horrible cobaggery at 3 Choads! This evaluation has been long over-due. Furthermore, I have learned the valuable lesson not to be a cobag. You dogs is OK.

  6. blue girl Says:


    Forget all the other signs we’ve seen the past few years — the popularity of Power Point is truly the one and only sign to indicate the Apocalypse is near.

  7. Seitz Says:

    The organizational death spiral is about the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

    Although when using the pharse “Eat it, Cobagz!!”, should cobag be pluralized with a z?

  8. Pinko PInko Says:

    I’m all about Keynote baby. Yeah, I said it.

  9. mdhatter Says:

    Seitz, yes, and the !! is missing one thing.

  10. Res Publica Says:

    I was trying to mobile live blog (MoLiBlo) from this crappy march my boss made us all go to, but of course cobag wordpress won’t let me.

  11. Res Publica Says:

    Also, white people with dreds (sp?): MAJOR COBAGS

  12. mdhatter Says:

    white people with dreds and trustfunds = chundermuffins

  13. Pinko PInko Says:

    mdhatter always gets me.

    Here’s a little love for the cobag!1!!1!!

  14. plover Says:

    “You will not notice that one of my legs is twice as wide as the other because I will quickly present you with… a giant light bulb!!”

  15. Res Publica Says:

    Well hello to you too, plover! 🙂

  16. almostinfamous Says:

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