Everytime You Say Goodbye, AG Says Hello.


I’ve lived in my home for like eight years.  On and off, to be honest. Yet, she was always home at some level.  I remember the very first time I went home.  I had arrived from a red eye flight from Hawaii in the middle of January.  I hadn’t seen the main land in about five months and I was in no mood to deal with the cold weather.  The place  seemed so foreign then.  It was hard to attack the jet lag in a place that wasn’t home.  At least not any home that I knew.  I loathed the first year there.  I hated Boston, I hated the city life, I just plain hated.  I wanted no part of it.  (To some extent I feel the same way about Boston today.)


Fast forward about four years later.  I hated the thought of moving to New York.  I didn’t mind the moving.  It was the leaving my home in Boston. It was my home.  It was the place where I had all my things that mattered to me. How could I sleep anywhere else?  New Yorkers don’t sleep.  They disco nap.  How would I survive? This home was so good to me. She took care of me and never let me down.  


Fast forward about another four years later. I cannot believe last night was my last night.  My last night!  I got home from UC’s around midnight and to be honest, I crashed.  It was weird doing things for the last time there.  My perfect shower, my perfect closet, my semi-charmed life. Going, going, gone!


I’ve decided that change sucks.  Who likes change?  I personally do not.  We cannot go back in time though.  So, I hold my head high. With much love I am saying “goodbye” to Main Street and “hello” to my new home by the sea.  I hope Main remembers to write and leave a light on once in a while. 



10 Responses to “Everytime You Say Goodbye, AG Says Hello.”

  1. mdhatter Says:

    Baby you’re a rich man, too.

  2. almostinfamous Says:

    by the sea? i guess you’re planning on moving again once sea levels begin to rise”?

  3. almostinfamous Says:

    also this: I’ve decided that change sucks. Who likes change? I personally do not.

    bravo on that. i totally agree!

    PS: where’s midniter? and is he ok?

  4. Chuckles Says:

    I like change. Change is the only true constant in life. So then change doesn’t change. I must not like change then. But I like it. Argh. I think I just pulled a muscle in my brain.

  5. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    You pulled something and it wasn’t AIF’s finger.

  6. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    He’s probably OK. I think he smoked too much with Poppie Pop and he’s waiting to come to.

  7. Rex Kramer, Danger Seeker Says:

    “I’ve decided that change sucks.”

    That, AG, is the cornerstone of all things conservative.

    Welcome to the dark side!

  8. teh l4m3 Says:

    Disco naps are for wusses. Crank is where it’s at. Viva Nueva York!

  9. Gregor Samsa Says:

    I just sold my 1928 Spanish Colonial Revival house that I had lived in for five years and that I spent over a year restoring. I sold all of my worldly possesions (except my art collection, a few sentimental books, letters and cards, pottery, and rugs, a few changes of clothes and my prized tchotkes). I’m down to a 5’x5’x5′ cube, which is still an incredible amount of stuff. It feels great!

  10. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    I am so jealous Gregor! My goal is to get down to two boxes and some furniture I really love.

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