Hot Times: Summer in the City


It was a great weekend. How could it not be when the projected rain, which we needed so much since that’s all it did for six weekends straight before July, didn’t happen. We got even luckier – it was over 90 degrees in the shade on Saturday! A special thanks to the current administration and the gas guzzling SUVs for that! Bravo.

UC and AG did their best to cope – we went to the movies and sectioned animals at lab. OK, AG didn’t section but she did review which embryos looked like UC found something. In fact, UC missed one that AG suggested was worth a look.

We saw The Devil Wears Prada on Saturday night. We just didn’t have the energy to go downtown in the heat so we settled for the best movie we could find locally. (AG wanted something else, but UC said it was a 1 star movie.) Frankly, AG was embarrassed at first to even consider the Devil. However, it was actually pretty good. While some of the lines disturbed UC, the token flamboyant designer kept referring to Anne Hathaway as “six”. He was giving her the business because 4 is the old size 2 and size 2 is the old size 0. So, he felt she was like a size 14. It wasn’t the fact that this insult is funny; it was more how Stanford from Sex and the City he was about it that was amusing. Glenn Close (see comments) Meryl Streep really made the movie with her Gargamel and Grinch wrapped into one character. UC gave it a generous 3.5 stars.

On Sunday night we saw another movie. And AG lived the dream! We went downtown to see Woody Allen’s new movie, Scoop. It was delightful as well. Not as good as Matchpoint, but still very good in a Manhattan Stories way. Woody lived up to the neurotic New York Jew we all know and love. The best part of the movie was the new theater that has seats that allow the arm rest to go up. AG quite literally laid on the seats like a couch and watched the movie. It was like George Costanza when he lived his dream – sex and food at the same time! UC gave the move 3 stars.

We enjoyed the trailers for fall movies: The Science of Sleep, Little Miss Sunshine and Running with Scissors. Good stuff. Stayed tuned!


17 Responses to “Hot Times: Summer in the City”

  1. madamerouge Says:

    Glenn Close really made the movie…


    Funny… someone in the gang I bbq’d with on Sunday afternoon made the same mistake.

    Meryl Streep was in Devil.

  2. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Shit! You know why, because the character reminded me of Cruella Deville.

    That’s two catches for you MR. We are going to owe you a prize or something. Speaking of which — tonight is the end of the thong contest.

  3. mdhatter Says:

    Didn’t Paul Reubens get in trouble for theatre sex?

  4. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    We covered that a few weeks ago and that was NOT the dream. The dream was merely to lay down to watch a movie like AG does when she gets rentals at the video store and watches them at home.

  5. The Uncanny Canadian Says:


    1) The smallish embryo AG noticed was genotypically uninteresting
    2) Star ratings are out of 5, and I think the Woody Allen movie is a 4
    3) I am still waiting to live my dream.

  6. Michael Bains Says:

    I saw Strangers With Candy this weekend and, while it could never be called a great film, it did its job: I laughed my arse off the whole way thru.

  7. Kevin Wolf Says:

    I keep saying I’m going to go see a movie and I never do. I can walk to the local, but I guess I’m just not excited by what they’re showing (PRADA, PIRATES and LADY IN THE WATER BLUB BLUB BLUB).

  8. Adorable Girlfriend Says:


    1. Whatever, it was interesting. You’re just saying that because your gone this week and I cannot go to lab and scope it myself.
    2. You NEVER gave it four stars and everyone knows it is out of five, because you are difficult that way. 🙂
    3. What exactly is that dream?

  9. Chuckles Says:

    Wasn’t Cruella Deville also Meryl Streep?

    No no, wait, that was Glenn ‘Don’t Get’ Close.

    Pirates was kind of alright, I liked it a little better than the first one, if only for the uber cool crew of the Flying Dutchman. They were neat. And Bill Nighy. And an undead monkey.

  10. Michael Bains Says:

    Totally Chuckles. Undead Monkeys rule! But there’s no way JDepp coulda pulled those keys outta DJones’ ,er, tentacles. {shakin’head} Nope. Woulda never happend.

    Pirates will be much better on DVD. Good flick. Fun. It just wasn’t good enough to be so damned long.

  11. Claire Says:

    I can’t wait for both Science of Sleep and Little Miss Sunshine. Whee!! The last good movie I saw was A Scanner Darkly, which I found completely entertaining. Is it weird that I find a cartoon Keanu hotter than the real thing?

  12. YJA Says:

    I liked that movie too. Prolly for all the reasons you didn’t like it. Oh well.

    BTW Woody Allen is a creep.

  13. blue girl Says:

    I can’t wait to see Running with Scissors.

    And thanks for reminding me about the new Woody Allen, AG!

    UC!! UC!!

    I want to know what your dream is, too.

    Fess up, child!

  14. fish Says:

    Is it weird that I find a cartoon Keanu hotter than the real thing?

    Um. Yes.

  15. Claire Says:

    Um. Yes.

    Yeah, I thought so.

    I didn’t like the 2nd Pirates movie as much as the 1st. I thought it was a little too much like a Disney ride, a bit too forced. It needed streamlining, way too much plot. Though, the Flying Dutchmen crew was awesome.

  16. skippy Says:

    haven’t seen scoop yet, don’t even know if i want to, it looks pretty much like his last 87 movies, which have pretty much been a repeat of his first 87, only without the pace.

    loved the devil wore prada, and i also enjoyed pirates, but thought it had the same problem as the first pirates movie, ie, the ending went on for fricking ever! it could have been trimmed by a half an hour and then would have been excellent.

    last great film we saw was xmen iii, and i also really really enjoyed thank you for smoking. didn’t bother to see superman because i already believe a man can fly.

    we also have those great seats in theaters out here, tho we don’t lay down and watch the movie, we do enjoy the comfy seats and the ability to lift the arm and snuggle.

  17. sirbarrett Says:

    So you liked The Devil Wears more than Scoop? Meryl kicks but I heard it wasn’t all that good. I haven’t seen either. Actually, I was going to see the Devil and then opted for You, Me and Dupree because I wanted to be cheered up by a cheesy/funny movie. I’d give it a 3 because it made me crack a smile (and I’m SO serious). Woody is the king that annoying humour which makes me want to smack him and laugh at him at the same time. I may just see it for that.

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