Isn’t this just a kick in the pants? The driving license of beer baron, Peter Coors, 59, was revoked last week after a court case found he was driving while under the influence of alcohol.

The revocation decision followed two and a half hours of testimony last week on Friday. The judge in the case found Coors guilty of not stopping at a stop sign while driving intoxicated on May 28 after a wedding. Coors upheld that he had drunk one beer about 30 minutes before leaving a wedding.

On the evening of the 28th when he was pulled over, Coors was given two breath tests. On the first test, he registered 0.073. While on the second, 20 minutes after the first, he registered 0.088.

In the state of Colorado, where he was arrested for DUI, a blood alcohol count of 0.05 is the legal limit. Thus, his counts resulted in driving under the influence charges.

Maybe now he will have time to sign up for the DARE program or something. Given that he paid for the video below — he got what he deserves!



13 Responses to “Irony”

  1. Kevin Wolf Says:

    I’m so glad I don’t drink Coors. From what I know of the Coors family, they are awful, awful people.

  2. Brando Says:

    Yes, that is a boycott I can get behind. Bad beer, worse people, and their stupid field makes a mockery of baseball.

  3. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    They also had an issue with homophobia during Gay Pride Week in Atlanta in 2002.

  4. blue girl Says:

    Coors upheld that he had drunk one beer about 30 minutes before leaving a wedding.

    Don’t you think a Beer Baron should have a better line than that?

    That’s what I find ironic.

    That a Beer Baron is just as unoriginal as any old Non-Beer-Baron drunk on the road.

    He should know more about drinking excuses than the rest of us.

    Coors! Yuck!

  5. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Perhaps he should consult GWB. He or Jenna ought to be able to give him advice.

  6. dasc Says:

    .05??? The human body is capable of producing .05 on it’s own. That is without having even had a drink. Even .08 is tremendously too low. The majority of drunk driving accidents involve excessive speed and a BAC above .15. For some regular drinkers, a BAC of .08 has no physiological effects for them to even ‘feel’ like they’re drunk. I’m willing to bet a brewer is a regular drinker.

    As personally repugnant as Coors is, he deserves the same fair trial we all do and his “one beer 30 minutes ago” could easily register on the meter as .08 so he might not have been making up a story. The meters in question also have a margin of error /- .01 which is a 20% swing through the accuracy of a device that doesn’t even measure “alcohol” to begin with. It measures CH3-R groups which are a breakdown product of the alcohol and also the breakdown of certain protiens, sugars and other biologically related compounds. A stick of spearmint gum or a Hall’s Cough Drop will register above .05 on a breathylizer.

    The machines themselves are “Black Boxes” and in one case, a manufacturer that refused to suply a defendant with the machine code to be analyzed before a trial saw the whole case thrown out. Simply put, the technology has never actually faced proper evidentiary scrutiny and is allowed through “judicial notice” where the courts accept the evidence because they do.

    If I were him I would take the opportunity to do us all a favor and attack the shoddy psuedo science that these meters are founded on and bring a little sanity back to the debate.

  7. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Thanks for the heads-up, dasc. Being a binge drinker about every 2 months who takes the “T” or has UC drive, AG was not in the know. You are the best!

  8. David Says:

    LINK: Israel is being too nice – Likud of Holland / Likoed Nederland – The article BY John Aravosis, of AMERICAblog, banned at AMERICAblog BY John Aravosis … Why?

  9. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    David, I’m not sure this link goes in this thread. Would you like me to create a post to open a dialogue for others to discuss?

  10. dasc Says:

    Don’t get me wrong… The Coors family are a bunch of assclowns and the irony of one of them getting picked up for drunk driving is bittersweet. Unfortunately anywhere else in the US his one beer wouldn’t have caused his undoing. It’s the .05 that I take real offense at. His first reading at .07 would have forced a cop to let him go on the spot anywhere else in the country.

    I’m also willing to bet that the cop gave him the field sobriety test which is impossible to pass. Especially impossible to pass when the cop brings you “out of the way of traffic” and makes you do the test out of the field of view of his dash camera.

    I myself blew a .08 after many many beers and a long wait a couple years ago. Fortunately I was in a state that at the time was still .1. At the time I didn’t feel like I was impaired, knew how many I had and did wait several hours before driving. I was pulled over for missing a tiny sign two feet high that read “All Traffic Must Turn Right” which I guess is the same as but not as recognizable as “No Left Turn” mounted 6 feet up like “legal” traffic signs.

    The cop was so disapointed that I wasn’t grosly intoxicated and could only give me a $120 ticket for the turn. He even had the balls to try to “warm up” the breathylizer by waving it in front of his dash heater while his engine was still idling. I called him out on that little trick, loudly in front of his dash camera, so when I only blew .08 he knew I would have demanded a blood test and fought the lesser OUI charge of “Impaired Driving” and would have won.

    There really is no good reason to blow into one of those machines. If it wasn’t inadmissable in that state (at the time and since changed) I would have refused. I knew I wasn’t “DRUNK”.

  11. madamerouge Says:

    lol @ dasc

    admission: I find Mr. Coors a bit hot in a silver fox kinda way.

  12. Kio Says:

    Good job.

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