{sand between my toes}

Well, I’m back. I’ve just returned from a week’s vacation on South Padre Island, easily the most beautiful spot on the Gulf Coast (or at least the American portion thereof). The weeks preceding this little vacation were incredibly stressful, but I haven’t actually taken vacation time to, like, go on vacation in a very long time, so I was pretty determined to make it happen. Anyway, all that’s to say ‘sorry’ for my extended absence from Ye Olde Bloggesphere. I presume that all the prolific and successful bloggers have discovered some sort of secret that permits them to blog copiously while still having careers, attending to their personal lives and remaining sane. I have not discovered it. Huge thanks to AG for keeping the lights on. The coming weeks promise to be fairly hectic, but I’m determined to blog, even if I have to get up early to do it.

Tomorrow night, I’m going to try to post some pictures from my vacation. Here’s what I cooked up in the kitchen of our rented condo on Thursday night:

Crab cakes atop a slaw of jicama and chayote squash and topped with a Thai red curry sauce

Baja fish and shrimp tacos with mango salsa

Grilled vegetables

Grilled pineapple over vanilla ice cream

More tomorow. Tonight I’m sunburned, exhausted and…well…wishing I was still at the beach.


21 Responses to “{sand between my toes}”

  1. midniter Says:

    So what are you making me for dinner on Tuesday? I’ve totally got a craving for blackened oyster and crawfish fondue.

  2. Pinko Punko Says:

    The problem is we do nothing while you cook exquisite creations like corested quail with some sort of berry dealio that is probably amazing but that I’ll never taste.

    That’s ok. 70% of the hits on our bloggo are for a pic of Kelly Lebrock we posted at the old place.

  3. Michael Bains Says:

    Grilled pineapple over vanilla ice cream

    The rest I would with some encouragement, but that I’ve got to try!

    And the quail. Mmmmmm…

  4. plover Says:

    Oh good. Now we won’t have to deal with that weird Res-shaped hole in the blogsphere any more. It was a bit embarrassing, what with all the dangly wires and matted bits of cat fur – even a few strange puddles of pornographic PowerPoint clip art. An emu tried nesting there for a while, but one day we noticed it had gone all greenish and listless; when we took it to the vet, the poor thing turned out to have swallowed some kind of Rachel Ray voodoo doll. (No one’s quite sure what effect this might have had on RR.) Pinko and UC had some plans to use it as a smoker for their pork collection, but scrapped that due to some concern over a lingering aroma of mango salsa. And recently, holes in the blogosphere were determined to present a challenge to the wider church and to cause pointy hats to become rather wilty. (The result of this seems to be that bloggers in Pittsburgh are now required to locate their servers in Uganda. Failure to comply will apparently lead to compulsory marriage to hedgehogs and the ordination of turtles.) Anyway, now that you’re back, we won’t have to listen to the neighbors complain and keep having to chase off crews from the Army Corps of Engineers looking to try out their new faith-based earth moving equipment.

  5. Michael Bains Says:

    Did I that


  6. Chuckles Says:

    Did you go wild? Were you filmed for the next edition of Guys Gone Wild? It ain’t a vacation on South Padre without a whole lot of wildness. And gratuitous nudity, you can’t forget that.

  7. jennifer Says:

    Speaking of Rachael Ray, have you seen she’s got a new magazine and is starting a talk show in September?!? She’s slowly taking over the country. She must be stopped.

  8. Res Publica Says:

    The result of this seems to be that bloggers in Pittsburgh are now required to locate their servers in Uganda. Failure to comply will apparently lead to compulsory marriage to hedgehogs and the ordination of turtles.

    OMG I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. I missed me some plover!

    Did you go wild? Were you filmed for the next edition of Guys Gone Wild?

    Lord, I wish! It was actually a perfect time to go to SPI, because school starts this week in most of Texas. There were very few people on the island, and that’s exactly how I love it. I try to avoid places that contain college students (or people of any age who are going or gone “wild”). “Woo!” is the eternal mating call of the jackass, especially when uttered with beer and/or shirt raised.

  9. BOSSY Says:

    Emoclew Emoh. Tough reentry?

  10. glenda Says:

    yummy, love SPI!!

  11. Res Publica Says:

    I know, and it was a perfect time of year to be there – all the heat and clarity of summer with very few people. One minor complaint: Amberjacks has changed owners and sucks it in a big, big way. DO NOT EAT AT AMBERJACKS. It was expensive, it tasted like TV dinners, and the servers were almost comically rude and inattentive. I’ve had better service at Dairy Queen.

  12. midniter Says:

    I remember the good old days before there was a surf & ski shop on every corner.

  13. Res Publica Says:

    New bizarro-merica trend: like 50% of the merchandise in the aformentioned surf & ski shops is now evangelical Christian themed. I’m not really seeing the connection between Jesus and the beach. Is there no respite from these people?

  14. midniter Says:

    Maybe because they’ve fucked over the rest of us so badly that they’re the only ones with money left to spend?

  15. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    I’m always happy to leave a light on. Glad you enjoyed your trip to San Padre. I was in your area recently, but work has been insane lately with the partnership we signed, I had no time to mention it to you and Midniter. Knowing you were away, makes me feel less guilty. This is why I blog because this career is getting hairy lately. I’ve just spent the last three hours running data programs and I am neither an IT or data staffer. Oh well. It’s all good for knowledge and CV stuff in the end. I just keeping reminding myself that I love my job, that and this blog.

    I have vacation pictures as well. I think we’ll have to do a vay-kay photo week at RoD. Oh yeah, thong contest winners this week too!

  16. midniter Says:

    Who are we going to get to model the thongs for us?

  17. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    I heard UC was up for it. Either that or Sean S.

  18. midniter Says:

    Hmm…I think that everyone should send us pictures and then we can decide who the models should be.

  19. blue girl Says:

    “Woo!” is the eternal mating call of the jackass

    Sorry your vacation’s over — but you’re still funny!

  20. almostinfamous Says:

    so glad to hear you had a good time. maybe now we can get back to delicious recipes that i will never be able to eat because i dont eat meat 🙂

  21. Res Publica Says:

    Sorry your vacation’s over — but you’re still funny!

    Hi blue! I missed you! 🙂

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