Paste, anyone?

Retardo Montalban (who has the best screenname ever, EVER) smacks it right on out of the ballpark over at Sadly, No! with an amazing book-length post documenting in near-molecular detail the emutacular audiocobagitronic wingbot that is Jeff Goldstein:

To the casual observer, Goldstein might seem to be a garden-variety internet wingnut, a suburban douchebag whose sad and petty hatreds, frustrations over stagnated ambitions and innate cowardice lead him to adopt a sort of Walter-Mitty-As-Rambo-As-Whackjob-Blogger schtick, whereby all his fantasies of action and genocidal crusade and manly-man aggression are sated through internet jackassery. Of course if Goldstein really wanted some adventure, he could go to the recruiting office, but — hahahahaha — everyone knows that ain’t gonna happen. And yeah, all of this is common enough on the WingNet, although Goldstein has a curiously ambitious drive to be the biggest jerk of them all, and he very nearly succeeds. Added to this drive and his deep, abiding fear that he might be a weenie is his status as “Literature Wingnut” and the unique salad of sex and violence issues which reside in his otherwise empty brainpan; Goldstein’s a hell of a case study.

Go read the rest.  It’s long, but it has pictures.


8 Responses to “Paste, anyone?”

  1. robola Says:

    That was a blog takedown 2 Tha Maxz!

  2. blue girl Says:

    Res & crew, if you can hear me! Res & crew, if you can read me!

    I command you ALL to go here now:

    Read and watch the video.

    All I can say is ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod…

  3. Res Publica Says:

    Yeah, I mean….he’s just such a dick. There’s really nothing else to say about GW. What shocked me, though, was that all those people laughed like it was funny. Is there no one in Washington who isn’t a jerk? It’s an entire city of smarmy jerks with J.C. Penny’s wardrobes and Supercuts haircuts.

  4. almostinfamous Says:

    ok. thanks for that BG.

    bush is a mental midget. now we have absolute proof.

  5. Pinko Punko Says:

    I’m rockin’ a supercuts do, Mister.


    actually this one sucked donkey donk. whatever that is.

  6. blue girl Says:


    I had a fleeting thought that maybe he’d feel bad if he found out about it….

    Yeah, right.

    His next words would be —

    Now watch this drive.

  7. Res Publica Says:

    I’m rockin’ a supercuts do, Mister.

    That figures. Anyway, you know what I mean. DC has become the world capitol of frump and smarm. It makes me want to puke.

  8. blue girl Says:

    And if I hear Nora O’Donnell say …

    If you will

    one more time, I’m gonna puke.

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