Movies: WTC


I went to see Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center last night with a friend. We wanted to get together and escape the heat and the sneak preview was a means by which to achieve our goal. The theatre was crowded with a mix of gender and age. I personally had not planned to see the movie. I vowed not to enable Hollywood to profit from the loss of over 2500 lives on American soil. We got in for free, so we were elated to go and see what Stone would do with this movie.

We step back five years to the pain, the suffering and the heroes that emerged. It’s a story of loss, love and the heroes, such as a Marine who went to NYC after learning of the event to do right by his country. That was of interest to me because he was from Wilton, CT. I know Wilton all too well, having friends and dated someone from there. The movie was less than impressive for me. Perhaps because New York is home as a former Columbia Presbyterian capital campaign, as a young queasy school child looking down on mini cars that would beome ‘Ground Zero’ years later, bonding at Lincoln Center before our lives changed forever or because they were lives too soon, too quick, too unjust in a city that gave me life and hope when there was none. I have a hard time chewing and swallowing down what happened to home. Nevertheless, the story of courage, though not as carefully depicted as other Stone films, was an endearing tale of the recovery of number 18 and 19 of the 20 New York City police officers who were hurt and pulled out alive in the line of duty on September 11th at the Trade Center.

What I did come away with last night was a new respect for the men and women in uniforms and some insight from the future leaders of America. There was a group of young African American females and one male in front of us. The movie aired news clips of the morning of the tragedy. Dum Dum was in one clip talking about how “Someone will pay.” One of the young women snickered and leaned over to another and replied “Oh yeah. We are the ones who are paying. We’ve paid and will continue to do so.” What’s wrong with a country when a woman of no more than 20 years strong gets it and the administration and half the public does not?


11 Responses to “Movies: WTC”

  1. mdhatter Says:

    Q: ” “What’s wrong with a country when a woman of no more than 20 years strong gets it and the administration and half the public does not?”

    A: Not as much as I had feared.

  2. teh l4m3 Says:

    Putting my chronic case of too-soon-itis aside, I still wouldn’t have cast Nick Cage in any movie about 9/11. Gah.

  3. robola Says:

    Teh is right. The last movie I liked with Cage was Adaptation.

    I don’t plan on seeing this movie, just like the United 93, although I did hear 93 was good. My friends were high when they saw it, so maybe that has something to do with it. Anyway… I just don’t care to relive these moments in some sort of mass reflection of a day that was sad and continuously painful for so many. I’m glad it was essentially uplifting in its focus, but it’s just doesn’t seem genuine in any way for me to sit in a theater and think about all of this. Just hearing the planes during Farenheit 9/11 was straining. That’s not to play the pity card for myself, but just that it makes me sad to think about and there’s enough of that dourness to go around already.

    AG, I like the category you filed this under. Syphillitic Democracy would be a great punk band, but isn’t that the case with most veneral diseases. Okay, probably not at all 🙂

  4. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    I think they were going for another It Could Happen to You. At least it was better than some meat head like Ben Affleck.

  5. Chuckles Says:

    Nicholas Cage SUCKS!

  6. The Uncanny Canadian Says:

    Robola, I think I am avoiding seeing this movie for the exact reasons that you articulated particularly well.

    Nicolas Cage sucks in general, but he does seem good at playing neurotic and quirky characters. I liked him in Adaptation, Red Rock West, and Raising Arizona, and hated him in everything else. I just think he’s terribly desigend for action movies. Could you believe they almost had him as Superman? All the movies I liked him in are excellent films, so maybe the credit should be given to the writers or directors instead. I didn’t see Leaving Las Vegas, but I understand he was really good in that.

  7. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Chuckie would know if he’s driving or sucking.

  8. Percival Says:

    Yes, but what about prejudice?

  9. Chuckles Says:

    I have heard that Red Rock West is really damn good.

  10. Kevin Wolf Says:

    I just can’t deal so I won’t be seeing it.

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