Lunch, Anyone?

In her latest memoir, ”Insatiable: Tales From a Life of Delicious Excess,” NY Magazine Food Critic, Gael Greene names names.  It’s not about what she’s eaten, it’s about who has been eating her. Between the pages, she discusses the men who occupied her time between meals, including the likes of one Mr. Elvis Presley, Burt Reynolds, and Clint Eastwood. Ms. Greene is self-described sensualist.  She makes no apologize for anything she ate or anybody who ate her. 

Just one question, Ms. Greene: Did you give the men stars like you do the restaurants?  Perhaps you were clever and cunning?  Woody Allen is a Mia Farrow on Rye Katz 4 Star Lover but Mel Gibson is a Cajun Chicken T.G.I.Friday’s .5 Star Lover…  This is just too meschugge to not be read.


6 Responses to “Lunch, Anyone?”

  1. sirbarrett Says:

    Sensual spices, sexy side-dishes, caramel cunnilingus, flambed fannies, nipples to nibble on. I’d like to see that menu.

  2. YJA Says:

    ummmm…that’s yucky!

  3. blue girl Says:

    I just read the review and it actually sounds like a pretty interesting book!

    I love *dish* — you know.


  4. mitz Says:

    I’m STARVING right now, that dessert looks SOOOOOOOOOO good…..I need food. 😦

    the book sounds awesome….like the life I’d like to have but don’t.

  5. Pepper Says:

    hold up, is this the same lady who is a judge on “Celebrity Cooking Showdown”? The very thought of her getting her Baked Alaska on with Burt Reynolds has made me feel numb.

  6. almostinfamous Says:

    gives smokey and the bandit a whole new twist doesn’t it?

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