Kongressional Korruption Korner!

The rank, hilarious assholery continued on Capitol Hill today, where the renewal of the Voting Rights Act was derailed by a clutch of southern Republican hillbillies.

And although they couldn’t reach agreement about preventing the Negros from voting, they could definitely agree on doing yet another favor for their only real constituency: THE RICH! So they all got together to shred the estate tax. Most everyone is exempt now, and those that aren’t will see their rate drop to the capital gains rate.

Between cutting the estate tax, failing to raise the minimum wage, and wiping their asses with the Voting Rights Act, however did House Speaker Hastert The Hutt find the time to rustle up some porkbarrel spending that increased the value of land he owned and then sell it?

“I ate my diorama!”

They’re busy little fuckers beavers up there in the sewers hallowed halls of Congress, that’s for sure!


13 Responses to “Kongressional Korruption Korner!”

  1. plover Says:

    Maybe they figure their days there are numbered so they need to burn down the barn door after the horse has already escaped (or whatever it is the kids are saying these days).

    Post turtles all.

  2. Res Publica Says:

    what’s a post turtle? whatever it is, I want one.

  3. midniter Says:

    You are a post turtle.

  4. plover Says:

    IIRC, I heard about post turtles from one of your fellow Texans (hmm, looks like the formatting got clobbered for archived posts from his old site):

    “When you’re driving down a country road and you come across a fence post with a turtle balanced on top, that’s a post turtle.”

    The old man saw a puzzled look on the doctor’s face, so he continued. “You know– he didn’t get there by himself, he doesn’t belong there, he can’t get anything done while he’s up there, and you just want to help the poor bastard get down.”

  5. Kevin Wolf Says:

    Congressional Cobags.

  6. Brando Says:

    We would have gotten away with it if it hadn’t been for your meddling southern Republican hillbillies.

    The estate tax changes and minimum wage stasis says everything you need to know about the current government.

  7. Res Publica Says:

    Midniter, I’d be careful about accusing other people of sitting on posts. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, darling.

  8. midniter Says:

    I’ve got something you can sit on…my foot.

  9. blue girl Says:

    You guys!!!

    I was in a NYC salon on Thursday and it was filled — FILLED — with the most gorgeous, sexy gay men you have ever seen. Beautiful. Exquisite. Unbelievably pretty faces.

    I just can’t tell you how in heaven you would have been.


  10. Sizemore Says:

    They all just hate America darkies …

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