Laying it Down AG Style!

My last graduate exam was yesterday. AG may have been riding high from that or the A she got in the strategic management class that led to the following event. (We won’t suggest it was the drinking fest that began in the Seaport and ended in the Village last night. Oh wait, UC doesn’t know about that. Ssshhh!)

While getting breakfast this morning, a little twinkie from the Class of 2007 was mingling with the Class of 2006. She walked over to one of the most impressive instructors of the program, who is not the administrator of the program, nor does he care to be, and began to go off on a tirade complaining that she doesn’t know the class of 2006. Ostensibly she wants him to organize some sort of get together function. During class time no less! At a cost of more than $4,000 per course, she’s effing nuts if she thinks AG is going to give up her swan song of last classes for this kind of stuff. AG doesn’t give up class time for stupid questions, let alone Dixie cup (little on the outside, empty on the inside) shenanigans. There in lies the following take down conversation:

Bitchy Asian Girl: What can you do make it possible for us to meet the Class of 2006?
Adorable MD, who is the object of AG’s affection: AG, what do you think?
Adorable Girlfriend: What? It’s too late!
Bitchy Asian Girl: What do you mean?
Adorable Girlfriend: Yeah, we’re done with classes. We have no time left to meet and greet. It’s not going to work. Not possible.
Bitchy Asian Girl: Backs up and goes all nasty, Oh sorry!
Rice-a-Roni: Yeah, we are full.
Adorable Girlfriend: There is no time left. If you had wanted to meet us you had like a year to do so. Where were you?
Bitchy Asian Girl: Fine, don’t come. We know where you stand. Don’t come. So sorry!
Adorable Girlfriend: Excuse me, do you have a problem? I wasn’t talking to you. Adorable MD asked me what I thought and I was honest with him. It’s not my fault you cannot handle the truth. I would have thought at an institution like this honesty was possible, guess the admission’s department was wrong on more than a few things.
Adorable MD: You know, honesty is underappreciated in this environment.
AG: Guess so! Turns and walks away with the Class of 2006 clapping.

Total graduation school take downs for AG: Two
Total wins: Two
AG is hoping to go for a triple win tomorrow.


4 Responses to “Laying it Down AG Style!”

  1. fish Says:

    What? You mean graduate school isn’t a big ole social club, where you pledge fraternities (sororities), and hang out smoking weed and debating the validity of Hume, all the while figuring out how to make an even bigger beer bong? Huh. How is bitchy Asian girl (heh, that’s BAG for short) going to get friends now, huh? Ever stop to think of other people?

    Nice clean takedown. 1 pt.

  2. Snag Says:


  3. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    No Fish, that was high school for AG. By the time I got to undergrad, I had been there and done that. I actually worked hard, well I went to an easy school IMHO so it wasn’t that hard, and graduate school was mainly finding a way to get others to do my work. There is nothing wrong with outsourcing as long as others are paid for their efforts.


  4. Claire Says:


    And congrats.

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