School Saturdays

In the tradition of HNT and Peter’s Childhood Trauma Tuesdays, AG has School Stories Saturdays…

At class AG wore a t-shirt yesterday similar to the one above.  It was a Roots t-shirt that reads, “I maple leaf symbol Toronto”.  Despite what UC and the Parents said, AG got it.  They agreed, anything under $9.99 and this little gem is cute on AG and was Canadian $6.99.  So, UC was paying the cashier.
AG was working the guest lecturer in Epidemiology yesterday, who apparently like the instructor, is Canadian.  (Canadian Ph.D.s are a story for another post.) Anyhow, he’s a 60 something year old Oncologist. After AG pitched her spiel to him trying to pimp him for clients, he was all, “What’s the shirt about?”  AG replied, “Do you like them?”

AG yet again rules the Ivy world!

13 Responses to “School Saturdays”

  1. almostinfamous Says:

    i have a t-shirt that says “they can’t deport us all”. some perfessers were quite amused by it. my econ one, not so much.

  2. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Nice. The shirt seemed so simple: I maple leaf Toronto. Why the hassle all day long by my classmates and instructors?

  3. Jimmy Says:

    I [heart shape] Roots.

  4. almostinfamous Says:

    i’ve actually seen those t-shirts and thought they were pretty good, myself. i would have totally given you a high 5

  5. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    AIF and Jimmy, I maple leaf you guys! You’re the best.

  6. fulsome Says:

    poor AG…
    don’t you know the weekend is when I try to forget about the internet insanity

  7. pop renaissance Says:

    yesterday i wore my “sex, drugs, and rock & roll” shirt for band practise. we accomplished 2 of them.

  8. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Let me guess you all smoked up and had hot sex?!

    Pop, I am glad you are feeling better.

  9. madame rouge Says:

    I wore an “I [heart sign] intifada” shirt to temple once; no one laughed.

  10. butchie Says:

    Did AG delete Butchie’s comment because he teased you about referring to yourself in the third person. Butchie didn’t mean to hurt AG’s feelings. He was just funnin’.

  11. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    No, we don’t delete comments here. It’s our policy to allow people to say what they feel, even if we disagree.

    Butchie, AG loves talking about AG in 3rd person. It’s more fun when she does it in person!


  12. butchie Says:

    Butchie left a comment earlier and it got sucked into a blackbloghole or something.

  13. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Butchie, AG hearts you. Now stop telling lies.

    No seriously, we don’t edit comments here. Res, are there any comments trapped in moderation?

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