Ann Coulter is Such a Loser!


I’m sorry, but who wears a cocktail dress at 7 AM?

Thanks to Res and Almost Infamous for teaching me about how to post videos.


21 Responses to “Ann Coulter is Such a Loser!”

  1. blue girl Says:

    I am seathing over Ann Coulter this morning. Seathing!

  2. Kevin Wolf Says:

    She’s gruesome.

  3. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    I like her, “Don’t use victims to cry out about stuff.” Ahh hello?! Doesn’t Bush do that in like every state of the Union from military officer X to fundamentalist extremist Y?

  4. blue girl Says:

    Tucker Carlson was all perplexed last night wondering why The Liberals hate Ann Coulter so much?!@11!

    Was he pulling our collective legs? Or are people really that different that there are a ton of people who agree with her?

    I try to see both sides, but honest to God (that is if I wasn’t Godless, I just don’t understand how people fall for her and her transparent cheap shots to make money.

  5. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    They are the same people like Shoot a Liberal who are too poor, tired, disadvantaged and a myriad of other social concerns, that get a vote through her. They don’t understand they are being swindled because of the unequal playing field. It’s also easier to follow someone like her than to stand up and be counted for. To go against the grain to question authority. Etc, etc. etc.

  6. Thom Says:

    Crooks & Liars has the response from the September 11th Advocates.

    Contrary to Ms. Coulter’s statements, there was no joy in watching men that we loved burn alive. There was no happiness in telling our children that their fathers were never coming home again. We adored these men and miss them every day.

    And she got a talking point: the “Doctrine of Infallibility.” It’s probably ben around for awhile, but it’s the first I’d heard it. And the parrots in the wingosphere are cawing it anew now.

    I thought she was talking about the “You’re either with us or against us” thing.

  7. butchie Says:

    Try this.

  8. blue girl Says:

    Thom, I noticed the talking point, too. Seems a bit complex a message for the heartland. Not sure they focus-grouped that one good enough.

  9. Snag Says:

    In the old days, someone like Ann Coulter would live in a box on the sidewalk if she didn’t take her medication. I guess it’s social progress that we’ve found ways for people like her to support themselves.

  10. Res Publica Says:

    Blue…what is “seathing”?

    Also, did anyone ever more severely need (and practically BEG FOR) a solid punch in the mouth than does little miss Tucker Carlson? Really, I mean, if you wear a bow-tie, aren’t you basically asking other people to hit you in the face? I would knock that little fuckwipe’s teeth into next year.

  11. blue girl Says:

    I clicked and read Butchie’s link and now I feel all dirty. I need a shower.

    And Res, aren’t you just so cute noticing how I mispelled seething?

    Did I just mispell mispell? Is it misspell? No, that doesn’t look right.

  12. plover Says:

    It is misspell. And Res de-un-bingeing in order to complain about someone’s spelling is like, well… so typical, really…

    But I do want to see Res chase Tucker Carlson around with a big cast-iron frying pan and whack him across the room so that he smashes his head into the cuckoo clock and gets his bow tie hung up on the hook holding the clock while little stars revolve around his head and the cuckoo pops in and out of his mouth.

  13. blue girl Says:

    Misspell looks so wrong. It looks so misspelled.

  14. almostinfamous Says:

    I’m sorry, but who wears a cocktail dress at 7 AM?

    someone who’s planning on cocktails at 7.30 AM obviously.

  15. your judgemental aunt Says:

    A post just for you AG.

  16. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    For me? YJA is the bestest blogger e-vah!

  17. madamerouge Says:

    I clicked and read Butchie’s link and now I feel all dirty. I need a shower.

    I always feel that way after I hear/see Ass Kolter.

    I loved how she perked right up when the discussion finally got around to her book. You could practically see the dollar signs in her soul-less eyes.

  18. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Scary concept: Ass Kolter and Karl Rove marry and have babies. They would be pure demonic evil…

  19. Miss Thistle Says:

    I unloaded initially in YJA’s post, but still have a little left;


  20. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    We got nothing but hate for Annie, Miss Thistle!

  21. Brando Says:

    Not to self pimp, but Butchie’s post reminded me of my own Coult-ita. Adult, but not nearly as explicit as Butchie’s link, and with the added cobag bonus of also starring that closet boot-licker, Sean Hannity.

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