Stupid reporters: world without end, amen.

To my beloved regular readers (most of whom are athiests, as near as I can tell): I promse I’ll stop talking about the Episcopal Church soon. General Convention ends on Wednesday. Thanks for your patience!

The Daily Episcopalian has an interesting post about how the press is treating the election of Bishop Jefferts Schori as Presiding Bishop-elect. The pattern he identifies is familiar to those of us on the left side of blogistan: every “issue” has two “sides” which must be given equal treatment, no matter how miniscule and fringe one “side” ay be.

Scanning the wires tonight, I have become weary of the privileged place that the Anglican right is receiving in news stories about the election. What about these brave campaigners who are still less than 1/10th of the house of bishops (12 of the 180+ voting today) who have endured years of condescension from their brother bishops who don’t know enough to recognize their own sexism? Where were they in today’s stories? Kathrine Jefferts Schori wouldn’t even be a priest without the likes of Barbra Harris. So why is it that she isn’t in today’s stories and the usual American Anglican Council-types are? (Not that I mind people quoting the Rev. David Anderson speaking against he Episcopal Church. As the Larry King show demonstrated the other night, there are few things more beneficial for our Church than to have David Anderson speak against it.)

The press loves conflict and the quick interview, no matter how small the group causing the conflict might be. It is worth repeating here that when the clergy and lay deputations of each diocese were asked to confirm Jefferts Schori’s election, she received what amounts to 90 percent of the vote. In politics this is a landslide. In the Episcopal Church, somehow, it shows we are rent asunder.

Help me out here, brothers and sisters in the media. What is the fascination with a group of people that despite investing millions of dollars in upsetting the Church, have achieved so little influence on their native soil? I agree that from a media relations point of view they are valuable…

…but having said that, at some point, don’t you expect them to produce something along the lines of results? I mean, is this the great schism? That the eight or ten diocese (out of more than 100) that got themselves together to oppose Bishop Jefferts Schori are going to walk? I would hate to see it happen, but schism has been your guiding narrative for three years, and what if that is all you ever have to show for it? Meanwhile, you fail to notice that we’ve know got an Episcopal Church united behind a female Primate who speaks Spanish and was elected with the support of her Latin American brethren, leaving us better positioned than we have ever been to evangelize not only the United States, Central and northern South America and beyond.

If you were financial reporters and people kept predicting a recession that never came, you’d eventually stop paying attention to them, no? Or, if you were Charlie Brown and you’d been out with Linus on Halloween waiting for the Great Pumpkin, eventually you’d start wondering whether the Great Pumpkin was ever going to come.

You can check out the rest here.


7 Responses to “Stupid reporters: world without end, amen.”

  1. Michael Bains Says:

    RAmen and God, err, Good for them. Though, as I am one of those atheist readers you’ve mentioned, that bit about Episcopalians being “better positioned than we have ever been to evangelize” doesn’t sound so hot. No worries though, eh. {-;

    I’ve seen this story a dozen times today, and your post is the first to make me want to read about it.

    Edow is right on in his observations on what the MSM thinks is news. Divisive gibberish.


  2. Aron Says:

    I reside here in the Diocese of Fort Worth where our forward thinking bishop (the Rt Reverend Jack Iker) will neither ordain a woman as priest nor will he allow one to serve in his diocese. So you can just imagine how this was taken by the Fort Worth contingent. See below…


    Resolution adopted by Standing Committee of the Diocese of Fort Worth

    Bishop Iker met with the Standing Committee last night, and the following resolution was adopted. It was delivered to the Archbishop of Canterbury about 10:30 a.m. EDT, and it was read into the record from the floor of both the House of Bishops and the House of Deputies at the start of business, approximately 10:45 a.m. Deputy Judy Mayo read the resolution as a point of personal privilege in the House of Deputies.

    The Resolution

    At a meeting convened on June 18, 2006, at 8:53 p.m. EDT. The meeting was opened by the Very Rev. Ryan Reed.

    Moved by the Very Rev. Ryan Reed, Dean
    Seconded the Very Rev. Christopher Cantrell

    The Bishop and the Standing Committee of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth appeal in good faith to the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Primates of the Anglican Communion and the Panel of Reference for immediate alternative Primatial oversight and Pastoral Care following the election of Katharine Jefferts Schori as Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church.

    This action is taken as a cooperative member of the Anglican Communion Network in light of the Windsor Report and its recommendations.

    Vote: Unanimous in favor.


  3. Res Publica Says:

    I saw that. Just when you thought Iker couldn’t be any more of a cornhole.

  4. Res Publica Says:

    Does anyone else think that maybe it’s time for these guys who have been threatening to leave forever to…you know….leave? I can’t help but think that they’re sticking around in hopes that the ABC will finagle some compromise that will let them keep the property and assets of their dioceses. I hope TEC won’t let that happen. PLaces like Dallas and Fort Worth and Pittsburg aren’t outposts of some alien 19th century civilization. They’re no different from the rest of America, and the Episcopal churches in those places are conservative only because of conservative leadership. No one else is welcome. New leadership could establish new churches in those places, churches dedicated to reconcilliation and mission rather than to the preservation of 19th century cultural norms.

    I also heard someone talk about “losing dioceses to Rome”, which seems laughable at best. I have no brief for the Catholic Church, but they do expect both pastoral ability and organizational discipline from their bishops. I doubt they’d let a braying jackass like Iker be an alter boy, much less a bishop.

  5. Aron Says:

    I don’t disagree with you in that I think it would be a good time for those in stark disagreement with the national church to leave. I mean, clearly they are not happy as members of the Episcopal Church of the United States. They’d be happier elsewhere, I’m sure. My concern, as someone who dwells in the Diocese of Fort Worth, is that when they leave they will take the brick and mortar churches with them. I have lived in the Diocese of Fort Worth all of my life and have no desire to see the churches I have supported join other denomincations nor do I wish to join up in a new Anglican Hate Church.

    I was born an Episcopalian and an Episcopalian I will remain.

    To your point concerning conservative churches joining the Romans… Well, I have see it happen here before. Father John Gremmels, former rector at St Marks Episcopal Church in Arlington, Texas, fed up with the whole ordination of women issue “Poped” back in 1989. After several years of re-education, he got his own RC church. He is now pastor at St Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church in Keller, Texas. He’s one of those rare Catholic priests with a wife and kids.

    Father Gremmels — a man I had many disagreements with, but for whom I had a profound respect — did the right thing. He could not reconcile his faith with the national church and left. I hated that we lost him, but I admire that he did not stir the pot. He did not seek to take his congregants with him.

    Not so for Reverend Allan R.G. Hawkins. St Mary The Virgin Episcopal Church, also in Arlington, Texas, “Poped,” too. Hawkins, hating that chicks were “girling up” his boys club, led his entire parish to exit the Diocese of Fort Worth back in 1991. The rector — also married with child — went Catholic.

    I hate this talk of schism. I dread what’s in store for us moderate-to-liberal Episcopalians here in north Texas.

  6. Res Publica Says:

    My concern, as someone who dwells in the Diocese of Fort Worth, is that when they leave they will take the brick and mortar churches with them.

    I hope and pray that the faithful majority will fight them on that matter, tooth and nail. That’s what they’ve wanted from the very beginning. To my mind, Iker and crew are schismatics, and if they leave, they’re leaving the Diocese of Fort Worth. They’re not TAKING that dioceses out of the Episcopal Church. The diocese and all its property is definitionally a part of TEC.

    Also, I have a hard time picturing some of these guys as Catholics. The serious anglo-catholics who left over the ordination of women were already “near to Rome” in their hearts and in their theology, and that’s not the case for the evangelical wing of the “reasserters”. Plus, I doubt that embittered men like Iker and Duncan would ever be happy to start new careers as relatively unimportant persons in the Catholic church. Duncan, especially, lusts after the really BIG pointy hat.

    In any case, I understand your dread of the coming months. You have reminded me of something important, and the people in the “network” dioceses will be very much in my prayers.

  7. Aron Says:

    I agree, these boys are far too self-important to desire a smaller role within the Roman church, which is why — I think — they are seeking other alternatives and why the Archbishop of Nigeria factors so heavily in all of this.

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