The Episcopal Church is officially not sorry for doing the right thing

Father Jake reports that Resolution A161, intended to respond to the Windsor Report’s recommendations of moratoria on the consecration of gay bishops and the blessing of same-sex unions, was put to a vote by orders in the House of Deputies this afternoon in the following amended form:

Resolved, the House of Bishops concurring, that the 75th General Convention of the Episcopal Church regrets the extent to which we have, by action and inaction, contributed to strains on communion and caused deep offense to many faithful Anglican Christians as we consented to the consecration of a bishop living openly in a same-gender union. Accordingly, we are obliged to urge nominating committees, electing conventions, Standing Committees, and bishops with jurisdiction to exercise very considerable caution refrain from the nomination, election, consent to, and consecration of bishops whose manner of life presents a challenge to the wider church and will lead to further strains on communion.; and be it further

Resolved that this General Convention not proceed to develop or authorize Rites for the Blessing of same-sex unions at this time, thereby concurring with the Windsor Report in its exhortation to bishops of the Anglican Communion to honor the Primates’ Pastoral Letter of May 2003; and be it further

Resolved that this General Convention affirm the need to maintain a breadth of responses to situations of pastoral care for gay and lesbian Christians in this Church.

Resolved that this General Convention apologize to those gay and lesbian Episcopalians and their supporters hurt by these decisions.

(The bold text was added by amendment, and text removed by amendment is struck out)

It failed. By a substantial margin, and in both orders of the House of Deputies.

Classical Anglican’s liveblog of GC06 listed the following results:

LAY: 38 yes 53 no 18 divided: Motion fails
CLERGY: 44 yes 53 no 14 divide Motion fails


(The post containing these results has since been removed.)

Homobigots pwn3d!!11!

UPDATE: The current Presiding Bishop, Frank Griswold, has called for a special joint session of both Houses tomorrow. Tomorrow, incidentally, is the last day of GC06, and there is a whole hell of a lot of legislative work remaining undone…including the budget for the next triennium. I have to say that I’m extremely surprised at how all of this has been handled. I thought they’d dispose of all the non-Windsor stuff first, and then dive in, but days for the resolutions to even come out of committee.


13 Responses to “The Episcopal Church is officially not sorry for doing the right thing”

  1. plover Says:

    Hmm… that ballot results post at “Live from Columbus” seems to have been taken down.

  2. Nolff Says:

    Church is gay anyway

  3. Res Publica Says:

    Just as gay as we can make it. 🙂

  4. Res Publica Says:

    Plover, you’re right….I wonder why? That liveblog site is supposed to be unaffiliated with any group, but they’re hosted on, which I think is some sort of conservative outfit. In any case, I have no reason to believe that those results are incorrect. The Episcopal Church’s website lists the resolution as failed in the House of Deputies.

  5. Binky, WebElf Says:

    “some sort of conservative outfit” yep, that’s us.

    We do our best to be accurate…

  6. Res Publica Says:

    No offense intended, Binky….I just really didn’t know.

    May I ask why the vote tally was removed from your site?

  7. plover Says:

    I’ve seen the notation a couple of times now. Does that mean Bishop?

    (And thanks for going through my whole raft of questions in the earlier post.)

    You probably don’t need to worry about posting about this annoying your non-religious readers – I mean, Pharyngula posted about the PB election. You should have mentioned the octopus and squid though. A bishop who’s into cephalopods? How cool is that?

    And I will endeavor to refrain from pointing out any incidental similarity in shape between squid and pointy hats. Really.

  8. plover Says:

    The first sentence in the previous comment is supposed to refer to the notation of two plus signs, but WordPress seems to have eaten it.

    Let’s try it this way:  

  9. Aron Says:

    I pulled the following email from Fr. Edward Kresowaty posted at the Saint Alban’s Yahoogroup…


    The political machine of the Episcopal Church can move quickly. When the House of Bishop’s heard the no vote on the Windsor Resolution, they continued to meet through the dinner hour. As the House of Deputies reconvened after dinner, an announcement was made. An unpresidented meeting of both houses, Bishops and Deputies will convene tomorrow to go over the language needed to respond to the Windsor Report. This is the first time a meeting of both houses is to occur for such a purpose. I have been trying not to jump to conclusions as I write these notes, but even I as well as the House of Deputies were surprized at such a change in the agenda and meetings. I guess someone has grasped the importance of being part of the Anglican Communion.


    Should be interesting tomorrow…

  10. Res Publica Says:

    plover – one cross for priests, two for bishops.

  11. Res Publica Says:

    Correction, plover – as near as I can tell, it’s one cross for priests and bishops, two crosses for archbishops (or for the Presiding Bishop, which is the American church’s equivalent of an archbishop). And the cross goes after the name, not before. So…basically, I was wrong again.

  12. David Beckley Says:

    If The Catholics had walked fifty years ago – look how far ahead you’d be. …would have more than made up the attrition. Should have pulled out when you were strong.
    Nothing worse than a liberal. David R. Beckley

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