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Those Crazy Kids in North Carolina

July 21, 2006


Got this little gem via e-mail last night:

RALEIGH, N.C. — A state judge has ruled that North Carolina’s 201-year-old law barring unmarried couples from living together is unconstitutional.

A lawsuit challenging the law was brought last year by the state chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union on behalf of a former Pender County sheriff’s dispatcher. Deborah Hobbs, who had been living with her boyfriend, quit her job in 2004 after Sheriff Carson Smith demanded she marry her boyfriend or move out if she wanted to work for him.

State Superior Court Judge Benjamin Alford issued the ruling late Wednesday, saying the law violated Hobbs’ constitutional right to liberty. He cited the 2003 U.S. Supreme Court case titled Lawrence v. Texas, which struck down a Texas sodomy law.

“The Supreme Court decision in Lawrence v. Texas stands for the proposition that the government has no business regulating relationships between two consenting adults in the privacy of their own home,” Jennifer Rudinger, executive director of the ACLU of North Carolina, said in a statement.

She added that “the idea that the government would criminalize people’s choice to live together out of wedlock in this day and age defies logic and common sense.”

The suit names Smith, the state and Attorney General Roy Cooper as defendants. The state attorney general had argued that Hobbs couldn’t challenge the law because she wasn’t charged with a crime.

A spokeswoman for Cooper said Thursday that lawyers were reviewing the decision and hadn’t decided on whether to appeal the decision.

In part, the law states: “If any man and woman, not being married to each other, shall lewdly and lasciviously associate, bed and cohabit together, they shall be guilty of a Class 2 misdemeanor.”

About 144,000 unmarried couples live together in North Carolina. The ACLU says North Carolina is one of seven states with laws that prohibit cohabitation.

Now, if only I could get an abortion, marry my lesbian lover, actually own the property my home sits on and drop a few tabs in my living room, I’d believe the Supreme Court is actually looking out for the American public in their private homes.


Science Friday: Contagious Yawning

July 21, 2006


Researchers at Drexel and Temple University along with SUNY Albany have published results that suggest contagious yawning, defined as the onset of a yawn triggered by seeing or hearing another person yawn, may have a relationship to self-processing and empathy. It has been surmised that this contagious yawning is a primitive expression of cognitive processes that are involved in self-awareness and theory of mind, the ability ot empahtize with and infer what others around you desire, know or intend to do. The research states that contagious yawning is independant of generalized emotional contagion, occurs in 40-60% of human adults in research studies and has also been reported in chimpanzees.

What AG wants to know, can you get the human to yawn when the chimp yawns? If so, AG is going on Letterman.

See full journal article.

The Magic Word for today is: Sexist-Goof!

July 20, 2006

Three cheers for Cartoon Network! Not only is his old shows coming back, but Paul Reubens has finished a script for a third Pee-wee Herman film. Reruns of the cult classic 1986-91 series were added to Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim lineup last week. You remember the show. It was a 1981 stage show that introduced the childlike man, Reubens, in a tight gray suit to a national audience via HBO and then onto basic channels and then well, we all know what happened in Florida. Sssh. AG still cracks up from the goofy show…



July 20, 2006

Isn’t this just a kick in the pants? The driving license of beer baron, Peter Coors, 59, was revoked last week after a court case found he was driving while under the influence of alcohol.

The revocation decision followed two and a half hours of testimony last week on Friday. The judge in the case found Coors guilty of not stopping at a stop sign while driving intoxicated on May 28 after a wedding. Coors upheld that he had drunk one beer about 30 minutes before leaving a wedding.

On the evening of the 28th when he was pulled over, Coors was given two breath tests. On the first test, he registered 0.073. While on the second, 20 minutes after the first, he registered 0.088.

In the state of Colorado, where he was arrested for DUI, a blood alcohol count of 0.05 is the legal limit. Thus, his counts resulted in driving under the influence charges.

Maybe now he will have time to sign up for the DARE program or something. Given that he paid for the video below — he got what he deserves!


Good Stuff

July 19, 2006

AG did some coursework around the concerns of this hospital. It’s great to see things are moving forward, despite the bleak past of this institution. As the articles discusses, time will tell where the future is headed. Nonetheless, there is a lot to be learned for the non profit sector from this story.

Reproductive Freedoms

July 18, 2006


Perhaps George should read this and the relationship between crime and illegal abortion. Maybe then he can use his “intelligence” in the same way he does with oil and Iraq. One wonders, if he could open up abortion clinics next to Wal-Mart healthcare centers and charge private fees, how many clinics would there be in your town? Regardless of how you feel about this issue, it should be available. I personally am offended by the worship of Jesus Christ at a church and Wal-Mart. I don’t ban either of these. I respect that others value these institutions. Instead of acting all crazy like the anti-abortion groups, I simply make sure I don’t need the services of either.

From our friends here: Forty-four percent of maternal deaths because of unsafe abortion worldwide occur in Africa, IPAS, an international sexual and reproductive health and rights organization, said Tuesday, Xhinua/People’s Daily Online reports. More than four million women and girls in Africa undergo unsafe abortions annually, and about 34,000 of them die because of complications from the procedure, Ejike Oji, director of the IPAS country office in Nigeria, said. For example, in Nigeria, where abortion is illegal except to save the life of the pregnant woman, the maternal death rate is about 800 deaths per 100,000 live births, one of the highest rates in the world, Oji said. He added that the majority of the abortions in the country were performed under dangerous conditions and that more than 140,000 such procedures ended in hospitalization resulting from complications. In addition, “social stigma and political pressure render many health care providers unwilling to offer abortion services even within limits of the law,” Oji said. He said that reproductive health networks and partners — such as the Medical Women International Association, the National Council for Women Societies, the Federation of Women Lawyers and Civil Societies Organizations — are increasing their efforts to reform the country’s abortion law to include legal exceptions for rape, incest and the health of the pregnant women (Xhinua/People’s Daily Online, 7/5).

Reminder: don’t forget to vote in the contest thread! AG is scoring some decent prizes.

Another Classy Move

July 17, 2006


(Leaving space here for UC to tell us why this picture is offensive.) reports:

ST. PETERSBURG, Russia (AP) — U.S. President George W. Bush expressed his frustration over the situation in the Middle East by using an expletive in comments to British Prime Minister Tony Blair at the G8 summit in St. Petersburg Monday.

Not realizing his remarks were being picked up by a microphone at the summit of world leaders, Bush bluntly expressed his frustration with the actions of Hezbollah.

“See, the irony is what they really need to do is to get Syria to get Hezbollah to stop doing this (expletive),” Bush told Blair in a discussion before the Group of Eight leaders began their lunch.

Bush’s remarks were picked up by the summit’s closed-circuit television, which was filming the leaders sitting down to eat.

Normally, the images are transmitted with sound that does not allow reporters to pick out individual comments. But in this case a microphone picked up Bush’s comments to Blair.

Blair, whose remarks were not as clearly heard, appeared to be pressing Bush about the importance of getting international peacekeepers into the region.

A few quick thoughts on this:

As President, does he think he really has any privacy? Especially since he himself is pressing for all the NSA invasion of freedom?
No wonder Europeans say what they do about Americans with a C student like this at the helm.
Is it really Syria’s job to do this, G-dawg. And who are you to say so? What about what the UN has suggested?
Yes George, this shit does have to stop. However, there is a correct way and a wrong way to encourage this. Perhaps you wouldn’t be so pissed if it weren’t infringing on your personal cash flow from Iraq. Oh but wait, can’t you and Cheney sell some goods to Lebanon and Israel and profit?

Still Searching for a Theme Song…

July 14, 2006

What about this one? Yes, this is the one!


As the vacation dust settles

July 13, 2006


So, you all missed out on a free “I hate Shoelimpy®” thong over at Annie Angel’s blog store. What a pity. Nobody guessed correctly where AG and UC’s vacation was.

UC and AG went to Vancouver, British Columbia. Our trip was amazing! Vancouver is such a lovely Canadian city. It was equally suitable for the American and the Canadian. We spent nearly a full day in Stanley Park. It was splendid walking along the water for over an hour. At one point during our stroll, we came across ducklings at one point. The mama stood proudly looking over her little Jacks and Quacks. They let us come right up to them. UC, who cannot find the digital camera, snapped a photo of them on his cell phone. They were just too cute not to make cell phone wallpaper out of. The lion’s gate bridge below was inspiring. We literally stood underneath it.


UC had begun to food blog here. He will share tales of Sequoia Grill, Tojo’s, the bakery, null and the market. Before going any further, we need to thank Peter for his suggestion to go to Vij’s. It was so amazing! As an anniversary gift, AG agreed to eat Indian with UC, since AG is not a fan otherwise. Unlike Tojo’s, AG did not back wash anything at Vij’s. It was phenomenal with great libations and a corner table in the window.

Our second favorite destination after strolling the park was the Granville Island Farmer’s Market. This place was amazing. There are no chains and the local artisans are amazing. While pottery and blown glass was swallowing us at every turn we took, food is always UC’s game. There was kosher meats, unkosher meats, amazing, no unbelievable pastas, olives, cheeses, soups featured in Gourmet magazine and the amazing Lee’s Donuts. Lee’s could give San Francisco’s Bob’s a run for its money. We both oogled and eyed so much stuff there and ended this special trip to the market by consuming our Rainier cherries on the bench along the marina.

Vancouver is a special place. It was wonderful to share such a dynamic city with UC. We hope to visit again soon, perhaps on a job exploration trip…

Code Blue, Code Yellow, Code HELP!

July 12, 2006


We have a situation. No seriously, we have a situation! AG is cruising the blogs, as she usually does, instead of finding meaningful work. A trip over to our beloved Bossy’s website turns up something very interesting in comments. Take a look here.

AG did not now or ever post this comment. At first AG wondered if it was UC or something since we share computers now and again. Not likely since the link for the imposter AG goes to an e-mail never used by the real AG.

AG is calling for a full-on investigation. Nobody wants another fake Phronk situation here.