Liberal Morality

fall on your unbending knees before me, plastic peons!

In light of the recent sexual-morality kerfluffle in the Episcopal Church (which I have obsessive-compulsively covered on this here blog), and the interesting conversation about marriage (to snakes and dogs) over at Tres Toros, I thought this sermon by the Rev. Nathan Woodliff-Stanley might be timely. Woodliff-Stanley is a minister at Jefferson Unitarian Church in Golden, Colorado.

Meet Karen Johnson, a 19-year-old woman struggling to live off a minimum-wage job from a welfare-to-work program. She has a baby from a boyfriend who used to beat her up whenever he drank too much. She’s been trying to put her life back together as far away from him as possible. But Karen feels the pressure from her church and from government programs, both of which seem to be telling her that marriage is the solution to her problems. So she wonders if maybe she’d better go back to her boyfriend after all and marry him.

Now meet Kayla Jordan, a 26-year-old lesbian woman with a good job and a social work degree. She’s been in a loving relationship for several years. Kayla and her partner would love to get married and adopt a child, but her state government has told her that they will not be allowed to do either of these things. She also is not welcome with her partner at the church where she grew up.

What’s wrong with this picture?

In both cases, the problem flows from a conservative vision of morality that places more weight on ideological categories of right and wrong than on a genuine assessment of what does good or harm in real people’s lives. The conservative wing of our society has tried to claim the high ground on morality for a long time, proclaiming it from pulpits, on the radio, and in TV talking points, repeatedly blaming liberals for a moral decline in our culture.

Well, I don’t buy it.

You can read the rest here.

Hat tip to Josh S., who pointed to this sermon in a comment thread over at Father Jake’s.


12 Responses to “Liberal Morality”

  1. Pinko Punko Says:

    Lego God looks pissed. Probably because his hair snaps off, and can be replaced by anything.

  2. Res Publica Says:

    No, silly! It’s because of all teh buttsex!! That’s Conserva-God!

  3. plover Says:

    There’s Lego buttsex?

    I thought the most Legos usually got up to was sticking the knob on their head into someone else’s foot.

    Although even that has probably been giving Santorum nightmares for years.

  4. Pinko Punko Says:

    Yeah, the head knob is to what I was alluding. The allusive head knob eluded me.

  5. elmo Says:

    Jesus would scold conservatives in their own church…blastfumus!

  6. Res Publica Says:

    Word has it that the Lego Bishop of New Hampshire has been putting his knob in another guy’s socket. Lego God frowns rather severely on this sort of thing. Or so we are assured by the Archbishop of Playskool People.

  7. plover Says:

    I have discovered that the larger species of Lego figures, the “Technic” ones with articulated knees and elbows, have butts that attach to other Legos. Shocking! Smelling salts all around!

    However, it appears their hair does not come off, so they seem to be knobless.

  8. Res Publica Says:

    so they seem to be knobless.

    Perhaps that will save them from the wrath of Lego God.

  9. Gregor Samsa Says:

    Didn’t lego God use one of lego Adam’s knobs to create lego Eve, doesn’t that explain the knoblessness?!

    Sorry On Topic, but the sermon is true, so true. The wingers have been succesful at framing the debate as bestiality-loving child-molesting sodomites versus Mom, God and Apple Pie. It’s time for that to change! Demo politicians, I’m looking at you…

  10. Phronk Says:

    How dare anyone speak out against apple pie! Enemies of apple pie should be sentenced to death!

  11. Res Publica Says:

    Apple pie is a pretender and usurper. The REAL American pie is CHERRY pie, which is infinitely more tasty and juicy and beautiful and perfect in every way.

  12. plover Says:

    BTW, that is a fairly kickin’ sermon.

    This bit:

    Today, gays or atheists can be accepted as good Scouts, as long as they are willing to lie. Again, I am not claiming that conservatives, or the Scouts, advocate lying. But a commitment to truthfulness often means asking questions or speaking truths that an authority-based morality may not like. As our whole nation is discovering, when political loyalty is valued more than truth-seeking and truth-telling, the results can be dangerous, even deadly.

    reminded me of your quote (of Liz Zivanov) from a couple of days ago:

    When Bonnie Perry got up and asked the HoD if A161 meant that gays were to return to lying and deceiving about who they are in order to be in the church,, I watched three priests from the Diocese of Dallas look at each other, chuckle, and nod their heads. So much for unity and honesty

    ‘And lo, the LORD did saith unto them, “You may partake of the fruit of the Tree of Cobaggery, but those that so partake of it shall verily become as cobags and shall thereafter bear the mark of the chumploaf. And unto these My message shall be: ‘Eat it!'”‘

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