i heart xanga!!1!!11

I think that Shitty Blogs may have identified the absolute worst blog in the entire universe, ever.

I was going to try to type something clever here, but really, this one pretty much makes fun of itself.


11 Responses to “i heart xanga!!1!!11”

  1. norbizness Says:

    No fucking way it’s worse that The Corner at the National Review.

  2. Pinko PInko Says:

    I call a tie. Just barely, I mean maybe if Ramesh had a Xanga site.

  3. blue girl Says:

    Res!! Your two favorite people were on the radio together this morning —

    Daily Kos-Marcos-whathisface was on Diane Rhem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Res Publica Says:

    Barf. Ola.

    Thank god I was in a meeting. What did they say?


  5. mdhatter Says:

    The only thing worse is the comments.

  6. norbizness Says:

    At this place or the other place?

  7. Res Publica Says:

    No, this crappy blog, not the other crappy blog.

  8. blue girl Says:

    I only heard a couple of minutes of it…..but, Diane asked something like —

    “Now. If someone were to want to get a tour of blogs — tour this blogosphere you’re talking about — how would one go about doing that?”

    And he he said something about Technorati — I think. And he said to be very specific in your search. Like you would never just enter “politics” in your word search — you should narrow it down.

    And Diane said, “Oh. I see.”

    It was quite exciting!

    That MyDD guy was on, too.

  9. Res Publica Says:

    “Oh I see” = “I’m afraid of the shiny box!”

  10. almostinfamous Says:

    do not do that to a sick man, res.

    i almost had a relapse!

  11. Res Publica Says:

    Hi almostinfamous….sorry to hear you were sick! We’ll try and keep things quiet and bland while you recuperate.

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