Catching Up


A lot happened over the weekend:

Chuckles had a birthday! We extend a Happy, Happy Birthday to Chuckles. For him, we give this linky love here. After he recovers from his hangover, maybe we’ll get some dirt.

dontEATnachos came over to our blog finally. It’s unlikely he’ll come back anytime soon, but we don’t care. We are just happy dEn came by! It’s the little things — yeah, I’m looking at you Gregor Samsa and Yo Yo!

Fish said Science Fridays is not bathroom reading. Our beloved Presidente creates the categories. Perhaps we can get some suggestions and cajole him into creating some new categories.

Our dear Midniter has returned to work! We are excited and elated to hear this and we hope he’ll post a little about his new job in the near future.

The Holiday Bake-Off was discussed. As a reminder, anyone who judged in 2005, that means you too Jedmunds, has to bake. We should try this year to get cookies out to folks a little sooner than 24 December. We’ll ask Blue Girl, our winner from last year to Chair the judges group and let us know when the date will be when the time comes – November/Decemberish. Should any former contestants wish to bake this year, they are welcome to do so and perhaps we can get our new friends, who don’t wish to bake, to judge. It’s free cookies, folks! This is however much too early to discuss (and AG is trying to improve her chances for winning by keeping others from perfecting their baking skills).

Beloved UC had quite the food weekend and with a little coaxing, maybe he’ll talk about his experience with Roadfood and 2 and 1/2lb fresh Massachusetts lobstahs.


10 Responses to “Catching Up”

  1. blue girl Says:

    I am all over being the head of the Judgment Committee!!

    I can’t wait! Well….I can. But, still…I can’t.

    Res! Are you alive? Where are you? Are you jealous that I’m going to be the Queen Bee of Judgment?


    Can’t wait to sample Jedmunds’ and Mannion’s cookies. Hee-hee-hee.

    Congrats Midniter on the job!! Can’t wait to hear all about it.


    Let it be said RIGHT NOW, July 24, 2006 — that *it’s never too early* to start kissing up to the Head of the Judgment Committee.

    That is all.

    Oh no it’s not….



  2. The Uncanny Canadian Says:

    You’re the best Blue Girl!!!!

    We look forward to your noble mighty jugmentarianism ”

  3. Claire Says:

    What are the rules and regs of this here cookie contest? And how does one join?

  4. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    The rules will be decided by the Judges. We’d love to have new contestants. All one has to do is be interested, bake something — we said cookies, but allowed other desserts as well last year (it will be up to the judges this year to approve this) and mail them to the judges. There are prizes. The first prize winner won a $60 GC last year. This year, we’re trying to limit the judges to no more than four (Res and Midniter might be willing to accept a combined box, which means that we’ll be looking at three addresses instead of four) and giving more time to actually mail the cookies to keep shipping costs down.

  5. mdhatter Says:

    Whether i bake or not, I totally want blue girl to be the decider.

  6. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Mdhatter, I think you should be one of the givin’ people shit about the plates crowd. Ya, that’s what AG thinks.

    Res, for the record, AG never said one word, not one word about those plates and BG, you are the greatest mom evah. Midniter, ya know AG hearts ya. Ya know she does! Speaking of judges, where is Grisha these days. I miss g-unit.

  7. blue girl Says:

    I totally want blue girl to be the decider.


  8. madamerouge Says:

    congrats Midniter!

  9. midniter Says:

    Thanks!!! I’ll write more about the job eventually. Suffice to say that I’m working 2 jobs right now and one of them has a grant renewal that I have to have completed by Monday. In theory, it’s not that hard. Until the reality of having to get paperwork from other people actually occurs. And the other job has me working in the evenings. But hey…I’m not going to complain too much. I only had a little bit of time left on unemployment and it’s too hot to do much of anything.

    And Res and I are both voting for cookies only in the bakeoff.

    We totally need to have a fundraiser to help cover shipping costs.

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