Another Classy Move


(Leaving space here for UC to tell us why this picture is offensive.) reports:

ST. PETERSBURG, Russia (AP) — U.S. President George W. Bush expressed his frustration over the situation in the Middle East by using an expletive in comments to British Prime Minister Tony Blair at the G8 summit in St. Petersburg Monday.

Not realizing his remarks were being picked up by a microphone at the summit of world leaders, Bush bluntly expressed his frustration with the actions of Hezbollah.

“See, the irony is what they really need to do is to get Syria to get Hezbollah to stop doing this (expletive),” Bush told Blair in a discussion before the Group of Eight leaders began their lunch.

Bush’s remarks were picked up by the summit’s closed-circuit television, which was filming the leaders sitting down to eat.

Normally, the images are transmitted with sound that does not allow reporters to pick out individual comments. But in this case a microphone picked up Bush’s comments to Blair.

Blair, whose remarks were not as clearly heard, appeared to be pressing Bush about the importance of getting international peacekeepers into the region.

A few quick thoughts on this:

As President, does he think he really has any privacy? Especially since he himself is pressing for all the NSA invasion of freedom?
No wonder Europeans say what they do about Americans with a C student like this at the helm.
Is it really Syria’s job to do this, G-dawg. And who are you to say so? What about what the UN has suggested?
Yes George, this shit does have to stop. However, there is a correct way and a wrong way to encourage this. Perhaps you wouldn’t be so pissed if it weren’t infringing on your personal cash flow from Iraq. Oh but wait, can’t you and Cheney sell some goods to Lebanon and Israel and profit?


22 Responses to “Another Classy Move”

  1. blue girl Says:

    You know, I saw this over at Shakespeare’s Sister’s place an I thought it was a joke.

    See the irony is…

    He’s such a joke.

  2. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Wish it were a joke.

  3. almostinfamous Says:

    i guess 2007 is not that bad of a setting for world war 3, right?

    this is dick cheney’s world, we are just here to suffer in it.

  4. Snag Says:

    They let him hold a lit candle? No wonder Laura’s wincing in the background. Just be glad it didn’t lead to another international incident.

  5. sirbarrett Says:

    I guess in a way, Bush’s wiretapping kind of backfired. His microphone spied on him!!

    I was amused to see this direct quote on the front page of the newspaper. Since when are newspapers allowed to say “shit”???

  6. blue girl Says:

    You know, to me it wasn’t that he said “shit” — it was the meaning of what he said.

    Like….You know, all’s we gotta do is make them bad guys stop doin’ all that bad stuff. It’s ironic, you know?

    Why didn’t someone think of that before?!? What a rocket scientist.


    Did you see the video? He’s talking with a mouth full of food!

    He’s so embarassing — I can’t EVEN stand it!!!

    Somebody! Someone! Help us! Help us!


  7. Smashed Says:

    If you think that’s embarrassing, check out Bush Gropes Germany’s Merkel

    It’s not exactly a grope – but wtf – are they really that friendly with each other? Apparently not…

  8. blue girl Says:

    I really just wish he would go away. Really — Just go away.

    But, if he went away, we’d be really stuck with Darth Cheney, I suppose…not like we aren’t already, I guess.

    We’re just screwed….

  9. Smashed Says:

    My sister, who once upon a time supported Bush, and who still considers herself a conservative, asked me the other day if he’d be out of office after the next election. I regretfully had to inform her that, no, there are more than two more years to go…

  10. Smashed Says:

    And since I’m relating embarrassing presidential anecdotes – one could check out this post over at Neddie’s place: Little Stupid, Big Stupid from the other day.

  11. Smashed Says:

    CNN has this link to video on its front page: “The cussing, spitting, open-mouth chewing Bush” Nice

  12. Kevin Wolf Says:

    Bush gives us sooooo many exciting choices as Americans. We can die of:

    pollution / global warming
    random terrorism from those who “hate America”
    corporate freedom to do whatever with no consequences for them (just us)
    joining the military

    and so on.

  13. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Smashed, sorry to hear about your sister. I cannot even imagine. I have an aunt that is anti-abortion. I made her so uncomfortable: either she changed her mind or knows better than to ever dare think about saying anything to AG.

  14. Smashed Says:

    We run the gamut, but most of the family on both sides is quite conservative. Comes from growing up Catholic, I guess. The war between the states becomes internecine – again.

    I’m certainly the most liberal in the immediate family. Sometimes it’s fun, certainly makes for some good arguments. I’m mostly worried about her kids – but I guess they’re young, they’ll eventually figure it out. (I hope).

  15. dasc Says:

    I’ll take a guess and say it’s the eagle perched OVER the holy symbol.

  16. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    This is why we heart dasc!

    And Smashed, it’s hard to be the pioneer, but keep on keeping on. At least the kids will have you talk with and at least be exposed to both sides before deciding what is best for them. In the end, it is a choice.

  17. Michael Bains Says:

    No wonder Europeans say what they do about Americans with a C student like this at the helm.

    And that was with Every Possible Priviledge a rich boy can utilize to just get into the Ivy League.

    Too many Americans don’t want their leaders to be people who really know more than they do/might themselves. They just want ’em to have those curdentials so’s they be lookin’ like they’re smarterer… Paranoid egomaniacs

  18. Michael Bains Says:

    Ooops! Busy at work.

    I meant to say “Paranoid, egomaniacal ignorami. And they’s Proooouuud of it!”


    BTW AG, I can relate to parental non-bliss. I was reading Neddy’s post on “Friday Fart Blogging..” and, well, I always think of my Pop when reading Neddy, cuz they’ve both got a bizarro thing going on with their legs, and ’bout the same age and Liberal in a lot of ways. So I sent Dad the link to the post, thinking he’d relate to Neddy’s humorous style and the situation.

    He responds with nothing but a joke about God and some scientists having a bet about who can make Life (where G tells ’em “get yer own dirt.”) That’s all.

    Now, I got a kick outta the joke when I first read it a few months ago on a site to which I chose to go. But {mufflemuffledon’tcurseoutpopsinpublic} there wasn’t anything atheist or at all religious about the post. I guess I just “forgot” that this is the same guy who sent me a copy of the pathetic “Mere Chrisitanity” for my last birthday, tellin’ me HE went through an atheist period too, and saying I’ll get over it. What the ….?

    I hate trying to love my family. A couple of ’em are easy and considerate about the big differences ‘tween us. The rest all try to seem like they’re just acting “out of love”. Registered anti-choice Democrats are both my parents. Bizarre… It’s sick and it sucks and I’ll never make that same pathetic mistake again.

    I’m glad you can have “fun” {-; in this regard with yours. I’ve just gotta admit defeat and move on from mine.

    {sighhh} OK. Done whining and ranting. Thanks to the Republic for being such an awesome place! L8!

  19. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Oh trust me, I can relate Michael. A guy who I dated had classic parents who didn’t vote (but loved to bitch and moan), were Bible hugging, racists, homophobic, rednecks and very anti-choice. I especially loved the mother who hated women who worked outside of the home. She always went out of her way to exclude me from everything. Guess church taught her that. I got full understanding and a bit of relief on a special birthday after I flew back from Hawaii to attend his dad’s funeral (he passed unexpectedly while we were away). His uncle told me his younger brother isn’t his father’s — it’s his cousins. Nice. That made her anti abortion, anti tolerance, anti everything fine with me. People who live in glass whore houses could throw stones, basically. It helped me to be able to talk to people like that better. They have a vested reason to believe what they do given their own lives.

    And in case you wonder, I enjoyed also breaking up with her son, but that was for purely evil reasons, not Democrat’s revenge.

    The best you can do when your family acts out is to refuse to play with them. When I was in college and my mother was being insane (She’s pretty bed wetting, but she has a few things that needed some work), I would treat her like she treated me when I was 5. She got time outs and had to write essays. Bottom line — if she didn’t have anything nice to say, she was told not to say anything and if she did, it was to bed without dinner. It really made a difference in both of our political lives and she has cleared up her zingers.

  20. mdhatter Says:

    That is like rain on his wedding day.

  21. madamerouge Says:

    Or a free ride, when he’s already paid.

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