As the vacation dust settles


So, you all missed out on a free “I hate Shoelimpy®” thong over at Annie Angel’s blog store. What a pity. Nobody guessed correctly where AG and UC’s vacation was.

UC and AG went to Vancouver, British Columbia. Our trip was amazing! Vancouver is such a lovely Canadian city. It was equally suitable for the American and the Canadian. We spent nearly a full day in Stanley Park. It was splendid walking along the water for over an hour. At one point during our stroll, we came across ducklings at one point. The mama stood proudly looking over her little Jacks and Quacks. They let us come right up to them. UC, who cannot find the digital camera, snapped a photo of them on his cell phone. They were just too cute not to make cell phone wallpaper out of. The lion’s gate bridge below was inspiring. We literally stood underneath it.


UC had begun to food blog here. He will share tales of Sequoia Grill, Tojo’s, the bakery, null and the market. Before going any further, we need to thank Peter for his suggestion to go to Vij’s. It was so amazing! As an anniversary gift, AG agreed to eat Indian with UC, since AG is not a fan otherwise. Unlike Tojo’s, AG did not back wash anything at Vij’s. It was phenomenal with great libations and a corner table in the window.

Our second favorite destination after strolling the park was the Granville Island Farmer’s Market. This place was amazing. There are no chains and the local artisans are amazing. While pottery and blown glass was swallowing us at every turn we took, food is always UC’s game. There was kosher meats, unkosher meats, amazing, no unbelievable pastas, olives, cheeses, soups featured in Gourmet magazine and the amazing Lee’s Donuts. Lee’s could give San Francisco’s Bob’s a run for its money. We both oogled and eyed so much stuff there and ended this special trip to the market by consuming our Rainier cherries on the bench along the marina.

Vancouver is a special place. It was wonderful to share such a dynamic city with UC. We hope to visit again soon, perhaps on a job exploration trip…


18 Responses to “As the vacation dust settles”

  1. Snag Says:

    I was there with one of my kids a few years ago. It is a wonderful city. Our favorite place was the methadone clinic.

  2. butchie Says:

    I found AG’s other website. Lots of goo pics of her. here

  3. Claire Says:

    We were so close! I could see Vancouver from one place I visited (atop of Hurricane Ridge)! I’ve always wanted to go there. I’m glad you two had such a nice time!

  4. Kevin Wolf Says:

    I’ve been to Vancouver, Washington, but I guess that doesn’t count.

    Looks like a great place to go. Guess I should book my Canada trip!

  5. almostinfamous Says:

    glad to hear the indian stuff turned out ok 🙂

  6. Thom Says:

    Hey Ag

    Thanks for coming over, it must be a lonely journey. ;] (I’m thinking of renaming it “The Loneliest Blog in School.”)

    In answer to your comment, those girls didn’t speak much English–actuallly nearly none. When they proudly showed me the omelet they had made me, one said she had gotten the mushrooms, pointing to the above-tree-line barrenness of the wilderness at 10,000 feet plus, “in the jungle.” It was very funny and sweet.

  7. almostinfamous Says:

    oh, and what’s with the date on that photo?

  8. madamerouge Says:

    LOL @ Snag

  9. sarah Says:

    I love Vancouver too! Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

  10. Smashed Says:


    I spent a few days in Vancouver after an alaskan cruise a few years ago – and I recommend it to anyone! It’s Canada’s San Francisco, in many ways. The Aquarium is a good “see” – they have Beluga Whales there – maybe you should go next trip.

    And Stanley Park was very cool.

  11. peter Says:

    YAY!!!! Vij’s!!!! I wanna hear all about it….and Tojo is AMAZING!!!!!!!!

  12. mdhatter Says:

    I’m thinking abouth the same sort of trip (job exploration) to BC.

  13. Snag Says:

    We thought briefly about a move to Vancouver or Toronto after the 2004 election, but we gave up the idea because we don’t speak Canadian.

  14. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    LOL, Snag. I gave up the idea because, oh nevermind. My mother if I have nothing nice to say about UC, don’t say it at all.

  15. YJA Says:

    What you didn’t go anything I recommended?

    The Elbow Room
    West Hastings
    The Aquarium

    Ahh…du hast mein!

  16. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    You didn’t recommned, as USUAL!

    We did go to Gastown — twice. The hobos freaked AG out.
    The aquarium was a zoo, we walked up to it and even UC was like — NO WAY! And he’ll do anything once.

    We’re going to Niagra and onto the cottage in a few weeks. Any suggestions?

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