Question #1


Not wanting to get that dork, Greg Bernhadt involved with his even dorkier book, can AG get an honest answer on this:

When a man is sitting next to his lover on the subway and he sees another women in a green Lacoste dress, what does he really mean when he says to said lover

“That’s a nice dress.”

And more importantly,

Would the men on this blog actually say that to their lovers? (For those who have lovers who don’t wear dresses, we’ll take your responses too just substitute for leather chaps.)


20 Responses to “Question #1”

  1. dasc Says:

    I would be liking to have sex with her in many ways and deep down inside I hope that you will let me. Better yet, join in.

  2. Platypus Says:

    I know this might surprise some people, but when I comment on a nice dress it’s actually a comment on the dress. It does not mean that I think the person wearing the dress is prettier than my wife, or that I want to have sex with here, or that my wife should dress more like that, or even that I think the dress would look good on my wife (not all dresses suit all figures or complexions). I’m quite confident that my wife would interpret such a comment in the intended spirit, too, not least because she often makes them herself and I highly doubt that she intends any subtext either. That’s a nice dress over there, and look, there’s a neat-looking sculpture over the other way too.

  3. The Uncanny Canadian Says:

    Yeah, and that pastrami sandwich looks to die for.

  4. MadPriest Says:

    In a long standing relationship (and this is only a guess, you understand) it could mean:
    “Why don’t you make yourself look gorgeous and sexy for me, like you used to when we were first going out together.”

  5. YJA Says:

    I suspect he meant that the dress was nice. Just small talk. I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean nice rack.

  6. The Uncanny Canadian Says:

    Given that AG’s posts attempt to serve as an attempt to build public consensus on my indictment and subsequent tarring and feathering, don’t you think they should have to be categorized as It hurts when the Uncanny Canadian pees?

  7. fish Says:

    Did he say “that’s a nice dress” or “that is a nice dress”? The first means “that is a nice dress” the second means “boy I sure would like to see her naked”.

  8. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    UC, is so narcissistic. We should have “UC’s shenaningans” or better yet for him and his little troll boyfriend, “Lame Nerds”. Just maybe AG was asking a question. Or perhaps AG is talking about Sol. It’s not always about you Schmoopies!

    P.S. Gregor Samsa is on AG’s shit list! WTF is up with posting today with “AG Shenaningans”? (Thanks to Chuckles blog for taking me to that stoopid website.) First, post on a blog that matters and then get your catagories correct, Greggiepants. Geesh. On AG’s shit list…

    Where’s my little lovespoon, Yo Yo?

  9. The Uncanny Canadian Says:

    Being called narcissistic by AG is like the ocean accusing you of being too salinous. Whatevah!

  10. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Oooh, UC used his big words. There is a word for a man who doesn’t have his own catagory: J-E-A-L-O-U-S!

  11. plover Says:

    I figured that if UC said it it would mean something like “I was eating a really good donut one time and someone walked by wearing a dress like that.”

    It appears that for UC, instead of the madeleine reminding him of other things, it’s other things that remind him of the madeleine.

  12. BOSSY Says:

    I’m pretty sure it means, “Honey: If you ever decide to be a professional Tennis Player – and if in that particular profession you ever decide to wear a Lacoste green dress – you would look so much more spectacular than that chickie over there.”

  13. Pinko Punko Says:

    Did he say I would like to make love to that pastrami sandwich? I guess it depends on how hot the dress is.

    If I even noticed the dress, maybe that would be a libidinous situation, but UC is an egg of a different horse. He’s innocent. I think AG wanted to spank that hottie.

  14. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    OK, Pinko. About a year ago I seem to remember an e-mail of a certain woman who is a news reporter being sent to UC. UC’s response, “Pinko, likes this picture because she’s wearing a tennis outfit.” It wasn’t about the dress or tennis, folks!

    P.S. UC never eats pastrami sandwiches. He’s always too busy trying to get AG to buy him a cupcake or whitefish.

  15. fish Says:

    Hey, I didn’t know it was a HOT pastrami sandwich.

  16. Pinko Punko Says:

    fish, you slay!

  17. The Uncanny Canadian Says:

    I’ve never seen a pastrami sandwich I haven’t been attracted to. Is that wrong?

    Mmmm, madeleines. The Japonaise Bakery in Brookline makes the most divine madeleines. Wait, we’re talking about food, right?

  18. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    A question AG is afraid to ask: Which one are you more attracted to UC, AG or a pastrami sandwich?

    Enough with the madeleines. It’s like all he does is learn about birds and goes to bakeries.

  19. Brando Says:

    I still think dasc was the most correct, especially with his second sentence.

  20. Res Publica Says:

    I didn’t read this post because of the picture.

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