Where in the San Diego is Carmen Adorable Girlfriend?


Call off the search… Stop the presses…Everything is fine, fine, fine!


AG is in the house!


It’s been a bit busy in the real world, as opposed to the bloggerosphere world of AG.  What’s been going on, well do you have a few hours? Briefly and edited:

  • Moving out of two houses.  Poor UC has been tormented with helping move things or living with boxes all over the place. (Even though AG does not live at his house.)
  • Identifying renters for one of the houses.
  • One graduate program is nearing a close.  Papers, papers and more papers. (And I didn’t even get a Jewish real doctor out of it.  I want a refund!)
  • For those of you who don’t know, AG attends two medical school graduate programs. Hence, why AG never gets anything right on the blogs – too tired and unwilling to read anything more, in addition to the odd character that is portrayed as ‘AG’ on the blog. Anyhow, cutting to the chase, there was a problem with a group paper at one of them.  Won’t get into the details, but so far is has resulted in the termination of a professor, one student being watched like a hawk and AG pulling her hair out and now looking for a grade from the Dean of the Medical School.  Group projects yet again sink teeth into AG’s tuckus.
  • AG’s emergency medicine data was published for class and it has been decided to submit an abstract for presentation at an Academy Meeting in October.  AG wants first authorship which means AG is charged with doing the poster and abstract.
  • Work is off the hook with submissions, issues and tissues.  Let us not go there. HR has already been visited.  Again, poor UC has to deal with it.  You should not.
  • Crazy stalker former boyfriend (Yeah, you, if you are still reading this. Get a life, by the way!  Perhaps if your boyfriend in Salem were making you happy, you wouldn’t be concerned about me anymore.) and his drama has been interesting to say the least.  We are turning a corner on that issue. 
  • Confusion over whether AG is going on vacation soon.
  • Losing cookies in the bushes of Brookline today. Anyone who has a remedy for sinus headaches can win a prize.
  • And on and on…


Life is chaos.  AG doesn’t make chaos-ade.  She just checks out from the Betty Ford Blogging Clinic.  Now be good to each other and thank you for your emails of concern and love. Chuckles, I know about your flirting comment with Smarty and you do so miss me in a sexual psycho blogger way.  Don’t be coy.  It’s doesn’t wear well on you, lamb shank.


37 Responses to “Where in the San Diego is Carmen Adorable Girlfriend?”

  1. blue girl Says:

    Hi AG! Glad to hear everything’s ok — just the usual not ok stuff that’s non-life-threatening — but does postpone the blogging part of one’s life!

    Good luck with all stuff you listed…

  2. Res Publica Says:

    WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Welcome back, sunshine!

  3. Brando Says:

    I hate when life interferes with blogging. Don’t these people know you have readers?

  4. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    I super heart Brando for understanding that AG needs to serve her peeps and not the BS of real life. You buttercup, get a big cyber kiss from AG. And even UC and Chuckie have never gotten that. That’s love baby, love!

    I missed you Res. Thanks for your email. How did the surgery go? Are you OK? When can we expect a full Res recovery and rant-a-thon?

    And BG, how could I not miss my blogging sister?! Happy Blog-aversary BTW! I am sorry I missed it. Did you get a big Ken doll like you hoped for?

    It’s going to continue like this for a bit. Tonight, I am packing more boxes in the city condo. Thank goodness, not much is left here.

  5. Res Publica Says:

    Yes, I am okay….I had what turned out to be a spider bite that rapidly (like in 8 hours) turned into an insanely painful and very large abscess. Very weird, and the most painful think I’ve ever experienced. Until they lanced it. Then I really knew what pain is. But anyway, you know, they give you pills and I’m doing alright. It’s hardly a major health crisis, but I’m a big wuss crybaby. Just one of those things, I guess. We’ve never really seen any bugs of any kind in our apartment, but I’m fumigating this joint this weekend.

    I feel for you, being in the middle of a move. I hate moving more than almost anything. Everytime I move, I contemplate (if only briefly) just leaving all my crap behind and adopting a new and wonderful life of antimaterialism and simplicity.

    Anyway, please drop us a line every once in a while, even if it’s a quickie. We like to know that our cobloggers are still alive 🙂

  6. blue girl Says:

    “It’s hardly a major health crisis, but I’m a big wuss crybaby.”

    I can totally relate to that. I even *hate* having to take a bandaid off. /tears.

    “I contemplate (if only briefly) just leaving all my crap behind…”

    I would catch my roommate in college throwing dishes away after dinner because she didn’t want to wash them!~ I’ve always thought that was classic.

    Yes, AG! Good luck with the move. Last time we moved (8 years ago) — I too realized much to my dismay how much money I spend on stupid, stupid stuff. Plus I hated….loathed…hated packing in the extreme.

    My husband was traveling for work doing a commercial in NYC most of the time of the *packing* phase — (how convenient) — for a national fast food chain…and I’ll never forget the one time I’m packing…sweating….totally at my wits end, he calls and I say to him, “So, what have you been doing all day?”

    He answers, “Interviewing chickens.” There was a chicken in this one spot and they were interviewing chicken wranglers! He had NEVER lived that one down. He owes my to this day for that one.

  7. Chuckles Says:

    I am so coy, I live in a pond.

    fulsome tried to set me up once already, you really want to try and follow that act?

  8. Res Publica Says:

    I am so coy, I live in a pond.

    I hereby claim complete and exclusive intellectual property rights to that phrase. I love it, and it will be on a t-shirt.

  9. almostinfamous Says:

    i like the screenshot. it’s totally RoD

  10. Chuckles Says:

    As long as you buy me one of those shirts and give me the royalties I deserve, I see no trouble. By the way, I work for the RIAA. I wear an XL and prefer quality in a t-shirt material.

  11. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Please, AG is a Jewish Yenta. You think AG cannot make a match out of you? Even Stevie Wonder can see the Yenta gene AG sports. We Yentas, we match, we lunch and we look for Jewish M.D.s to marry ourselves. That’s what we do.

    I have plenty of Ivy League girls for you. However, most of them are New Yorkers so if you give them shit, you can be sure you’ll be staring down the barrel of an ass kicking. The M.D.s won’t date or shag you because they only marry asshole M.D.s or annoying lawyers. The JAPs won’t date you because well, we aren’t racist, we just don’t eat pork or do the goya-oh-boyas.

    You couldn’t handle a New York girl as I think about it. You’d piss her off and she’d have you cleaning subways in Harlem by week two of dating. I can give you a nice Southern girl or a Hawaiian cutie. That’s what I got for you. The argumentative Irish Bostonian could get interesting, but I think she’d annoy you the way she annoys UC when she gets drunk and repetitive. I’ll leave it to UC to rule in on that one.

    UC, how about we give him the girl who cannot count when it comes to splitting the dinner tab? She dates the other white meat.

  12. mdhatter Says:

    I am all about the argumentative Irish Bostonian.

  13. The Uncanny Canadian Says:

    I’m a big fan of keeping people within reasonable geographic restraints. This mdhatter thing is intriguing. I think that could work. She’s really great, except when she’s drunk and beligirent.

  14. Pinko Punko Says:


    That’s how you bag- look at the way the comment thread is a masterpiece!

    Good to see ya kiddo!

    Let’s all pitch in to get RoD an assitant. This induvidual could help AG with her work an rub lotion on Res!

  15. Chuckles Says:

    I just did Irish Argumentative. It was fun. AG seems to think, like so many others that are also wrong, that New York is some special place. Shit, I got of the bus and made my own way out to Jamaica the first time I went there. Ain’t no big thing.

    Please, argumentative and repetitive whiel drunk? Ask fulsome, PopRen and PP about that. Furthermore, who ever said I wasn’t all down with the ‘chosen’ people? Your girls couldn’t handle me anyway, I’m a man baby, I’m looking for a woman. No girls.

  16. Res Publica Says:

    She’s really great, except when she’s drunk and beligirent.

    Stop talking about me, cobags.

  17. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Res, you slay AG.

    Chuckles, shut the fuck up bitch. New York is a special place. Have you ever told your boss to “fuck off” before 9 AM? Given B’n T directions to Harlam because the guy was Jersey asswipe looking to see Trump Towers? How about ditching client meetings to go to Bloomies on a Friday? And not getting caught until you see your manager trying on a suit in the dressing room next to you? When you can suggest you’ve done that and played devil on the doorstep at 3 AM because some bitch stole your rental deposit, you can tell me that you can play with AG and the sistas. And Jamaica Q is nothing. Maybe I drop you off around 112th and watch you walk to 125th. Then we can go to the Bronx and visit Morris-town.

    Nobody asked you if you weren’t down with the “chosen ones.” Rather AG told you we aren’t down with you. Unless you had the penis party that UC had on day 8 of life, we aren’t interested. Sweetheart, we like the smooth penis. What can I say, you don’t have it or the bald spot from wearing the kippa. Wonk, wonk! Try again later.

    And baby love, you of all people aren’t a man. (Don’t be mad, I told UC recently he doesn’t have the brass to be the head of our little family.)Furthermore, I refer to males as ‘boys’ and women as ‘girls’. If you need to understand the world of AG, please see the ‘PP gets his ass shredded’ post.

    For all this debate, I now give you nothing! My girls wouldn’t want to deal with your coffeehouse cry baby ways. Now, grow some back hair and walk like a boy already! Fullie, seriously, is this guy for real?

    Oh Mylanta!

  18. Brando Says:

    AG, I am touched by an angel at your comment.

    I am not going through the same level of craziness you are, but work has a rubber house in my creative juice tank and is trying to steal every drop. I have Republicans to make fun of, dammit.

    And NYC is teh shit.

  19. Chuckles Says:

    As for circumcision, baby you have never asked…you just love assuming shit. You are too easy. This is why you remind me and fulsome of me about 6 years ago. Your button is big and red and right in the center of your chest.

    “Have you ever told your boss to “fuck off” before 9 AM? Given B’n T directions to Harlam because the guy was Jersey asswipe looking to see Trump Towers?”

    Please, bitch, please. This is child’s play. I once told a boss I would be happy to continue the meeting in parking lot if he should so choose. he backed the hell off.

    “How about ditching client meetings to go to Bloomies on a Friday? And not getting caught until you see your manager trying on a suit in the dressing room next to you?”

    Wow. You are so hard core. Ditching a meeting to go shopping. Shit, I tend to ditch for booze. Shopping can lick my hairy balls.

    “When you can suggest you’ve done that and played devil on the doorstep at 3 AM because some bitch stole your rental deposit, you can tell me that you can play with AG and the sistas. And Jamaica Q is nothing. Maybe I drop you off around 112th and watch you walk to 125th. Then we can go to the Bronx and visit Morris-town.”

    Shit, baby, I’ve pissed on churches and physically assaulted radio stations at 2 AM because they wouldn’t play anything cool. My first night in Oakland, I got drunk and wandered around the projects asking for directions. From 3-5 AM. I have been shot at with an AK and you think you can roll with me? You can’t handle me. No one can. I am so hard core that when you look it up in the dictionary, it says, “Picture of Chuckles was stolen by Chuckles because he is just a hard core bastard.” I’m the Freelance Genius and you are just a member of my fan club.

  20. blue girl Says:

    “I am so hard core that when you look it up in the dictionary, it says, “Picture of Chuckles was stolen by Chuckles because he is just a hard core bastard.””


  21. blue girl Says:

    Brando! “And NYC is teh shit.”

    I am so disappointed.


  22. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Fine, “Mr. told AG you’re not Jewish on your blog”, were you cut down by a moyle at Day 8?

    Honey, have you ever had a real gun stuck to your head in the middle of a crowded city street?

    As for ditching to booze, my medical director used to take me to do so in the Porsche. It’s not ditching if you have approval. It’s more about the fact that NYers love Bloomies and clients have nothing to do with shopping. This makes it hard to get away with it from an HR perspective. Booze, inflated expense accounts, getting your hair highlighted during the middle of the day, going to the movies during work hours, dinner and sexual favors you can all talk you way out of. Trust me, it can and has been done. Bloomies however generally doesn’t fly with NY HR departments.

  23. Chuckles Says:

    HR is the worst excuse for a jobin the history of the world. Working in HR is worse than dropping out of college because it made you think and then creating a site called RedState and then landing and losing a job at a major newspaper’s website because you were a plagiarizing cunt.

    If you had approval to do all this crap, how much of a rebel are you? That is the definition of poser.

    ‘I am such a rebel lok at me! By the way, did I tell you how much property I own in Boston? I didn’t sell out, I bought in. But I am still totally street, um, yo momma.’

    I guess you missed the posts on my expenditures at the Shoreham Hotel in DC during my recent conference. I doubt any of your expense accounts have ever topped 200K.

    Shit, baby, you’ll never match my for the wild. You can try, but it will look pretty silly.

    Guns just don’t scare me anymore. It is hard to be scared of people when you can kill someone with your glare.

  24. fulsome Says:

    Just for the record, AG. Many, if not most, midwestern Xtians are circumcised. There was some thought it was healthier and it became pretty common.

  25. Res Publica Says:

    Yeah….I grew up in Kansas, and I didn’t even know I WAS circumcised until we moved to Texas. I thought that’s just what human schlongs looked like.

    I love how this conversation has auto-degraded into the Maury Show scene from the “Freak Strike” episode of South Park. “Whatevah, you ain’t bad! You ain’t NOTHIN! I run with gangs!” “Whatevah! I run with twelve gangs, and we only commit hate crimes! I have lots of sex without protection! It’s my hot body and I do what I want!! WHATEVAH!”

  26. Res Publica Says:

    Also, HR is the sweetest gig in all creation. Back when I was a young queen, I worked in corporate HR at SBC (now AT&T), and it was da shiznit. Of course, I worked on corporation-wide benefit enrollment processes, so we didn’t really have to mess with individual employees, but it was a lot of well-catered meetings, easy charts and spreadsheets, and trips trips trips. Plus, SBC (at the corporate level) has some great people. I think that was the smartest team of people I’ve worked with to this day.

  27. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    I didn’t say I had permission. You do first and ask later. No HR Department was going to tell my CMO we couldn’t get trashed on work time. And we all knew it. (Trust me, I saw him tell of the Director of HR and her husband one time for an offense close to this when he brought myself and another physician back three sheets to the wind.) What I said was that you can nail your boss on his desk, but getting caught at Bloomies after you ditched out on a client meeting is punishable by HR standards in most NY companies.

    I know Fullie. My point is that goys typically get cut down at the hospital. My boy UC got a party at day 8 of life. With such, he likely got a smoother penis. Chuckie is trying to claim he has the penis of UC. He wishes! (Not that I’ve seen UC’s, but I know what a moyle can do.)

    And Sweetheart, when you can throw $350K dinner parties in Chicago that are heavily discounted for 10 clients, I’ll be impressed. I never claimed to be street. That was never it. The point is that you cannot play with NYers and think they’ll respect you in the way they respect their own. It’s Yankee thing, doll face and you are just a worshiper, not a union paying member.

    Now stop being jealous and go take a nap. (Seriously Fullie, how DO you deal with this child?!)

  28. Chuckles Says:

    He deals with me the way Res deals with your ‘I’m so awesome’ ass.

    “Chuckie is trying to claim he has the penis of UC.” I never said anything of the sort. I may or may not be cut that way, I was just pointing out that you have no idea what state my penis is in. I would never try to measure up to any other penis, because I have plenty of evidence that it would require major surgery to reduce my member to the size of most men. Some guys say ‘How’s that?’ and some guys say, ‘Just say when, baby.’

    Please, NYC city ain’t got shit when it comes to authority with a vengeance. DC has it all. All the stores you have in New York were begging to get in on the development action in DC and we said, stick to suburbs, bitches. NYC is fading like a bad dream.

    So, a little respect. After all, your Senators work here and you wouldn’t want me to have words with them.

  29. Chuckles Says:

    A Challenge to AG: BRING IT. Drag your sorry carcass down to the District and we’ll see who survives the weekend.

  30. Res Publica Says:

    He deals with me the way Res deals with your ‘I’m so awesome’ ass.

    Leave me out of y’all’s sexual tension, please.

  31. madame rouge Says:

    I wanna get drunk with you people.

  32. Chuckles Says:

    Dude, MR, You can bring anybody down to the center of cobagginess and I will host anytime. I likes me a good party. Even if the isn’t any decent tail, I still bring the ful force of The Chuck.

    I sound like a total loser sometimes.


    Shut up. I hate you.

    Well, I hate you.

    Go away, yiou are just an alcholol vaporific!

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  34. blue girl Says:

    Is Dona researching Cobagz?

  35. almostinfamous Says:

    what a nice spambot!

    all of mine degrade me by offering me phentermine and viagra,.

  36. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    See, we are more than viagra, we got research too!

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