Hair Wars?

Somehow, it’s likely one of you will go to this thing.  Even sadder, Pop Ren will probably compete in it!


12 Responses to “Hair Wars?”

  1. j0rg3 Says:

    I have one.

    It makes me feel like an exotic sex toy.

  2. mdhatter Says:

    for her pleasure?

  3. Yosef Says:

    My roommate has one of those things. It’s nasty.

    Happy now, AG?

  4. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    AG is super duper happy! Yo-Yo came over. This day just got complete.

  5. teh l4m3 Says:

    So wait, how do you fit your whole head inside the target cooch?

  6. butchie Says:

    target cooch HAHAHAHAHAHA! Teh, you are on fire today, buddy.

  7. Yosef Says:

    teh, it probably depends on the size of the head.

  8. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    And we know what Butchie means by that:

    He wants teh’s heat near his meat. Butchie, Teh teh already flirts with MR. AG is not sure he can handle another man.

  9. almostinfamous Says:

    so how did this go from bad hair to teh flirting?

  10. teh l4m3 Says:

    I also flirt with RETARDO. I’m all over this shiznit.

  11. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    And you have the cold sores to prove it.

  12. butchie Says:

    Oh, it is getting really vulgar over here.

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