More Stellar Legislation

The Deficit Reduction Act contains a provision that would mandate all citizens applying for Medicaid or renewing medical coverage to show a passport or birth certificate to ensure their status as U.S. citizens. Dum and Dum and camp are considering new legislation. The bill would call for no exceptions for any Medicaid applicants or beneficiaries, including individuals with physical or mental impairments such as Alzheimer’s or ALS diseases.

Here we go again with the hatred of immigrants, children and women. What does this mean for women? If you are a woman and you cannot find your birth certificate or passport, you would be delayed or unable to obtain important medical services like birth control, yearly ob/gyn visits, or screened for female cancers. The same is true for men with prostate and testicular cancer. For children, it’s a public health matter with immunizations and various other education requirements.

Under rules imposed by the dumbest administration in US history®, millions of Americans could face significant delays or lose health coverage altogether because they do not have access to their birth certificate, passport, or similar documents.

What is at stake?

• People who experience an emergency and require Medicaid coverage immediately but do not have immediate access to documents (some states and cities can take a weeks to months to provide a duplicate birth certificate when one is requested);
• Those who are homeless, mentally ill, or suffering from senility or a disease such as Alzheimer’s, and who may not be able to secure a birth certificate (or even to recall where they were born);
• Americans in nursing homes or the severely disabled, and may have additional challenges to obtaining their birth certificates; and
• Those affected by disasters like Hurricanes or tornados that have lost most of their possessions and records.

Ask yourself if this is really about deficit issues and how much this will really save the US government. What are the costs associated with implementing and continuing this program versus the cost of the number of illegal immigrants on the program? Also, aren’t those immigrants supposed to be leaving according to Dum Dum’s new legislation? Could it be more effective, I don’t know – to end a war and cut tax loops for the wealthiest Americans?
This week the agency that oversees Medicaid, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), is accepting comments from the public on these rules. Go here to share your concerns.



7 Responses to “More Stellar Legislation”

  1. plover Says:

    If one poor person anywhere uses a single tax dollar incorrectly, the terrorists have won.

  2. jennifer Says:

    Yeah, this kind of shit is already happening. I talked to a woman about a month ago whose husband had had a stroke and the hospital had been badgering them about his certificate of naturalization to prove his citizenship so he could continue to be treated. She couldn’t find it and they were basically saying they were gonna kick him out without it. So she called to find out how to replace it. That’ll be $220 and approximately 6 months. And no, immigration won’t give your husband anything to show he’s a citizen until then, because they have to do the necessary “research”.

  3. dasc Says:

    I know not every state has their act together like North Carolina but really, how hard is it to get a copy of your birth certificate? It may take a little time and cost a few bucks but it’s something everyone needs to have before an emergency (even a paper emergency brought on by the beaurocracy). Also, people who don’t have a passport have none of my sympathy. It’s called being a grown up. It’s the world we live in now.

    As for NC… They were, I believe, the first state to put the application for birth records online, accepting a credit card and offering FedEx for those who waited until the last minute to get one. I may be a Bostonian but I’m proud to say I was born in Fayetteville NC. I wish every transaction with “The System” was as easy as replacing my torn and worn original copy.

  4. almostinfamous Says:

    someone call THYCWOTI, someone’s raving about NC!! (side note: where the heck is yo-yo anyway? did tabor have him kidnapped? someone find out!!)

    most people on medicaid who would be affected by this probably don’t have the money to pay for breakfast, let alone a birth certificate or a passport.
    they are not partaking of the “flat world” or the “global economy”. they are marginalized, and lucky enough not to fall through the safety net, which is more frayed than ever before thanks to the very high-priced lobbyists the insurance looters corporations have in washington.

  5. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Correct, AIF. There are barriers to entry for some. I agree that it should be easy enough to get a birth certificate, but in an emergency, it’s not always the easiest thing to track down.

  6. dasc Says:

    I guess that’s the difference between me and the rest of the world. Everything important to me is in one place that I can easily grab and run. I don’t claim to be perfect, this location is by no means fire proof but it’s all there before I need it. For instance, exactly yesterday I suddenly needed to prove why I changed my name. Pop, there’s my marriage license. I knew that would come in handy some day.

  7. fish Says:


    I too agree with AIF. Not many poor people are planning trips to Cancun anytime soon so the characterization of them not being “grown up” is completely unfair. Also many interactions with administrations that are greatly facilitated by internet access (i.e. getting a new copy of your birth certificate) become much harder and more time consuming if you can’t afford such access (or don’t speak English well). If you have to work full time or (usually) more, getting through the necessary hoops can be quite delayed. The delay is AG’s point and it can be a huge one with some medical conditions. Irreparable damage can occur for a stroke victim, for example.

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