Going on a road trip


AG is outtie for a few days. Winery trails, Jewish food and parent escaping and tourist trap stories to follow.

P.S. AG consumed the following two items today as part of her “MDACC drink failures”. She’ll be going for a trifecta upon return for the next client meeting. They both resulted in throwing up a little in her mouth:

White Chocolate M&Ms
Diet Pepsi Jazz — Strawberries and Creme


24 Responses to “Going on a road trip”

  1. teh l4m3 Says:

    Just remember two things young lady:

    1. Bring toilet paper
    2. The hills often do have eyes…

  2. Chuckles Says:

    White chocolate is not chocolate and should never be labeled as such. It should be called congealed, sugary mayonnaise.

  3. fish Says:

    Delicious congealed sugary mayonnaise.

  4. The Uncanny Canadian Says:

    White chocolate is and always will be a push. While it does mock true chocolate, it is still candy, and therefore worthy of some praise and worship.

  5. madamerouge Says:

    First Air Canada Jazz, and now Diet Pepsi Jass.

    I effing HATE jazz. I do not want to fly it, drink it, or listen to it.

  6. madamerouge Says:

    I hate it so much, I make spelling mistakes.

  7. Kevin Wolf Says:

    Hey, I love jazz. The music.

    I fucking hate “jazz,” the brand. Jee-ZUZ.

    And white chocolate is just sweetened chalk. So beware.

  8. YJA Says:

    why not a little trip to England! I hear it nice!

  9. dasc Says:

    I like white chocolate. I ate a bar of white chocolate with a bottle of non-alcoholic wine for breakfast every single day of my High School Senior year. Which would get me beaten up for being gay anywhere else in the world but for Marblehead no one even noticed.

  10. almostinfamous Says:

    white chocolate is like an albino. kinda odd to look at, but must be accepted

  11. almostinfamous Says:

    uh. yeah. that was me, hitting enter before i finished.

    it should go: kinda odd to look at, but must be accepted as part of the world of delicious candy with open arms.

    but it pales(har har) in comparison to the magic that is dark chocolate.

  12. Michael Bains Says:

    Dark Chocolate is the BEST!!!!1!!!

    The sweetened chalk is yummy in very small doses, though. I’d bet especially if’n yer washin’ it down with a S&C cola! Hhmmm… Might be worth trying, eh.

    Enjoy your travels m’Lady!

  13. blue girl Says:

    This comment thread is hilarious!!

    😆 😆 😆

    Let it be written, Let it be said…that dark chocolate rules!!

    White chocolate should only be consumed when there is *nothing else to consume.*

    Ever have a Dark Chocolate Milky Way Bar? (Yes…the phrase deserves the initial caps….that’s how good they are.

    Now about that video. Why was that thing so mesmerizing? Is that what kids do on My Space?

    We live in weird times…

    I have big lips and look at this zit….here’s my dog. Totally emu — two big thumbs up…

  14. Brando Says:

    Mano-a-mano, dark chocolate wins, but white chocolate is a delicious sidekick.

  15. fish Says:

    I’m with my man Brando. You all just hate white chocolate ’cause its white. Racists. I am going to report you to the NAACP (National Association Against Chocolate Purists).

  16. Clif Says:

    White chocolate is to chocolate as soy milk is to milk.

  17. Michael Bains Says:

    Whoa… Clif just hit a Zen Note and, perhaps, the perfect analogy.


  18. mdhatter Says:

    ever left a dark chocolate bar in the car? Then come back to the car in the cool evening to find you have a delicious candy barr covered in white crud?

    That white crud is white chocolate, and I have a limited tolerance for it by itself.

    and absolutely no tolerance for anything fruit “flavored’ or with “‘n creme” in the label.

  19. almostinfamous Says:

    ohm? no kirchoff?

  20. glenda Says:

    ah, shoowey, missed the video…”video no longer available”…teaches me to get to the party late.

  21. fish Says:

    ever left a dark chocolate bar in the car?

    Um, no. I am a firm believer in “no chocolate left behind”.

  22. teh l4m3 Says:

    Clearly none of you haterz has tasted a Lindt white chocolate truffle.

  23. Jason Says:

    White chocolate is beyond gross.

    Hope you’re having a good holiday.

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