Update to Driving Post


The world and media follow AG around. The proof?  See the article here about a recent survey that suggests that 1 in 11 Americans would fail a state driving exam, if given one tomorrow. 

Be sure to take that test.  AG scored 100%! (No lie!)


6 Responses to “Update to Driving Post”

  1. Phronk Says:

    I got 90%…but I’ve looked it over and I can only find 1 I got wrong (wait until ALL cars have passed before turning left? So if a car is in view but 2 minutes away, I have to wait? I don’t think so)…I think the site is broken. If I was wrong, I blame being Canadian. 🙂

  2. almostinfamous Says:

    i must be an Islander. i got a 75%

    of course, never having driven a car i ought to be excused

  3. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    That very point Phronk, is the venting post. People must wait until the cars in the lane pass to cross over the lane. You don’t have to wait forever, just until you can cross safely, aka, not making AG slam on her brakes while you cross her lane and yell out the window, “asshole.”

  4. Phronk Says:

    Oh I know, I agree! But the options were like “cross whenever you want”, “cross when no cars are dangerously close”, and “cross when all cars have passed”

    NONE of them really seem accurate to me…but the 2nd one makes sense. Cross when it’s safe (i.e. not dangerous) to do it. But you can’t wait until ALL cars have passed, which was the “correct” answer. Hmph.

  5. The Uncanny Canadian Says:

    Phronk, I got tripped up on that one as well. Remember, that this isn’t about logical driving, but about theoretical driving. In the real world, driving at the speed limit is usually stupid and irresponsible, but I’m pretty sure if the questions is what is the maximum speed you should travel, the answer is not at the flow of traffic.

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