It has rained for one week straight.  That’s right, for one week the Bay State has been getting hammered.  AG is building an ark this week and will be quite busy.  Does anyone know how to install Kate Spade curtains in an ark?


20 Responses to “Flooding”

  1. almostinfamous Says:

    is that some random pic or something that you took?

    stay dry! and when collecting 2 of every animal, leave out the giraffes. their time has come.

  2. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Now the giraffe is the only animal I really liked. I don’t know why, I just did.

    No, the picture is from 2003 in a neighborhood near my parents. If you go to CNN.com, you can see pictures of where I live.

  3. blue girl Says:

    AG, I imagine you on your arc after you’ve chosen all your animals two by two.

    Two tehs.

    Two Pinko’s.

    Two Chuckle’s.

    Two BG’s.


  4. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Two Chuckles and Pinkos? Oh my!


  5. almostinfamous Says:

    well what about zebras then?

  6. Kevin Wolf Says:

    Hey, can I hitch a ride when you launch?

  7. butchie Says:

    Don’t drink that flood water.

  8. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Zebras can be left off. They were the biggest source of nightmares for me as a child. I totally won’t miss them.

    Kevin, sure! Can you bring the Vodka? Kappy’s is too flooded out for me to pick it up.

  9. Claire Says:

    Stay dry AG!

    Giraffes were always my favorite as a kid. Plus, I would think you’d want them in a flood, because you could just climb their necks to get out of the water!

  10. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Now that’s thinking, Claire.

    I wonder what a zoo does when it floods?

  11. The Uncanny Canadian Says:

    For the record, between when I arrived in the North Shore on Friday and left on Monday, 11.75 inches of rain fell at AG’s home.

  12. mdhatter Says:

    Who is this Kate Spade? and why have I heard her name twice today? and never ever before?

  13. blue girl Says:

    AG, giraffes schiraffes. If you had two Pinko’s — the head’s alone would be big enough for you to see the entire global landscape!


  14. blue girl Says:

    Aw! The Uncanny One comes swooping in to verify the measurement of AG’s rainfall.

    Now that’s love.

  15. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    The Uncanny one is love when he doesn’t give out the location of AG’s secret hide away! 🙂 He’s just showing off his cerebralness and that he’s pissed I didn’t take him for lobster rolls at Woodman’s. Don’t worry Schmoopies, I still have the coupons. We’ll go.

    Two Pinkos calling each other cobags, eating Take 5s and trying to be too clever by 1/2. Pshaw…

    MDHatter, ask your girlfriend who Kate Spade is. She knows. Almost all women know.

  16. The Uncanny Canadian Says:

    MDHatter, you don’t want to know. Kate Spade is the enemy (except for her delightful shower curtains, on sale at TJ Maxx).

    BG, the thing is the 11.75 inches fell over the weekend alone. It’s been raining since last Monday night and hasn’t completely stopped. It’s unreal.

  17. blue girl Says:

    UC: I know. All kidding aside, rain is very scary — be careful, AG!!

    How is it today?

  18. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Yes, I drove the ark into work today. It’s STILL raining. The town of Peabody, MA is closed. Parts of Route 1 are closed. You have no idea until you see it. I don’t think they thought we’d get this much rain. It’s better than snow, right?

    Kate Spade is NOT the enemy. The enemy is boyfriends who don’t understand that what a princess wants is what she gets and Walt Disney! Geesh.

  19. Chuckles Says:

    I know my old high school isn’t being flooded except for the lower fields. If it is even raining out in that part of Mass. Is Boston the next New Orleans? We will find out next week if it doesn’t stop raining.

  20. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Oh good! Bushitler can ignore us to and then divert funds to his brother’s state so he can become a moron president too.

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