Some days AG misses New York City so much that it becomes painful. Doesn’t everyone deserve to be happy? Shouldn’t they live where their life makes the most sense? AG is a coast girl. A little New York or a little California is where it is at. AG is holding steadfast. She has sunshine in a bag and is turning a corner. The future ahead is bright.


7 Responses to “Sadness”

  1. almostinfamous Says:

    i know what you mean re: NYC. i visited once and only saw manhattan at that, and i’m in lurve.

    btw i’m kind of a coast guy too, but i’m ok as long as there is a large body of water around, even if it’s just sort of a river.

    cause london’s calling, baby!

    btw, if anyone is going to be in mexico somewhere around the last week of june or the first week of july, then you can have the distinct pleasure of meeting almostinfamous before he exits the western hemisphere stage east. call me(or better yet come to ze blog and comment!)

    at any rate, you can expect splendiferous photos(if the camera doesn’t break my heart and crap out) somewhere around that time.

  2. Kevin Wolf Says:

    Someone’s in a New York state of mind. (Billy Joel’s only decent song, too.)

    I lived in NYC for a time and if I had the cash, job, whatever, I’d be back there in a heartbeat.

  3. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    See Kevin, you know what I’m talking about.

  4. blue girl Says:

    Ag, I can totally relate. 150%.

    My heart’s in NYC. Has been since I was little.

    That’s where I feel like I’m home.



    Good song to relate the feeling…

  5. Yosef Says:

    I’ve been in the airport in NYC. I don’t really miss it.

    Now Detroit, that’s a nice airport! I’d love to go there again.

  6. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Oh Yo Yo. Detroit aiport is only good in the Northwest new terminal. The other is the slums and worse than JFK any day.

  7. Yosef Says:

    Really? Well I didn’t realize that. It could be worse though – it could be Atlanta or Chicago O’Hare. Those airports suck big time.

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