Blogging for Peace


We got a tip from Blue Girl’s site about Glenda’s and Co.’s idea to blog for peace this fourth of July weekend.

It started this morning as I was leaving the Kenmore Square area of Boston and a truck pulled in front of me. The bumper sticker on it read, “Like it or not, saving your ass” It had a picture of George Bush. It got me to thinking. I wondered what GWB is saving my ass from? (Nice language by the way). From higher taxes and gas prices or my children’s debt for his selfish war? Where was he to save New Yorkers when family couldn’t be found when the planes went through the towers or when our friends to the south were in turmoil from Katrina? Or when people don’t have enough to eat? Certainly not saving anyone’s tuckus here.

What about peace? Shouldn’t everyone support peace? Peace and freedom to live our lives in a safe and free manner is a reasonable desire. AG supports the end of the Iraq war, peace in the Middle East, an end to cycles of conflict in Northern Ireland, fair treatment of people and so on and so on. AG supports expecting better of oneself rather than others. AG supports leading by doing. AG also supports leading and letting the leaders follow. Given such, AG supports peace and the resolution of nations against each other in a peaceful, effective and immediate manner.

Let freedom ring this fourth of July!


17 Responses to “Blogging for Peace”

  1. mdhatter Says:

    GWB – Protecting you from GWB

    (still workblogging, see website)

  2. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Dude, where were you on Saturday? Brad R. wanted to meet ya. BTW, I nearly got my ass kicked twice for talking to two guys asking if they were you! I hate Boston men. I may not be the prettiest girl, but I am a girl. You would think a Boston guy could act accordingly. It’s not my fault they hate their lives or whatever the bug up thier arses is that leads them to give AG the face of death for speaking to them.

  3. fish Says:

    Where was he to save New Yorkers when family couldn’t be found when the planes went through the towers

    Hiding like a coward on Airforce 1 just like the leader of the free world should.

  4. mdhatter Says:


    see: “my pet goat”

  5. skippy Says:

    skippy is on record as always blogging for peace.

    ag, i bet you are the prettiest girl.

  6. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Skippy, if you are trying to win AG over, that totally works!

  7. Brando Says:

    AG, that bumper sticker was cut off. It should say, “Like it or not, saving your ass for a North Korean nook-u-lar strike.”

  8. almostinfamous Says:

    i don’t blog for peace because i’ll never be happy that way. ba-ZING!

    and i am so over gwb. i am convinced that it’s cheney and his ticker y’all should be worried about. if he gets to the deathbed, i bet his last wish would be to push the red button, never mind who those things are aimed at.

    and yeah happy birthday in case i forget, you mid-life crisis having country.

  9. glenda Says:

    Hi, adorable girlfriend!
    Thanks for posting this. We have had a great turnout so far. i think many are sick of this administration “saving their ass” from so many things we did not ask to be involved in, in the first place. Come back and see an announcement in tomorrow’s peace post!

  10. YJA Says:

    So are you John or Yoko in this post?

  11. Michael Bains Says:

    AG, that is one of the best of the better pics Posted for Peace this holiday.

    And hey, ya’ve really gotta figure those B-Boys were just rude cuz yer not their Adorable Girlfriend. Eff ’em, eh.

    Love it!

  12. Jimmy Says:

    “All we are saying…. is give… ”

    Love the bumper sticker.

  13. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    See, that’s why AG is crushing on Michael B. He talks nothing but truth!

    And AG is no Joko. I’m not out to screw Paul or the others for that matter.

  14. Chuckles Says:

    Would it be crude for me to state that I am blogging for piece?

    You know what type of piece I mean.

    Uh huh.

    That’s right.

    I said it.

  15. Michael Bains Says:

    That’s right, AG. The truth, most of the truth, and nothin’ but the truth.

    (Can’t be givin’ away everything now, can I?)

    I just left a comment about Canadia’s version of Gitmo on the Happy Canadia Day post. Looks the war ‘gainst those polar bears can get pretty ugly since they aren’t covered by the GenCon.


  16. Adorablegirlfriend Says:

    Chuckles, you behave! Otherwise, PupH. will knock you down and slobber all over you.

    And MB, those polar bears are scary. SCARY!

  17. wxlbuhp Says:

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