UPDATE: Keep the entries coming!

Who wants to win something from the RoD Blog Cafe? After AG asked if we had thongs in the blog store, Res suggested AG select something to be printed on them. At that moment, the “Name AG’s Wedgie Thong Contest” began.

Now get your creative juices flowing. You have until 31 July 2006 to submit those ideas to adorablegirlfriend at gmail dot com.


And don’t send AG pictures of you in your underwear, Butchie.


72 Responses to “Contest”

  1. butchie Says:

    I’m getting mixed signals. You put “no underwear pics” on your blog, then email me all those naked pictures. Stop putting money in my paypal account. You make me feel dirty.

  2. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Oh that money’s for your mom. She is awesome. And so smokin’.

  3. Chuckles Says:

    AG is emailing porno around? How come no one told me?

    Contest submissions:

    Insert Chuckles’ Wang Here

    I stole these panties/boxers from the Freelance Genius Gym

    Ass Master/Mistress

    Wang Master/Mistress

    Sir Mix-a-Lot doesn’t know shit about shit.

    Jeff Goldstein touched me here

    I’ve got that Frisch feeling.

    I’ve got that fresh feeling.

    I’ve got that not-so-fresh feeling.

    See this? You better know what to do with it.

    Bob Doles wishes



    But I have a GREAT sense of humor.

  4. Peter Says:

    Although deadlines scare me, I’m gonna try and pull something out of my……….

  5. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Despite his misogynistic ways, Chuckles is setting the bar pretty high for y’all. Chuckie, some advice — don’t let the others see your genius juices. You don’t want them to have to call in consultants and scoop you on the prize, do ya?!

  6. Chuckles Says:

    I am particularly proud of the sense of humor one.

  7. Chuckles Says:

    I hit submit a little early…most of mine are good for both genders and multiple orientations.

    OOOOOOH! I just thought of another.

  8. blue girl Says:

    I am particularly proud of the sense of humor one.


    As you should be Chuckles! As you should be!

    I can’t even think of ONE! But, I’m working on it.


  9. blue girl Says:


    I left the tag open.

    Please fix!

    (Are you guys impressed that I used the word: tag?!!)

  10. blue girl Says:

    Never mind.

  11. fish Says:

    A few initial thoughts on AG’s thong:

    No George in this Bush


    Your J1 has expired, no re-entry. (alternate: Votre J1 a expire, aucune re-entree)

    Kosher (unisex)

    Krispy Kreme (unisex)

    100% chunder-free

    Drivers wanted

    Objects in thong are larger than they appear

    Reserved for Chuckles (unisex)

    And a vote for blue girl’s: Ooops! I left the tag open.

  12. Snag Says:

    Isn’t a thong a Chinese gang? They’d get pretty mad if you tried to print something on them.

  13. Chuckles Says:


  14. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    No Snag, you have them confused with a Korean gang. Come on man, ya gotta know yer gangs!

  15. The Uncanny Canadian Says:

    With apologies to the new Peaches album: Impeach my Bush.

    Although, Ooops I left my tag open runs a close second

  16. Brando Says:

    For a male thong:
    Pork snorkel.

    For a female thong:
    This ain’t no Holiday Inn.

  17. Chuckles Says:

    This ain’t no Holiday Inn and Out?

    New submissions:

    Good for all genders and orientations.

    Fuck it. I hate slogans.

    Proud member of the Fantasy-based Community.

    100% Emu Proof.

    This machine shoots orgasms.

    How do you get to Carnegie Hall, Ron Jeremy?

  18. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    The last one is funny, Chuck-man.

  19. almostinfamous Says:

    how about “i ran out of grannie panties” ?

  20. Brando Says:

    For the female one, how about bringing back “Frankie say RELAX”

    For the male one, “Hands off, monsignor.”

  21. Pinko Punko Says:

    OK, chunderwagons, you can’t use Three B. speak.

    How about:

    “I’m your creamy lover. Time for degradation.”

  22. Three B Is Infested! at Three Bulls! Says:

    […] Three B. has been accused of being sexist for not taking annieangel to the woodshed for spanking because of her foul language about playing spin the bottle with jexter while shooting lazers at crystals in the Puget Sound. And I’d like someone to top that last sentence for insiderness. Three B. is not overtly sexist beyond our steepage in patriarchy, but it does stink of boy. Just because AG doesn’t think things are fair to her, nor has she taken the time to understand all aspects of the emu attack, she speaks of what she knoweth not. However, as an olive branch, we will extend our royal link to Republic of Dogs, and that the 3B readership may enter the contest of RoD. I also think we just topped our unintentional unintelligible sentence contest. […]

  23. Res Publica Says:

    We’ll use what we want, chumploaf! Whatevah! I do what I want!!

    A few notes:

    1. Chuckles rocks my world, and I have a major crush on him after reading these comments.
    2. Cafe Press doesn’t carry a man-thong, so there’s no point wishing.
    3. The graphic space on the female thong is pretty small. The same is true of the boxers, which only have a graphic space on the front of one leg. If they’d let you put print on the ass, I’d have a lot more ideas.
    4. I love it when BG italicises (sp?) my entire blog.

  24. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Res and Chuckles sittin’ in a tree…

    Don’t worry Res, we’re not actually going to print the dirty messages on the thong. (Unless we upgrade to hiring a sales force.) The prize will be something people can actually use like a t-shirt and some iTunes. AG has time to raise funds for a decent prize.

  25. Chuckles Says:

    From Res Publica:
    3. The graphic space on the female thong is pretty small. The same is true of the boxers, which only have a graphic space on the front of one leg. If theyโ€™d let you put print on the ass, Iโ€™d have a lot more ideas.

    Just so long as that leg is the third leg of my tripod, that is fine with me.

  26. Pinko Punko Says:

    I know:

    “I forgot to close the tag!!”

    Uh, BG you can close the tag in another comment. I love BG.

  27. Chuckles Says:

    The lack of a man thong is more than a bit disappointing. I totally would buy a camera and take a picture of that for the “before” picture in my work out series.

    My arms are getting bigger, which is nice, but my rear and thighs are not shrinking at all. Hmmm.

  28. Brando Says:

    You should probably do some branding, so I suggest:

    “I love RoD”

  29. Chuckles Says:

    Indeed, Brando, who doesn’t love rod?

  30. The Uncanny Canadian Says:

    Oooh, I think Brando might have a winner there.

  31. fish Says:

    UC you misspelled weiner.

  32. plover Says:

    Got noodly appendage?

  33. almostinfamous Says:

    “closed for renovation”

  34. fish Says:

    My eyes are up there^

    Mind the gap (UK only)

    No falafel zone

    Scooter’s bear was here

    Please ignore that buzzing sound

    More Chuck for the Buck (Chuckles only)

    Please close the tag when you leave

    Will paint it blue for Captain Kirk

    We are the blog, resistance is futile

  35. Snag Says:

    Hi! Come here often?

    Hang up and drive!

    If you can read this, you’re driving too close

    Your mileage may vary

    Ask me about my grandkids

    My other thong is a Three Bulls!

  36. Chuckles Says:

    FOR Non-Chuckles:

    I run in fear from Chuckles.

    For Me:

    No, no, I can hit that from here.

  37. Chuckles Says:


    For the men:
    You tuck. I roll.

    For the women:
    Click it or ticket.

  38. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Love it! Keep them rolling in, contest is still groovin’.

  39. Snag Says:

    If you lived here, you’d be home by now.

  40. Pinko Punko Says:

    Also, wiener is spelled wiener, fish.

    How about:

    “AG tested and approved”

  41. fish Says:

    Damn lysdexia.

  42. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Pinko, don’t start your goddamn spelling Nazi shit over here. We don’t care. We understand what people mean. Now get back in your little cage, ya sexist!

  43. Brando Says:

    Keeping in mind these are female:

    It takes a very steady hand

    Because I’m worth it

    Too good for MIT

  44. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    The MIT comment puts Brando in the lead!!

    That was classic.

  45. Pinko Punko Says:

    If I were sexist I would submit “AG’s sandbox” as an entry for the thong. However, I will not submit this entry:

    “Pork Snorkel Practice Zone”

  46. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Whatevs Pinko. I called you out. You got Plover to bail you out, except she didn’t bail you out! You were inappropriate. Not only are you a sexist, but you are abusive in your angle. You have a need to control women and UC. That’s why you boss him around and ban me or tell people to ignore my comments. It’s really really sad.

  47. Snag Says:

    Your message here

    The Union Label
    (God, I hope I’m not dating myself with that one)

    Round pegs only

    Inspected by _________

  48. fish Says:

    Leave a reply

    Comment deleted

    Kills PP on contact

  49. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Oh, somebody is so winning this prize! AG is so loving the front runner at this point. We’ll let you guess who it is…

  50. Pinko Punko Says:

    It’s fish, who is finally holding his end up after dropping the ball on Susemu.

  51. Pinko Punko Says:

    Or her end up.

  52. Chuckles Says:

    For the men:

    AG says I am inherently sexist.

    For the women:

    We still

  53. plover Says:

    Do you feel lucky, punk?

    No means No — Yes means Yes

    Yes, it is a banana. Why do you ask?

    For New Yorkers:
    Don’t even think about parking here

  54. Snag Says:

    Smoking section

    Redeemable for valuable prizes

    You must be this tall to ride I

    Twelve more days of this. Jesus, I need to get a life.

  55. Brando Says:

    This is so Project Runway.

  56. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Ya love it, Brando! LOVE-IT!

  57. Chuckles Says:


  58. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Did it get caught in spam filter? Res will clean it out one of these days. Do you have it and want to re-submit.

  59. Chuckles Says:

    It wasn’t spaminated, it looks cut off.


    New submissions:

    For the men:

    Looks cut off. Isn’t. *sigh*
    Hope you like dry sex, cuz I suck at foreplay.
    Battering ram
    Foreplay? Did you want me to invite some other people?
    Package from UPS: United Penis Service
    She’ll have the ham.
    I’m big into you.
    I’m big in Japan.
    Mediocre plumber

    For the women:

    If I need two hands, then it isn’t going in here.
    These don’t come off until I am good and ready.
    You’ll have the ham.
    I don’t care if you are big in Japan, I’m not feeling it.
    Looking for good plumber
    Wax hurts, deal.
    You better appreciate how much wax hurts.

  60. fish Says:

    Chuckles is clearly a marthoner. I will be back…

  61. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    He’ll do anything for a stick of gum. Imagine if we had super duper prizes. OMG. Though, our bake-off gifts were decent. Speaking of which, AG is going to start gearing up for that. AG wants to win!

  62. Chuckles Says:

    New submissions:

    For the men:
    fish says that Chuckles is a marathoner.

    For the women:
    Chuckles is a marathoner.

  63. fish Says:

    No pictures Butchie

    employees must wash hands after use

    Answer: I’m glad to see you (men only)


    pull my finger (men only)

  64. Brando Says:

    A few more:

    Quick, what’s my name?

    No ballot stuffing


  65. dontEATnachos Says:

    After reading through all these entries, I can only think of one suggestion that accurately reflects how I feel about the attemps at crotch based humor:

    Fuck It.

    (also, AG, now you can stop bugging me about commenting here)

  66. dasc Says:

    on the front “Waxing” on the back “Waning”

    May be too obscurely geeky even for AG.

  67. midniter Says:

    So does that mean that you’re baking in the bake-off this year, AG? I think that Res, Grisha, BG, and I should be the judges.

    Sorry for my absence…I’ve gone back to work. I think I much preferred the days of just calling in and getting my unemployment check in the mail.

  68. mdhatter Says:

    “Now get back in your little cage, ya sexist! ” would look good on boxers.

  69. Michael Bains Says:

    If you can read this, what the heck are ya waitin’ for?

    For best results, remove slowly.

    Don’t Touch Me There

    Look Before Ya Leap

    For Your Eyes Only

    It’s Fun to Share!

    Inspected By #1

  70. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Hee Hee…MB was #69 in comments.


  71. {KW_0} Says:



  72. buy xeloda online Says:

    buy xeloda online…


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