“Greedy, violent and rude”

This makes me very sad.

Analysts say America’s image problem is pervasive, deep and perhaps permanent, an inevitable outcome of being the world’s only superpower.

But there is worse news. In the past, while Europeans, Asians and Arabs might have disliked American policies or specific U.S. leaders, they liked and admired Americans themselves.

Polls now show an ominous turn. Majorities around the world think Americans are greedy, violent and rude, and fewer than half in countries like Poland, Spain, Canada, China and Russia think Americans are honest.

“We found a rising antipathy toward Americans,” said Bruce Stokes of the Pew Global Attitudes Project, which interviewed 93,000 people in 50 countries over a four-year span.


3 Responses to ““Greedy, violent and rude””

  1. almostinfamous Says:

    well, with a crew of cobags like the ones in charge, you should expect your national image to be shit. america has gotten away with a lot of disgusting things under the guise of the cold war(not that the other side was any better, but still), so it seems to be hard out here for a war pimp with no big russian bear to work as a boogeyman.

    the whole islamophobia thing doesn’t seem to be working out as planned, either.

  2. Kevin Wolf Says:

    Gee, think Americans will be targets again sometime?

  3. Res Publica Says:

    I know. And that makes me SO mad, because it’s SO pointless. Chimpy has squandered the good-will and friendship of billions around the world for no good reason at all. He has ploughed, sown and fertilized the fields from which future threats to America will be harvested — all to give a political handjob to his fer’ner-hatin’ hillbilly “base”. NO GOOD REASON AT ALL.

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