Fish is the Man!

Shelley the Republican Cobag is at it again. However, this time she left a message at Fish’s blog. Check it out! It’s good for a laugh.

Fish, you are RoD’s new hero!


4 Responses to “Fish is the Man!”

  1. Kevin Wolf Says:

    As I said over at Fish’s (thanks for the link) Shelley has GOT to be a joke.

  2. blue girl Says:

    I would have to agree, Kevin.

    Did you read her “smoking” post? It’s too much.

    I think it’s a fako!

    If not, and she’s like the mother of Carrie (from the movie) — I’m scared!!!

  3. fish Says:

    Shelly is my new AG. Sorry old AG. Today’s post at STR has the picture of George Bush when he is using binoculars with the lens caps on calling him a “strong insightful leader”. Great stuff.

  4. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Fish, how could you do this to AG? The one and only AG? Has AG not shown you enough love? Not shown you enough attention? It’s not like AG treats you like the way she treats Chuckie and UC, the murderer.

    Great, Yon the Israeli it is.

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