Getting the shakes

Where is Pandagon? I’m starting to have withdrawal symptoms!

Let's get tore up!

Viva los Pandagonistas!


14 Responses to “Getting the shakes”

  1. Pinko PInko Says:

    They displeased us. I made them go away.

    Actually, Pandagon got wiped off the map after I made a broccoli fart comment.

  2. Gregor Samsa Says:

    Such is his power.

  3. mdhatter Says:

    better than an asparagus urine comment.

  4. Jedmunds Says:

    It’s not like pork farts aren’t heinous.

    check this

  5. Pinko PInko Says:

    A pork smart smells like a fart, a broccoli fart smells like 300 million years of microbial warfare from a mine-tailings contaminated hotspring/air-conditioned challenged morgue.

    It’s also the “low and slow” aspects of the BF that gets you, its like they are viscous or something.

  6. Chuckles Says:

    Broccoli farts are bad like the song from SNL. Beer farts are usually loud but short.

  7. Res Publica Says:

    God I hate you guys. I was already feeling sick. Speaking of, I am sick, and have to have a little outpatient surgery tomorrow. Ill be totally fine, but my immigration post will have to wait until tomorrow night or thursday. I’m sorry….I’m really interested to hear what wverone thinks, but writing + vicoden = kaye grogan, so I’m going to take my pill-besotted self to bed. Sweet dreams kiddies.

  8. Pinko PInko Says:

    RP! We just wanted to put you off the food you can’t have anyway!

  9. Pinko PInko Says:

    test test

  10. Res Publica Says:

    What are you testing, chumpwad?

  11. Res Publica Says:

    Jedmunds: “ smack the geeks of the world upside the head…”?

    Real nice. We’re not all evil. If I was running Pandagon, it would probably be online. Okay, scratch that, I don’t know shit about running a webserver that handles any real volume. But the failure would be caused by incompetence rather than malicious cobaggery, and surely that counts for something.


  12. plover Says:

    This has been a test of the Emergency Chundermuffin Broadcasting System.

    This was only a test.

    If this had been an actual chundermergency, then your mission, if you chose to accept it would be to duck and cover under your desk in the “I’m just a cobag, put me out of my misery” position.

    This comment will be self-destructive in five seconds…

  13. Res Publica Says:

    I love how plover’s all in the spirit of the Republic today. He’s a true patriot. Why do the rest of you cobags hate the Republic?

  14. teh l4m3 Says:

    Ha ha I love how the sidebar ad for this post is for rehab…

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