Chuckles, We’ve Got New Ones…

 Thanks to Butchie, we’ve got a new blog for AG and Chuckles to get banned from.  This sicko quotes Hitler like it’s a good thing.  Only a sick fuck would do so.  She also knows about public health and is proud to be a homophobe. She deserves whatever she gets from AG and her self inflicted hell.

Also, feel free to stop by Sean-the-Cobag’s new site and tell him AG said, “Maybe if you were playing Red Soxs with Stevie-ass-monkey, you wouldn’t be bothering Chuckles. He’s just not into you the way Stevie is.” Don’t forget to drop by this little pissant too.


26 Responses to “Chuckles, We’ve Got New Ones…”

  1. Chuckles Says:

    Ok, fine I’ll go post some crap, but Black Scorpion? Awful.

  2. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Oh Chuckie, you know I did that one for you, love cake!

  3. butchie Says:

    I think I recognize her kids from here.

  4. teh l4m3 Says:

    George Bush, this is your kind of voter!

  5. blue girl Says:

    Deb’s religious blog freaks me out. I’d rather stay far, far away from people like that.

    Now I’m going to check out the others.

  6. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    I think she is a total bitch! I’d love to see Brad or Gavmo take her down. Not that I cannot myself, but Brad and Gav do it with far more finesse.

  7. blue girl Says:

    The Shoot A Liberal crowd is so unworthy of this crowd — it just cracks me up.

    They’re so unworthy that I bet they’d love to party with Ken Mehlman!

    “Oooh! He’s so cool! We just love him!”

  8. Chuckles Says:

    I gave a Black Scorpion movie to dandrobium for his birthday once. His wife nearly killed me with a glare when she found out he had been hiding it…

    And I am invading BOSTON in the first two or three days of JULY, if anyone wants to meet up and find out how truly hard core I am. Or just to cobagitate.

    That is my real email address, in case you are wondering.

  9. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Chuckles, UC and I may be in town. Can we get Kevin and MD Hatter into it? I doubt Brad R. will be willing to play, but he might be. Do we have any other Bostonians I am forgetting?

  10. j0rg3 Says:

    That lady is a fuckin’ fagit.

    Her hubby has a blog here:

    And the and the radio talk show. Curtis Kekoa, a lawyer gay-basher in Hawaii.

    He’s a fagit, too.

  11. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Oh Jorg. Can you go a day without calling someone a ‘fagit’? AG is just wondering…

  12. butchie Says:

    Yeah, call someone a homo or a queer for a change, fag.

  13. Dog Girl Says:

    Don’t you dare judge me for hating those that ‘god’ made too. WTF?

    Isn’t there some shit in that book about how we were created in ‘his’ image? Maybe dude was gay and had to put Adam in Eden cuz he didn’t want to touch the puss himself. Here, YOU do it. Go on, or I’ll fill that tree with snakes muthafucka. Oh, and here’s an apple.

  14. Chuckles Says:

    AG, send me an email to get some coordination on this project.

  15. Steve the Pirate Says:

    Let’s see what we have here:

    -No debunking of our claims, our positions, and our beliefs.
    -No evidence to support said debunking.
    -No counterpoints, ideas, or productive solutions.
    -Ad hominem attacks and foul language.

    Yep, you’re definitely another hate-filled lefty.

    As I told Chuckles, we really appreciate your support. The more links you give us, the more traffic we get, and the higher up the blog ratings we go. Thanks for the support, we really appreciate it.

    Keep up the “intelligent” commentary.

  16. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Hey Steve, if you need to blog for validation of your popularity, continue on. I mean, not being in college and taking care of your dad must be hard work. Good to know you have time to validate Sean’s cut and paste jobs after a long day. Oh yeah — and go down on him like a cheap whore.

    Dog Girl is all fired up!

  17. Brando Says:

    I didn’t have my Biohazard Stupidity Suit with me when I went to Suck a, er, Shoot a Liberal, but I say this dingleberry of logic:

    “Twenty bucks is twenty bucks that’s going back in my pocket and out of the government’s! Guess what, folks? I am not an old rich guy. I live paycheck to paycheck to paycheck. That twenty bucks is going to go a long way in providing for myself and my family. Is it all I would like? Not by a long shot, of course. My ultimate goal is to see the end of the income tax in favor of something along the line of the Fair Tax.”

    Admittedly, I understand what it’s like to have $20 be a lot of money. In grad school and when I first started working, I was on a razor thin budget and an Andrew Jackson could go a long way toward making my week.

    But what these cobagz don’t understand is that they are robbing Peter to pay Paul. They are essentially giving up services and other potential benefits worth thousands of dollars to get 20 stinking dollars in their hands. These are the kind of economic chumpwads network executives want to get on “Deal or No Deal.”

    The other thing the Tax Harpies can never explain is why, if our taxes are so out of control, our economy isn’t in the shitter. Why we have had properity when we have raised taxes and economic downturns when they have been cut.

  18. Brando Says:

    And my typing sucks this morning.

  19. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Thanks Brando. I agree. It’s why these guys vote for Republicans.

    I’ll never forget when I was in undergrad and I was approached by a person of color at a shopping mall. He said he was the working poor of America and asked me if I could take two minutes to sign something. He was very proud of himself because he was getting signatures to lower state taxes.

    When I explained to him that it would hurt social services and even though a few extra dollars went a long way for him — it was really helping the uber rich. He was shocked! He never had anyone explain it to him like that. He understood really what lowering the tax meant. It wasn’t going to save his family all that much and there are better ways to achieve this end. I suggested a sliding scale tax where the rich pay more, like Canada, might be useful. He seemed pleased with our conversation and packed up his things and left the mall after speaking with me.

    Before he left, I also explained to him that college is his best bet. It would save him in the long run from low paying jobs. I don’t know if he ever took the advice and everyone knows it’s not easy for many to finance and pursue an education, but I gave him a card for a local Congressman I was working for and suggested he call to get some assistance with these kinds of ideas.

  20. Chuckles Says:

    I have officially given up. I am sticking to the name calling and crap. You can toss all the evidence in frontof their faces all day long, but they’ll just sit in their puddle of poo and scream “MSM!” and “AD HONIMEM!” and “BUSH IS RIGHT AND EVERYONE ELSE TRAITORS! BUT I STILL BELIEVE IN PATRIOTISM!”

  21. Chuckles Says:

    And I am sooooo disappointed in canuck.

  22. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    They need to justify their low self esteem by their desire to play with guns and kill people. You’d think a psychiatry office could better assist. Then again, they don’t want to pay for healthcare…

    Canuck never disappoints me. She lives up to the idiot she truly is everyday. What saddens me is that someone approved her citizenship.

  23. Jimmy Says:

    I’m having good fun with that nutcase woman.

  24. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Glad you’re enjoying yourself, Jimmy.

    She is not one of our finer citizens.

  25. Deb Says:

    It’s sad to think that a woman can be so close-minded when she was a lesbian at one time. She calls me a hypocrite because I’m Christian and I’m gay. She’s a lost soul, and I actually feel bad for her. One day she’ll come to the conclusion that everybody’s different–and she needs to accept that.

  26. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Deb, she’s a nutter from the cobag bin. I would first have to question “used” to be a lesbian. Either you are or you are not, IMHO. Otherwise, it’s just experimenting.

    I don’t feel bad for her. She has the opportunity to be educated and not drive the Bushitler and Co. messages. The fact that she is a self hating woman is her choice, not yours or mine. She is also not G-d and cannot determine who is right and who is wrong. As the Jews say, the bible is a story that was written by others. That is all it is. How then does she go around preaching she knows everything and G-d said this and that?

    Her comments against your lifestyle and who you are have no base other than they showcase her narrow minded opinions. You did the right thing by telling her you were out of there and continue to blog and do your own thing. All the power to you!

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