What a Wonderful World

At this very moment in time a year ago, AG’s world changed forever. Sometimes it is hard to fathom that just one moment or small guesture can change your life forever. Yet, so many moments in our lives are simply that. A few simple nano seconds woven together that tell our history. One small event makes one big splash and before you know it, you have a tidal wave that you are trying to juggle. Life is both funny and fantastic that way. Today is a good day!



23 Responses to “What a Wonderful World”

  1. blue girl Says:

    I think I’m sensing some sort of love-related issue here.

    Don’t know if the swans in the shape of a heart.

    Your enthusiasm in your writing.

    Or the guy’s beard in the video! Not!


  2. Chuckles Says:

    This must be about the blog.

  3. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    It’s true, I heart the blog. Now stop telling the others Chuckles, they will want to swoop in and steal my boyfriend.

  4. The Uncanny Canadian Says:

    Oh, Blue Girl, that crazy bearded guy is the late Carl Wilson. He’s singing Paul McCartny’s favourite song. It warms my paired-swan-shaped heart every time I hear it.

    Today is indeed a special day. It was the first time in a very very long time that somebody thought my geeky cerebral science ways were cute. I love you, sweetheart!

  5. YJA Says:

    I think your post is a bit gay.

  6. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Fridge Note: I always think you are the hottest when you are being a scientific slut. I admit it — I wanted you for that PhD. It was never about the cute bottom and the adorable brown eyes and killer smile. Not even lemony and your ability to go to the washroom 200 times during any given outting. It was always about the science, Sweet Pea.

    And when I was greasing your boy at the HSCI not that long ago, memory serves that it was about your cerebral science ways. In fact, AG was loving unleashing the UC all over the poster session showing those little Ph.D. students what it takes to play with the big guns. Silly little wanna be scientists…

  7. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    I think YJA is jealous of love because it hates him.

  8. YJA Says:

    love is for the stupid and the poor. That’s not bitter is it?

  9. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Is that anyway to talk about Butchie and his girlfriend, Dani?

  10. Chuckles Says:

    It isn’t bitter because it is true.

  11. Snag Says:

    My initial thought was that last year was the first time you’d ever been to a swan roast, and maybe they had entertainment or something. Wrong again.

    Anyway, that’s very nice. Congratulations to AG and Dr. Science.

  12. butchie Says:

    My girlfriend, Dani! I heart her. I want to turn her out and make her call me daddy, then spit on her hair. Fuck her!

    Have a good day. Yeah! Brian Wilson!

  13. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    LOL and thanks Snag!

    Butchie, you rock!

  14. fish Says:

    Yeah I got into science for the hot women too. And the money. Definitely the money.

  15. madamerouge Says:

    just like Grey’s Anatomy

  16. sarah Says:

    i’m so curious about what you’re talking about. it’s like an inside joke, and i’m an outsider! dangnabbit! I should hang out here more often.

  17. Snag Says:

    Sarah, it’s all about the science. The hot, hot science. And food. And the Episcopal church.

    I’m kind of confused myself, now that I think about it.

  18. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Nah, it’s not too esoteric over here. We’re no 3Bulls! We’re not sticking our heads in microwaves. We got love, food and The Church. If you are extra lucky, Friday beefcakes and beefcakelettes. We also got Butchie. He helps keep it real. Ya know, with tales from the trailer park.

    Sarah, we’d love to have you over more. Girls rule. We need more female power here to keep Earth in balance and Chuckles from going Chucksmash on all of us.

    Go Bronx Science!

  19. blue girl Says:

    Sarah, it’s all about the science. The hot, hot science. And food. And the Episcopal church.

    Let’s not forget waving to places that give you free donuts as you drive by!

    We’re no 3Bulls! We’re not sticking our heads in microwaves.


    That’s *classic* — !

  20. plover Says:

    Once upon a time, in the Land of Nürd, there lived a Canadian. Oh, a stalwart slayer of mice and tireless pursuer of donuts was he! Or was it the other way around? I mean, one day all the mice escaped and it took hours to er… ahem… In time, there came to the Land of Nürd, at that fief known as the Pinkdom of Pork, a Girlfriend, mistress of the cobag hunt and scourge of hospital and hotel staffs across the land. And it came to pass one afternoon that the Pinko of Pork took the Girlfriend out for a walk to show her his Pinkdom (not one word, Chuckles). They strolled along the bluffs and stopped to gaze out across the Sea of Pork.

    As it happened, the Canadian had chosen that day to visit the Sea of Pork for the purpose of going a-snorkeling. However, during his snorkulations, he was set upon by a gang of PhD candidates. But the Canadian was familiar with the dangers of the Land of Nürd, and always kept his slide-rule close at hand. Soon, he had routed the PhD candidates and sent them fleeing up the beach, looking as if their brains had been given a turn in the centrifuge.

    Observing the triumph of the Canadian from atop the bluff, the Girlfriend felt a stirring of tenderness for the gallant, slide-rule–wielding Pork snorkeler. “Gracious, he is quite the Nürd!” said she, and in access of sentiment, proceeded to swoon.

    The Pinko, having been charmed by the retreating posterior of one of the PhD candidates, did not notice, and she toppled to the grass. She stood up, glared at the Pinko, moved squarely into his line of sight, and swooned anew. Again, she found herself stretched upon the sward, though this time the Pinko stared down at her with puzzled countenance as he mulled whether Ann Bartow would approve if he helped his companion to rise. Regaining her feet, the Girlfriend decided the best course of action would be to first, thrash the Pinko with a squeaky carrot, and following, to climb down the bluff.

    As the Canadian stood on the shore, carefully cleaning his slide-rule after his encounter, he heard the distant squeaking of a carrot. Scanning the bluffs above, he was amazed to see a Girlfriend appear at the ridge-line, and then commence to clamber down the sheer cliff. He watched her descent quite carefully, trying to discern the trick which kept her fast to the face of the bluff. As she reached the drift of sand piled against the base of the cliff, he greeted her, “Why that was… er, wow… your descent… my lady, you are quite uncanny!”

    “Uncanny?” she replied. “Why yes, yes I am! And you are?”


    At this point, the Canadian’s eye was caught by a hedgehog scurrying across the dune, and his features assumed a peculiar, melty expression as he continued, “Aww… adorable…”

    And thus did meet Uncanny Girlfriend and Adorable Canadian.

    As they walked together up the strand, the Canadian turned briefly to wave at the Sea of Pork.

  21. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Plover gets the rocket award! Res, give the bird-dude a password and let’s get this writing genius on staff.

  22. Claire Says:

    AG I’m on vacation and have just had a chance to get online and found this post. LOVE IT. Super cute. I’m so glad we got a little peeky-poo into how you and UC met (sorry for the “peeky-poo” use, the cuteness is catching). I hope you had a wonderful day! To many more great years together!

  23. Yosef Says:

    Congratulations, you two. I love love.

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