How to make technology work for you…


Godammit! Vacation was amazing and not long enough. Stories to follow shortly. However, I am back at work today with my all of four hours jet lagged sleepy self trying to catch up. The IBM ThinkPad got sick over the weekend. It was working fine on Friday until we arrived at the hotel and it had a split screen with some messed up hardware illness. Do you think the IT department could help out here? They were called on Monday. It’s now almost 11 AM on Tuesday and nothing. I reserve all my IT calls to stuff like this. I will not call about how to use Excel or various other stuff I don’t think they should have to be responsible for or waste time on. Given such, I was hopeful they could fit me into the “q”. Clearly wrong on that.

Left to her own devices, AG had to commandeer a laptop from another office (nobody keeps track of supplies around here). Unfortunately, because IT didn’t approve of the use, I am working remotely which means I don’t have access to all servers. It’s like working with one arm and no thumbs. In another hour, I am calling it a day. No computer = No AG. One cannot do one’s work without the computer that was assigned to one to do said work.


AG 1
Work 0


14 Responses to “How to make technology work for you…”

  1. Chuckles Says:

    That is some coffee breath you have. Ever heard of a Tic Tac?

  2. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    At least my breath doesn’t smell of, oh nevermind…

  3. teh l4m3 Says:

    And no thumbs makes you a not-so-great ape. Word.

  4. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Yeah, teh teh is back and he is on fire!

    Teh, we’ve missed you. About a little beefcake love for the good boys and girls at RoD?

  5. Kevin Wolf Says:

    Around here they call it Midnight Requisition. Later on, when nobody’s around the office, you grab what you need from others. Hey – they’re not using it, right?

  6. glenda Says:

    Ah, that video was disturbing on so many levels.
    Get a Mac. 🙂

  7. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Oh no, I won’t take the food from the mouths of the babes. This computer was abandoned when Boi Bitch quit/was let go.

  8. YJA Says:

    girls should stick to diswashers and irons, ‘puters are too hard for them to use.

  9. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    If any girl would know, it would be you, buttercup.

  10. Res Publica Says:

    I’m feeling your pain, AG. Machines tend to do my bidding, but people are a whole other matter. This week, it’s like Work: 10,000,000 – Res: 0.

    I wish sentient computers would take over the world. I for one would welcome our new mechanical overlords.

    Can’t be any worse than my boss.

  11. Res Publica Says:

    Also, ixnay on the bullshit Mac propaganda. They have a big enough marketing budget without freebees from us. There is plenty to actually fight about re: Windows v. Mac OS.X, but here’s a little engineering secret: all hardware is made of atoms and molecules and stuff. It all breaks. Microsoft didn’t invent the Second Law of Thermodynamics. They just found a way to apply it to the system registry!

  12. Snag Says:

    Microsoft didn’t invent the Second Law of Thermodynamics, but they patented it.

    Step two.

    The Onion

  13. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    The problem with teh world as Snag has pointed out is: patent lawyers. Damn them!

    Res: next week will be better. I just know it will be and I have to agree — I’ve owned only PCs since 1994 and the only computer until now that ever gave me any problem: my damn iMac lap top purchased in 2003. I hate that thing. It crashes all the time. Yet, I think it was just a lemon. I don’t call it a mac vs. PC war. I upgraded it and use it for itunes and moved on. Whatelse can you do?

  14. Michael Bains Says:

    Hang in there Res! At least yer not bored, right? Lately, I’ve been expectin’ another one o’ those “you’re the heaviest user of non-business-related bandwith in the company” emails from my boss. {yawwwn}

    Macs don’t really suck like I enjoy sayin’ they do to m’friends who use ’em. Though that single button mouse thingie totally does! They just aren’t any better than PCs. Especially for game geeks.

    You did right by grabbin’ that loaner too, AG! We’ve always got a couple laptops ready for that kind o’ thing.

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