They’re back, and they’re freaking hungry


Amanda and the rest of those miscreant Pandagonians are back!  Huzzah!  You were well and truly missed, Pandagon.

However, they have moved to a dedicated-server hosting arrangement, and that’s VERY expensive.  This panda won’t survive on bamboo alone, I’m afraid.  So go on over to Pandagon and click on their PayPal button.  I’m sending them some cyberlove on Thursday (payday!), because I personally think that Pandagon is one of the best blogs around.  Also, Jedmund is hot, or at least his picture is anyway.  But never mind that!  They rocked before he ever came along.  Pam and Amanda both kick ass and take names.
Give them money, I command you!


4 Responses to “They’re back, and they’re freaking hungry”

  1. Jedmunds Says:

    thanks for noticing my hotness

  2. Res Publica Says:

    I knew you’d eventually show up for a compliment. Like cheese for a rat.

  3. Jedmunds Says:

    rat? there’s gotta be a better analogy.

  4. Pinko PInko Says:

    Doritos to a stoner?

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