Spoetry Korner!

From Monday’s Akismet haul, here is my favorite spam-poem so far this week:

Finally, in my Try This at Home mailbag, I listen to one man’s defense for why marijuana is the best sex drug of all time. Conflicting testimonies, anyone?

[submitted by vbhhjciqc]

Indeed, vbhhjciqc.   Indeed.


5 Responses to “Spoetry Korner!”

  1. Res Publica Says:

    So, almostinfamous, is marijuana the best sex drug of all time?

  2. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    You are asking the little one that? Hello?! Have we not heard of ectasy?!!!!

  3. almostinfamous Says:

    the best sex drug is well, sex!!! with other people!

    MJ probably comes in a close second(i haven’t really tried out anything else)

    PS: hope mom doesn”t read this!!#!

  4. Res Publica Says:

    Bless your heart. For future reference (and this is the kind of crucial data you can only get from your whorish gay cyberuncle), MJ is not the best sex drug of all time. My field research indicates that Ecstasy is, as your whorish cyberaunt suggested above, the best sex drug evah. Making out while xing is like having some kind of crazy orgy while sober. Unfortunately, excessive use of X apparently causes Parkinson’s Disease, so that’s “bad”. Don’t do that.

    Of course, all my druggin’ and whorin’ was done in the days before the rise of the Almighty Tina. Meth is apparently the drug of choice for the modern, stylish whore. Unfortunately, it turns people who use it into careless, bare-backing turbo-marathon fuckmachines who contract HIV approximately 6 hours later, so I don’t recommend that. To anyone.

    Also, you’re right. Sex with other people is nothing to sneeze at.

  5. almostinfamous Says:

    note to self: no meth. no meth. no meth.

    thanks for the PSA!

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