Riding on the Chuckwagon

Sean S. has acknowleged our little boy, our Chuckie-poo.  Chuckie, we are so proud of you!  Go to his blog here.  I am willing to chip in money for bullets to shoot Sean if someone has the brass to pull the T zone. 

What’s sad is that Sean is an average Joe who mouth pieces for the rightards in a vain attempt to gain control.  Sad.  Very sad.


18 Responses to “Riding on the Chuckwagon”

  1. Chuckles Says:

    Everybody wants a ride today.

  2. SeanS Says:

    Hell if you got the ‘brass’ to try it, I’ll chip in the dough.

    You would have to get over your aversion to the second amendment first…

  3. Res Publica Says:

    oh yay. thanks, guys.

  4. blue girl Says:

    I was just lurking over at “Shoot A Liberal” — What an awful, awful name for a site. And so typical of the right wing.

    I’m so proud of *my* boys! Because they are so much funnier than the Shoot A Liberal crowd.

    I think the problem, when you get right down to it with them — is they are just jealous. They’ll never be as good or as funny — evah!

  5. Brando Says:

    Unfortunately, I looked over at the Carnival of Comedy (part of my endless quest to find a conservative humor site that makes me laugh intentionally). It was like staring into a punchline puke bucket. There was humor there, but it had been violently expelled into an foul pile.

  6. teh l4m3 Says:

    AG so wants to ride the chuckwagon.

  7. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    I wear the Uncanny pants, no rides on the chuckwagon.

  8. Chuckles Says:

    Yeha, but you want to slip out for a quickie in teh districty.

    And, SeanS, you know damn well that I would drop you like a bitch from two feet or two thousand, so suck it.

  9. blue girl Says:

    Brando! I thought that maybe they called it a Carnival of Comedy as a joke.

    Were any of the conservative Tahoe commercials funny?

  10. Brando Says:

    I didn’t make it any Tahoe commercials. I may try to make a conservative one myself today.

    I did read some guy’s parody of the Afghan student Yale admitted, the ex-Taliban guy who’s name I can’t remember. Admittedly, a subject ripe for satire. But it read like someone imitating Apu from the Simpsons, but after they had been hit in the head with a shovel by Michelle Malkin and couldn’t join their setups and punchlines correctly.

    Conservative humor needs to evolve past “Kerry looks French” and “Librals luvs dem some terrorists” parodies if they’re going to learn to create funny. Then again, when your side doesn’t believe in evolution, it’s hard to evolve.

  11. blue girl Says:

    Here’s a blogger who describes himself as a conservative but writes pretty funny.

    Check it out — it kind of confuses me — Do you all think he’s really a conservative?


  12. SeanS Says:

    Gee Chuckles, I must have missed your submission to the last e-postal handgun match.

  13. Chuckles Says:

    I dunno but that is pretty funny.

  14. Pinko Punko Says:

    Sean, did you just post something original? It must really be April Fools here at RoD.

  15. Chuckles Says:

    Nope. He did use the ‘blah, blah traitors’ thign so I guess we should be flattered, but…

  16. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Chuckie, WTF where were you and that bitch Fullie last night? I was drunk at the Ediburgh sitting on crack needles and you fucks didn’t bother calling us back!

  17. Chuckles Says:

    Nobody called me.

    I may, or may not, have been in jail last night. Or that may be tomorrow morning…

  18. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Yeah, I was only allowed to call Fullie because Pinko is jealous of your lust for me and not you.

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