Happy Canadia Day!


Happy Canada Day to our friends to the north!


18 Responses to “Happy Canadia Day!”

  1. The Uncanny Canadian Says:

    Goddamit, he wasn’t supposed to tell anybody about the dolphins. The PM was very clear about that. Stupid drunk Canadian cobag!@!!!!1

  2. Michael Bains Says:

    Hey! You’re the first other person I’ve seen say Canadia!

    umm.. ok. No biggy.

    Happy Canadia Day to all y’all Canucks!

  3. Happy Canada Day! at Three Bulls! Says:

    […] Update:  Beer and contributing to the deliquency of a minor – two reasons to love Canada.  Plus Adorable Girlfriend loves her some Canadians for reals and forever. […]

  4. Gregor Samsa Says:

    That link doesn’t count as a comment on your blog does it?

  5. Gregor Samsa Says:

    Dang it!

  6. Adorablegirlfriend Says:

    Hooray for Gregor and his comments!

  7. Gregor Samsa Says:

    I’d like to point out that none of them were on topic.

  8. sirbarrett Says:

    It’s always confusing to explain what really happens in Canada but I think this guy has finally done it in a way that’s pretty simple. I’m glad the someone is cleaning up the stereotypes. The only thing he left out is that not all Polar bears are violent. Some of them are trained to do things like get our paper in the morning and go ice-fishing so that we can do other stuff and not have to get food ourselves. It’s a good system. Happy Canada day to you in the south too! We’re all red inside!

  9. Adorablegirlfriend Says:

    Whatevs Gregor. You and Yo Yo know how to make AG happy: commenting!

  10. butchie Says:

    I could only watch about a minute before I got irritated. Some people should not have computers.

  11. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Oh Butchie, he’s saving you from the polar bears!

  12. butchie Says:

    My video is offensive. The guy in the one you posted just needed his ass kicked for being annoying.

  13. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    No doubt on that one. UC said something like that guy is what happens when BC kids get stoned and talk about the homeland.

  14. Phronk Says:

    I didn’t watch it. Canadians are gay.

  15. madamerouge Says:

    JAJAJA! Gay.

  16. Michael Bains Says:

    Jeez! This story says all the Canadiens feed their Prisoners of War is ice and water!



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  18. paxil Says:



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