Having a Party


We got to talking over at Michael’s site about a blogger meet-up party. Blue Girl and I have discussed it in the past and I am totally for it. I think we should do it in late October or early November in Chicago. Chicago makes sense because it’s half way for most people, it’s a relatively inexpensive city to fly into and stay in, it’s got great shopping on Michigan Avenue and great views on the Loop, AG can finally lay eyes on Fishstick, perhaps we can get a gender (not that it matters, per se) for Plover and UC can satisfy his food cravings with Giordano’s deep dish or Superdawg. Let us also note that Claire lives there along with a few blogger kids who grew up in that area. There is a blogger amongst us who may be able to work out a deal at one of the Starwood properties. (Help a sista out with some bomb ass W Hotel rates!) AG has powers with Northwest airlines and sometimes on Delta. What do you guys think?

The other alternative is to wait until the spring (everyone can save up) and we can go to a baseball game too. I would also be open to Austin because Jet Blue has taken that market to reduce fares there. That would be great for Res, Midniter and Glenda. However, Butchie will probably not show with his porno pictures and awesome music.

Wouldn’t it be a hoot to really learn just how tall Fulsome is and to know if Pop Star really smokes as much ganja as he claims to? Come on, at least come for the stylin’ of Blue Girl and the sass of AG.


22 Responses to “Having a Party”

  1. Michael Bains Says:

    Is that Liberace to Bette’s right?


    Chi Town would totally work for me. Mmm mmm.. Chicago style DeepDish!!!!1!

    It doesn’t matter whe’er autumn or spring either. No matter when, I’ll be puttin’ off one bill or another to pay the way, but have no doubt it’ll be worth it.

    (Austin is cool in fall as well. I favor Chicago, but will go wit da flow, ya know.)

  2. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    No, that’s AG and BG, silly. 🙂

    I think Chi makes the best sense.

  3. blue girl Says:

    That photo is HYSTERICAL!

    I’m assuming I’m the one with the dark hair to the left. And the only thing is — that photo looks like Tony Curtis in drag!!



    Shakespeare’s Sister lives in Chicago Bang-Bang, too.

    I bet we could pull a crowd to Chicago, no problem!!!!!!

    That would be so much fun!!!!

  4. ricketyfunk Says:

    Chicago, huh? I didn’t see my name on the invite list but that’s a short drive or long bus ride for less than the cost of gas from Madison.

  5. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Oh Rickety, you are on the list! Everyone but AnnieCRAZYangel and Sean S. and his circus of Replican’t clowns are invited!

  6. Claire Says:

    (As I just said at BG’s place,) Woo-hoo!! Come on down (or up or sideways or whatever)!! This would be great.

    No, seriously, this has to happen, as now my heart is set on it.

  7. Claire Says:

    I am also totally willing to help with arrangements– AG you may want to be Cruise Director, but if you need a gal on the ground, I’m it.

  8. Esprit de L'Escalier Says:

    Wow, I just got really excited….

    I saw via Blue Girl, though would have seen it eventually, that my bloggy friend Adorable Girlfriend wants to have a blog-get-together in my fair city this fall (October-ish). I think this is a fabulous idea. Anyone else want to…

  9. glenda Says:

    Well, I’m all about Austin in the Spring because there is South By Southwest (SXSW) music, film and BLOGGER festival already going on in March! Chicago would be a strech for me in the fall, as I have travel plans made already and only os much vacation! But I sure would like to meet you all! lusm, no guarantees, but the weather rocks that time of year.
    And how thoughtful, I really appreciate you thinking of me!

  10. Michael Bains Says:

    O/T: AG, BG says the Toledo thing sounds grand and groovy.

    You 2 could do some pre-party-planning perhaps, whilst I keep the lounge lizards at bay. {-;

    Waiting on Sr Mgmt’s word, eh. 😀

  11. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    A blogger meet-up in March? Is that part of SXSW? Do share Glenda.

  12. The Uncanny Canadian Says:

    None of you should come, because that means more delicious deep dish stuffed pizza for me. I mean, it would be great if everyone came. And ordered me pizza. Mmmmm.

  13. fish Says:

    The blessed event occurs mid-september. This fishstick is stuck. Just a warning, if y’all don’t get some quality blues listening while in Chi, then you will probably go to hell.

  14. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    UC, Schmoopies: SToP. Licking the Screen! It’s not pizza!!

    Come on Fish, tell her it’s for some zebra bird fish turtle thing. We promise to not tell.

  15. skippy Says:

    off topic except for your graphic, i loved the movie chicago, because it could have listed, truthfully, in the opeing credits:

    starring (in alphabetical order): rene zellweger


    catherine zeta-jones!

  16. midniter Says:

    I’m with Glenda…I’m all about Austin in the spring. And not just because it’s closer to me…but after almost 6 months of unemployment, it’s going to be a little while before I can take off from work for any period of time.

    Plus, I can guarantee ganja for Pop in Austin.

    But damn, that Chicago style pizza has me drooling. The Slimfast shake for dinner just didn’t cut it.

  17. Kevin Wolf Says:

    As I said over at Blue Girl’s, where I first heard about this, I’m in, maybe. Have to see if I can swing it.

    If I make it out there I need a Chicago native to point me to a blues club. I will need me some Chicago blues, gotdammit.

  18. fish Says:

    I will need me some Chicago blues, gotdammit.

    Yeah Kevin! That’s what I’m sayin.

    On the pizza thing, I’m personally more of a NYC slice kind of guy. Deep dish is cute and all, but the slingers in the city still do it the best.

  19. glenda Says:

    Oh, I’m late again with this.
    Blogspot hosts a bloggers convention at SXSW evwry year, or at least they did last year. It was a way for bloggers to party and meet.
    THEY did all the organizing of meeting places, etc. Bloggers just had to show up. There were the usual awards, etc. but was mostly a mixer from what i heard.! I was out of town on business THAT week, so missed going.

  20. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    You show up Fish, we’ll get you some blues and then some! Now just lie to the Missus or do whatever ya gotta do. It’s a once in a lifetime op: AG meeting!!!

  21. Brando Says:

    A Chi-town get-together would be awesome and easy for me to make. Austin in the spring would also be cool, I’ve never been there and always wanted to go.

  22. madamerouge Says:

    In order to get the best rates, someone’s gonna have to marry me. The more your resemblance to Paul Rudd, the happier I’ll be.

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